Access-anywhere recipe box and shopping lists

Imagine you just came across a recipe on this blog that you really, really like and feel is right up your alley. The next time you’re in the grocery, you remember the recipe you promised yourself you’d make but since you don’t recall all the ingredients needed to make it, you promise yourself that, next time, you’ll list them all down so that when you go to the grocery again, you’ll have a written guide.

But, life being as busy as it is, you forget to jot down the ingredients and, on the next trip to the grocery, you find yourself in exactly the same situation and making another promise to make that list next time. And you forget again. And again. Until the momentum dies and you never get to make that delicious looking dish. The worst part? You’ll never know what you’re missing.

Well, I thought I’d help you out with that list that you keep forgetting to write.

As of today, beside the list of ingredients in (most of) the recipe posts, you’ll find a button that says, “Add to shopping list.”

Clicking the button will open a small pop-up window which will give you two options — “Add to recipe box” or “Add to shopping list”. Like this.

You can do both, actually, with the free service by Ziplist. And I’m not talking about manually typing the ingredients. It’s a one-click affair. Click the “Add to shopping list” button and the list is created for you. Isn’t that convenient?

Like it so far? It gets better.

If you have an iPhone or Android, you can access your list(s) and recipe box from ZipList’s free mobile apps too. Just create a free account and start saving recipes and creating shopping lists. And guess what? The service is not limited to recipes on this blog but those on other Ziplist partner food blogs. So, you can have something like this.

Sounds good? There’s more. You can even email your shopping lists and saved recipes to your friends. Isn’t that nice?

Oh, did I mention that the Ziplist recipe is free? I have? Let me just repeat that. The service is free. Time to give it a try? Click here to start saving recipes and creating shopping lists.