Baked apple donuts with cinnamon and nutmeg

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Hello, my name is Connie Veneracion. I cook, I shoot, I write. But I don't do the laundry. I don't like housekeeping very much either... (more about me)

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  1. Gay says:

    Just by the ingredients, I can imagine how this would taste. It has all my favorite ingredients.

    • Connie says:

      I was surprised, actually, at how the texture turned out. Super. A definite must-bake-again. :)

      • Tess R says:

        OMG! It looks so good. Do you think that if I use Granny Smith apples, it will come out too tart? If I use the mini muffin pan, will baking time be shorter? I just enjoy reading your recipes. Thank you.

        • Connie says:

          Yes, you’ll have to reduce the baking time if you want them smaller. If you use Granny Smith apples, you may have to have to adjust the amount of sugar. I think the tart-sweet combo will work fine though.

          • bengski says:

            Hi Ms. Connie,
            I wonder if its ok to do without the nutmeg? Would there be a big effect in the taste?

          • Connie says:

            You can try ditching the nutmeg, I guess, but cinnamon and nutmeg go so well together… :)

          • haidz says:

            wow, looks good. im not a big fan of cinnamon but my sister is. she can eat cinnamon rolls everyday na hindi nagsasawa grabe. i’ll be making this for her for a change before she leaves for the states. thank you ms. cons. naiinspire talaga ako sayo mag-bake ng mag bake. pwede rin siguro ibang fruits gamitin besides apples..?

          • auee says:

            pwedeng mag-request? :-D
            no not to send me food samples, though pwede din…

            pwede bang palagay naman nung pictures sa mga print pages mo… it helps hehe

          • Connie says:

            Ummmm isipin ko hehehehe

          • Kris says:

            This looks delish! We often have Apples, the red delicious kind. I cant wait to try these, this will surely give me enough reason to have an apple picking activity with my family in the Fall. This is wonderful Connie, your website has been my go-to site for the fresh, the new and the familiar with the twist for recipes I cook in my kitchen.

          • These look so good. Even though baked in a muffin tin, the texture is more like a pastry from the photo. Looks delicious, good fall recipe!

          • These sound great, donut or not!! yum!

          • auee says:

            puro printing request ‘no?

            BTW, naka-marinate na yung Chicken namin last night, ready for tonight’s 1-2-3 meal he he

          • ingrid says:

            wow parang ang sarap. a perfect snack for the rainy season. para po syang puffs, how the dices of apples peep through the bread.

          • amy says:

            this is sooo cute! apple donuts! never heard of them and i wished i had sooner!:P

          • lorie says:

            small apples o big apples that you used? pwede kya ibng fruits instead of apple lyk peach?whats the taste kya?

          • Christine says:

            Got me hooked. I know these will hook my daughter, too. Thanks! I can smell them coming out of the oven now *dreaming*

          • Connie says:

            The amount, after dicing, should be between a cup and a cup and a half.

          • My waistline started weeping as soon as I saw these. They look delicious!

          • beng says:

            it tasted ok but i guess i must it try with the nutmeg too. hindi rin umalsa kaya nagmukha syang muffins instead of donuts. wala nang bisa ang baking powder namin… hehehe!

            dapat ulitin lahat with new ingredients.
            maybe sa weekend.
            Thanks Ms. Connie!!!

          • kreez says:

            The recipe looked simple enough and I had a lot of green apples so I tried it last night, aba si hubby nung matikman ang sabi bakit daw ang konti ng ginawa ko hehe. Yummy recipe.

          • Lyn says:

            Thanks heaps Ms. Connie, this is sooo yummy and sooo easy to make. I already had 2.Lol! (Never mind the waistline). I managed to make 12 donuts, mind you I used a medium size muffin tin.. Thanks again you’re the best!!

  2. Kris says:

    Connie I made these yesterday and they were so good! Nutmeg definitely gave it the doughnut taste. They were more like muffins to my son but I am thinking about investing in mini bundt pans to use for this recipe so they will take the shape of a doughtnuts.I used 2 small red delicious, grated them for my meticulous son. He loved them and so did his playmates. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  3. mella says:

    Hi Ms. Connie, is it okay to use margarine instead of butter?

