Bailey’s plus Kahlua plus vodka equals Mudslide. Well, almost. mudslide

I have very fond memories of the mudslide cocktail drink. It was a sweltering November afternoon and my friends and I had just boarded the cruise ship after stuffing ourselves with Thai food on the beach and in a flea market in Phuket. Instead of going straight back to our cabin, my friend Osang and I decided we wanted to refresh ourselves with cold drinks. We went to the poolside and settled on the deck while admiring Phuket from a distance. I ordered a margarita and Osang ordered a mudslide. I was happy enough with my margarita but Osang took one sip of her mudslide, stood up (to my utter amusement), said it didn’t have enough vodka and brought her drink back to the bar. Minutes later, the bartender handed her back her drink. She tasted it, declared it was fine and we chatted while enjoying our drinks.

What is a mudslide? It’s a mixture of Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream and vokda. Although the most common recipe says use equal parts of all three ingredients, there is no reason why the ratio cannot be adjusted to suit one’s preferences. You know, like Osang did. She wanted a stronger drink so she had the bartender pour in more vodka.

But why is this cocktail drink called mudslide? It’s the chocolate syrup. That’s why it’s quite misleading to say that by simply mixing together Kahlua, Bailey’s and vodka, you get a mudslide cocktail drink. To create the mudslide effect, pour chocolate syrup into the glass while holding the glass at a 45o angle. It’s easy. Look — I’ve tried it at home. Bailey’s plus Kahlua plus vodka equals Mudslide. Well, almost.

Use good quality chocolate syrup (it has to be thick) so that it doesn’t easily slide to the bottom of the glass. Once you have your “mud”, pour the vodka, Bailey’s and Kahlua into a cocktail shaker — using the ratio that you prefer — add ice, shake, then pour into the glass. And enjoy.

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  1. says

    Been a long day at work – I could do with one of these right now! A cocktail bar I used to frequent did a mean cocktail in the same niche as this – can’t remember exactly what was in it but there was definitely Baileys and Amaretto. MMmmmmmm.

    – Jessie

  2. Karen Koontz says

    Definitely a winner ~ just made for my roommates and myself and yes it’s quite good just as the recipe calls for (minus the chocolate.)

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