Adobong pusit sa gata (squid adobo in coconut cream)

Adobong pusit is a familiar dish, popular and rather common Filipino dish. In fact, when one mentions pusit (squid), the first three dishes that come to mind are the traditional adobong pusit (squid), calamares and grilled pusit. But if there is such a thing as adobong manok sa gata (chicken adobo in coconut cream or milk), why shouldn’t there be adobong pusit sa gata?

Interesting? Must be. My kids enjoyed it tremendously.

This recipe if good for half a kilo of squid.

Start by cleaning the squids. Pull out the entrails by holding on to the tentacles. Carefully pull out the head, intestines, ink sac, etc. Carefully remove the ink sacs and set aside. Cut off the entrails (I usually cut up to the eyes).

Now, the body. Pull off the backbone. It’s the transparent plastic-like thing you will find in the cavity. Next, peel off the skins. Cut the squids into rings a quarter of an inch to half an inch thick.

Place the squid and the reserved ink sacs in a sauce pan. Pour in 1/8 to 1/4 cup of vinegar (depends how strong your vinegar is), add lots of crushed garlic (a whole head would be nice), chopped onion and one to two sliced siling haba (finger chilis). Turn on the heat to high and let boil. Stir. Season with salt (patis will do even more nicely). Pour in about a cup of coconut cream. Bring to the boil without covering. Boil for about 30 seconds then turn off the heat. Overcooking the squid makes it tough. So, a few minutes will do.

And that’s it! Have fun! :)


  1. mina says

    hi connie… is it possible not to include the ink sac so that it will give a more whitish color?

    • says

      hi connie! just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the recipes! Kung alam mo lang kung gaano mo ako natutulungan sa mga recipes mo! =) THANKS again…. =) God bless….

  2. Connie says

    cameron, what do you need black pepper for when you have finger chilis in the dish? bay leaves are always optional with me.

    mina, sure you can omit them.

    • karla says

      im new here…
      binabasa ko ung mga previous post dito and so far im really enjoying it… ung adobong pusit sa gata gusto ko siya talaga… tinuro ito ng mom ko sa akin mom ko pala from bicol.., anyways pag niluluto namin ito hindi namin tinatanggal ung ink sac kasi it adds flavor nga tapos kami nilalagyan namin ng tomatoes kasama sa pag gisa ng bawang at sibuyas and masarap talaga siya… la lang try it minsan with kamatis… :)

      • eric c says

        tried it but we put ginger as well and what we did to thicken the sauce without comprimising the squid..we scoop it out and put it back after the sauce thickens..

        • rose says

          wow, miss connie ur a big help to me. im one and half years merraid, at plagi akong namomoroblima when my husband go home at gutom na gutom then di nya like ang niluto ko waaaaaaaaaaaaa, pero minsan gus2 nya rin kya lng cguro nagsasawa din sya kc ganun lng plagi niluluto ko. di kc tlaga ako marunong magluto, buti nlng nkita ko ang site ng pinoy cook, everytime i cook search ako d2 sa pinoy cook at medyo napupuri na ng honey ko ang mga niluluto ko, big thanks maam connie!!! GOD BLESS, sana marami pa akong matutunan sau.

          • leng from netherlands says

            hi connie! i used lemon juice and it was a failure =( you are right adobo is much much better with vinegar.

          • Tita says

            Hi Connie, we have this for our lunch today. I don’t have siling haba so i used siling labuyo, i didn’t cut it though para di sobrang anghang. I’ve also tried the stuffed grilled squid, ground beef w/ quail eggs, braised tilapia, fish in tartar sauce, and so many more from your archive. My 12-year old daughter giggles everytime i open your site cause she’s expecting a delicious meal, sometimes she’s the one choosing the recipe. Super thank you Connie… :-)

          • jon says

            Ms. Connie dito ko sa KSA. Thanks for your blog. Actually hindi ako marunong magluto, and daily ako bumibili ng prepared foods. Pero ngayon hindi na since simple lang yung mga recipe mo. Nakakasave ako for food and iniinit ko na lang the following day. Best of all masarap lahat. Na try ko yung lemon chicken, chicken with sour cream, adobong pusit, ganun din yung mga noodle recipe mo. Salamat! More good recipes to come… Godbless!

  3. ella says

    ate connie yung bang adobong pusit pwede lutuin without the gata? (i’m lalergic to the gata).

  4. marlon says

    tnx nga po pla sa recipe hehehe hhmm naghahanap me kz ng bagong luto pra sa pusit hhmm sana magus2han ng nili2gawan ko to hahahaha salamat po!