Affogato-style Silom Sunrise

Imagine Tequila Sunrise without orange juice but with pureed sweet ripe mangoes instead. The resulting mixed drink is thicker, richer, sweeter and, quite frankly, mesmerizing. That was what I wrote the first time I made the cocktail drink called Silom Sunrise. Friends who have tried it call it addictive.

Then, there’s the equally addictive affogato. It’s just ice cream drowned in coffee. Literally. You put scoops of ice cream in a glass, you pour in hot espresso (strong brewed coffee is fine) and you serve it.

I love both. So, I decided to make Silom Sunrise affogato-style. I made a mango sorbet, swirled in some Grenadine, dropped scoops of the frozen delight into glasses and then I topped the glasses with silver Tequila. I served the drinks, with stirrers, to Alex’s guests and I heard that word again — addictive.

What makes it difference from the usual Silom Sunrise? Ice. This version has no ice so the flavors are undiluted and the drink stays cold longer because it takes longer for the sorbet to melt. Plus, it’s so much fun seeing that crimson-streaked golden blob at the bottom of a pool of clear liquid. silom-sunrise2

To make the sorbet, just puree some mangoes (undiluted mango puree can also be bought in the supermarket), add sugar to taste and process in the ice cream maker. When the sorbet is done, pour in some Grenadine then run a popsicle stick though the mixture to create the marbled appearance. silom-sunrise3

Scoop into glasses and pour in the Tequila. Then, serve. With stirrers for best experience because the sorbet and the Tequila will have to be lightly stirred together.

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