  4. mint says:

    hi miss sassy, what kind of milk did you use? the sort of ready to drink fresh milk or evap perhaps? thanks! :)

    P.S. i’ve sent a friend invitation in your facebook, hoping you’ll accept it, the name is Shayne ;)

    • Connie says:

      I use skim milk, the ready-to-drink kind. I’ll check FB later. :)

      • mint says:

        Yay thanks miss sassy :D

        • pinoy_nz says:

          Came across your website while searching for a banana cake recipe that does not require a few extra ingredients. Looked through some of your recipes and decided to add it as a favourite for my filipino cooking. Looks practical and not time consuming as compared to other filipino cooking methods, especially for busy people. And your ingedients are those that you normally stock in your (filipino)pantry. Will definitely recommend to Filipinos abroad.

          • Ruth says:

            Hi Connie,
            These apple donuts/muffins are good even when they are cold. I have to make some more tomorrow for Rochelle to bring with her back to college. Just the smell of the kitchen while baking these goodies gives me a happy feeling. Will add some chopped walnuts to one batch. Thanks again.

          • Connie says:

            Whoa — walnuts! I’ll do that too! Speedy’s been asking when I’ll bake the next batch.

          • auee says:

            A bit of a disaster coz some of the first batch got burned. And also I couldn’t form them into balls, must be the “overmixing” part. Talagang di ako baker :-(

            PERO given all that e masarap pa din ang kinalabasan. Sabi ni pogiBoy apple pie daw hehe

            Ang bango po talaga.

          • Mella says:

            i tried this last week. naging parang muffin siya pero masarap parin :-)

          • Connie says:

            That’s the correct texture — muffin-like. :)

          • Kim says:

            Just made these with my 12 yr old son – they don’t look like yours – they didn’t poof at all – but taste great. I subbed cinnamon for nutmeg as I didn’t have any – will try another time with the nutmeg. Thanks

          • Connie says:

            They don’t rise much, actually. They just brown slightly.

          • michelle says:

            hi ms.connie! good day po!

            i try this recipe of yours and also the chocolate cheese cake sobrang sarap my husband love it so much.thank u for sharing your recipe! more power po!

          • Lixil says:

            I tried this recipe just this morning.. I could die a happy person now. These are absolutely amazing.
            Will definitely be making these again and again..

          • Rachel Doss-Hong says:

            I tired this recipe out, it was awesome. I used Granny smith apples instead of Fuji, the taste was just fantastic.My 3 year old nephew, a poor eater; ate an entire muffin all by himself!
            Thanks for this fantastic recipe!

          • Alexie says:

            i just made this and it’s absolutely delicious! thank you!!

          • Ana says:

            HI Ms. Connie, I tried this last Saturday and it was a hit to my Husband and his coworker. I have to make more because they said it was amazing and love more. thanks for sharing and my husband is sooooo happy.

          • Michelle says:

            Made these this morning- came out great! Used mini muffin liners to save on clean-up! Dee-lish! The hubby couldn’t stop eating them

          • yoyi says:

            I found your website by chance when I googled images of apple donut. Your picture surely pop for me. I will be trying your recipe for sure coz both of my kids loves donut and apples :-)

          • yoyi says:

            I just made it, just in time for my kids afternoon snack, they loved it. I used Granny Smith apples instead of Fuji because I love the tartness and added ground flax seed. Next time I would use 1/2 tsp nutmeg, just for taste preference but over all good recipe and the best part is it is baked.

            Thank you for sharing the recipe.

          • Kelly says:

            Ohh my god these are the best things I have EVER tasted. OMG! Thank you so much!

          • You’re very welcome. One of my husband’s favorites. :)

          • Christine Delfin says:

            My Comfort Food List is getting longer with the recipes from your blog :-)
            These were easy to make, ingredients are not hard to find, the smell was heavenly and the taste was fantastic! thanks much Ms Connie.

    • Thea says:

      Hi Ms. Connie,

      it’s me again…idol talaga kita when it comes to cooking and baking! i will absolutely try your baked apple donuts. :-) thanks thanks thanks…

  5. joy says:

    Hi! Do you think a mini muffin version (with muffin paper) of this will work? I’m thinking about baking this for a kiddie party. It would be more sanitary to hand out to kids if the come in paper. Thanks!

  6. Brenda says:

    Just made these. Mixture was rather messy for making into balls, so I used a large cookie scooper and put it into muffin pan. They turned out wonderful. Very nice flavor.