Bacon-wrapped crabsticks

About two Sunday’s ago, we had lunch at Mr. Kurosawa at the Eastwood mall and ordered an appetizer that consisted of bacon-wrapped crabsticks. It was an instant hit with my family so I suggested that we replicate the dish at home. Two nights ago, we did. Or, rather, Speedy did. While I was preparing a spicy chicken and malunggay soup (I’ll post the recipe later), he went about wrapping crabsticks in bacon.

The proportion? It’s one slice of bacon for every crabstick.

Next, the bacon-wrapped crabsticks were lightly fried in hot butter.

When the bacon was done, Speedy added some hoisin sauce to the pan, stirred the crabsticks around so that each piece caught some sauce, and cooked everything until the sugar in the hoisin sauce caramelized and charred a bit.

And that’s it! Instant appetizer. So simple to make but so delicious. A real crowd-pleaser.


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    My younger brother, a senior high school student, is taking creative cookery as his elective. I’ve tasted something like this that he cooked before. His version was prawns stuffed with ground beef wrapped in bacon and then fried. It had this weird sauce (he insists it’s sweet & sour but it doesn’t taste like so) which tastes good. The whole thing tastes awesome! Just thinking about it is making me salivate! Haha.