Apple juice and fresh milk

Early this morning, before the sun was up, Speedy drove Alex to school. They’re leaving for a three-day trip to the Pawikan Conservation Project in Bataan and, according to the schedule, teachers and students should have left the school by 5.30 a.m. It’s been busy for the past few days here at home getting her gear together and with Sam down with the flu since Wednesday, it has also been a little crazy.

Sam is recovering which is great. I don’t like it when she hardly eats — it just isn’t normal. I suppose it helps (psychologically or otherwise) that she’s been sleeping in our bedroom for the past two nights. I encouraged it, actually. Whenever the kids are sick, I like to be able to have them near during the night. You know, TLC. :) Besides, it’s easier to administer medication, if necessary, when they’re just a few feet away.

I already miss Alex, needless to say. And, missing her, funny memories started playing inside my head. Like the milk and her aching bones episode. apple juice

Alex was a premature baby, born on the seventh month and, since infancy, we have been extra attentive to her nutritional needs. Sam gave up milk at around 4 years old but Alex was drinking her milk all throughout grade school and well into high school. We used to give her Birch Tree, it’s the only brand of powdered full cream milk that both girls really liked. No, no milk formula after their first birthday — I am just not a believer in all that crap about kids turning out to be more intelligent or athletic if given this and that formula with this and that vitamin or mineral or whatever.

Anyway, so it’s been Birch Tree for so many years until I started buying fresh milk in cartons. You know, ready to drink. I can’t remember anymore why I started buying them but Alex took to fresh milk like hand in glove. Of course, it cost more than twice as much but she liked it and I was only too happy to see my daughter gobbling up her milk morning, noon and nighttime.

But Speedy wasn’t too happy with the shift. He said he didn’t understand why it made so much difference. Whenever it was his turn to buy the milk, he would switch back to Birch Tree.

Alex complained. Around the time she started playing football, she whined that her bones ached and only fresh milk relieved the aching. According to her, powdered milk did nothing for her bones. Speedy could only roll his eyes in disbelief. He said it was more likely that Alex was too lazy to get a spoon and stir the powdered milk in water than anything else.

Now, I am no nutritionist. Whether powdered milk contains less natural vitamins and minerals than pasteurized milk, I really do not know. It’s Alex who drinks the milk and if she feels better drinking fresh milk than powdered milk, well, as long as she feels good, I won’t complain. Buying fresh milk became permanently assigned to me and I keep a steady supply of cartons of milk in the kitchen. Truth be told, I prefer them for my breakfast cereals whereas Speedy can’t eat his cereals with anything BUT evaporated filled milk which I really, really hate.

Then, not to be outdone with the sensitivity test, there was Sam and the apple juice aftertaste episode.

We used to buy different fruit juices until about two months ago when I started having hyperacidic attacks again and couldn’t tolerate anything but apple juice. So, we had cartons and cartons of apple juice and, surprisingly, the kids did not complain. They realized they liked apple juice too.

One time, Speedy came home with a two-liter bottle of apple juice. On sale, he said, at about half the price. We happily consumed it and, when it was gone, Speedy switched back to apple juice in cartons. All of a sudden, Sam was complaining. She said apple juice in cartons had an aftertaste which bottled apple juice did not have. Huh, really? I never noticed. So, Speedy was rolling his eyes once more because bottled apple juice costs more.

I have to admit that Sam does have very sensitive taste buds. Give her a dish and she can tell exactly what’s in it — she can discern what the finely chopped herbs in the food are by the way they taste and smell. It’s amazing, really, and with that kind of capacity for isolating flavors, textures and aroma, perhaps there is a difference between bottled apple juice and the apple juice in cartons.

At any rate, Speedy only buys bottled apple juice these days. :razz:


  1. mommy m says

    That might be true. Kahit soda, diba? Iba lasa ng bottled sa canned? (On hindsight, I hope it’s not just me. LOL)

  2. says

    With kids drinking milk – I weaned my kids from the bottle right when they turned one year old. I made them drink from the glass na lang. And I really find it funny that I see pre-schoolers being fed with milk from bottles by their yayas or mommies.

    This post reminds me of my eldest. One time, he invited friends over for some drinking session. They stayed at the roof deck of our house. Then, just as I thought he was having fun with friends and beer, he came down to the kitchen. Sabi ko, bakit? Lasing ka na? He said hindi daw siya umiinom. Then he proceeded to get himself a glass of milk. Ganun talaga siya. Milk drinker even now that he’s already 25 y.o. Every time he comes home from Manila, his first question is : May Milo ba? May fresh milk ba? :D

  3. says

    mommy m, hindi ka nag-iisa hehehehe

    rhodora, re “I really find it funny that I see pre-schoolers being fed with milk from bottles by their yayas or mommies.”

    OA, di ba?

    Sana, my kids too will keep drinking milk until adulthood. Sam is a breakfast cereals girl so gets her milk with her cereals. But she doesn’t drink milk from the glass anymore.