Adobo eggs

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Hello, my name is Connie Veneracion. I cook, I shoot, I write. But I don't do the laundry. I don't like housekeeping very much either... (more about me)

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  1. Ebba Myra says:

    Oh gosh, I would sure try this “recipe” sometime this week. I had placed boiled eggs in adobo before just like you did and because of same reason, para madagdagan ang meat, but I did not crack the eggs, and also I added it at same time as the meat, and another time, last minute before serving, both times came out not so good, kaya nga hindi koo na inulit. But with this new “experiment” of yours, hahaha, I know for sure it will be a hit. Thanks again Connie, you take out the hard part thinking of cooking. Happy New Year nga pala. Hhaha, for me Happy New Cooking.

  2. brenda says:

    another marvelous idea, Connie! Yeah, usually sa mga karenderia may hard boiled egg na kasama ang adobo as extender but your version really looked better.

    Try ko nga to minsan pag nag adobo ako…

  3. Connie says:

    If it weren’t for those Chinese tea eggs, I wouldn’t have thought of cooking the eggs this way. But, really, adobo infused hardboiled eggs are tastier than Chinese tea eggs.

  4. Grace says:

    Cool! I tried it before with congee but I soaked the hard boiled (cracked) in soy sauce. Got the same effect. It’s a brilliant idea to have it with adobo! Happy Holidays! Cheers!

  5. iska says:

    hi connie! merry xmas!

    that’s how i usually do it, adobo eggs. nice!

  6. Ang sarap naman nito! Great idea, Connie! I’ve got to try this at home, I’m sure my dad will like it.

  7. Connie says:

    Daming itlog lovers, ah! :)

  8. Marie says:

    Hi Connie!

    A belated Merry Christmas and an advanced Happy New Year to you and your family. By the way, I’m sorry that they edited out your segment because I had all my (non-Filipino) flat mates sit with me so, they can see you cook. (You’re a celebrity in my house because I when they ask me what’s for dinner, my normal response is “Pinoy Cook”. Heh.) They all thought that Jessica Soho was you and were a bit ticked off that she didn’t feature you. Heh. But, I digress.

    Anyway, the brown eggs you saw in Taiwan are sold everywhere in Shanghai. They’re called “Cha Ye Dan”, literally, “Tea-leaf eggs”. I’m a huge fan of eggs and my ayi (helper) would cook them for me. I asked her for the recipe so that I can share it with you:

    Ayi’s Tea Eggs

    1 dozen eggs, washed
    3 tbsps salt (or more, depending on what you like)
    2 tbsps sugar (or more, depending on what you like)
    A small handful of tea leaves
    5 star anise(s)
    3 bay leaves
    Optional: 1 tsp of MSG, 1 tsp of all-spice

    Boil clean eggs in water at a simmer. Once they’re cooked, fish them out and gently tap the shells until they crack. (You should aim for a spidery web of cracks on your eggs).

    Combine all the ingredients in some water and simmer the solution. Once you see some smoke wafting out of the pot, add all the eggs in. Make sure that you have enough, but not too much water (Water should be cover all the eggs evenly.) Let the eggs simmer away in the tea solution for a MINIMUM of 4 hours.

    Taste the solution and adjust salt, sugar and spices accordingly.

    I’ve made tea eggs a couple of times. I don’t use MSG and I substituted all-spice for it. Some people liked it, but my Chinese friends thought that it was too overpowering.

    Hope that helps! Still waiting to take you food hopping when you happen to visit Shanghai. Hehe.

  9. Connie says:

    Marie, if I go food tripping anywhere in China, baka hindi na ako umuwi sa Pilipinas! hahaha

  10. Marilou says:

    Yum! I will definitely try this next rime I make adobo. I’m all snowed in today and rooting in my fridge I see I have the makings for bistek tagalog but not adobo. That will have to wait until I’ve dug out of my driveway so I can get to the grocery. Thanks for the yummy idea!

  11. Lazy Head says:

    Oh my! Nakakagutom pero Nakakata Cute as well!
    Egg Lovers!

  12. Maria Cullano says:

    Hi Connie! I am looking for a delicious recipe of lugaw bec. we are thinking of putting up a small restaurant selling lugaw and mga kakaibang recipes. I found your adobo eggs and I got an idea to mix it with lugaw. We will see if it will be a big hit. Do you have any recipes you can recommend? Thanks and more power.


    • Connie says:

      Well I have over a thousand recipes here in the blog. Why not comb through the archive and decide which are “kakaiba”? :)