Drink to live longer?

Reading health news is tricky. Although most quote from "research studies", no one really knows if the research is funded by an interested party and, hence, the results are predictable or, worse, pre-determined. But there are legitimate studies with such surprising results ... (more)


Crispy fried skewered pork

During their first two years in college, Sam (who wasn't a vegetarian yet at the time) and Alex often raved about fried "isaw" (intestines) sold by ambulant vendors near the school. The pig's large intestine is cut into thick rings, cleaned, boiled, skewered, dredged in ... (more)


Memorable food and drinks from movies

There are movies where food is the an integral part of the theme and there are movies that aren't remotely about food but contain scenes where the food gets stuck in our memory. The Godfather, for instance, that epic story about a family of Italian-American mobsters. I like ... (more)


Soy sauce eggs

They're called shoyu tamago in Japanese; the simplest English translation of the Chinese name is braised soy sauce eggs. They are served as a snack, as a topping for congee or as one of the many dishes in a bento box. The name might suggest that there's nothing to making ... (more)


Yang Chow Dimsum Teahouse

The ground floor of Shopwise Libis is populated by eateries -- restaurants and food stalls alike. We noticed the Chinese restaurant called Yang Chow Dimsum Teahouse almost as soon as it opened, wondered if it was any good but never really made an effort to find out. Then, ... (more)


Floating island (île flottante)

The dessert derives its name from its appearance -- a mass of meringue, the island, floating in a sea of crème anglaise, a light vanilla custard of pouring consistency. Floating island is made with the simplest ingredients -- eggs, milk, sugar and vanilla -- and the basic ... (more)