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fried rice, egg and tocino

In modern-day Filipino language the dish that you see in the photo is called tosilog, a contraction of tocino, singangag at itlog, a popular breakfast dish that consists of strips of tocino (cured pork), fried rice and fried egg, sunny side up. While the term tosilog is a relatively recent phenomenon, the dish itself is quite old. Western cuisine has its ham, bacon and sausages; Philippine cuisine has its tapa (cured beef), tocino and longganisa (native sausages).

Personally, I’m not into meat curing. I have never tried making tocino myself. That is probably because it is readily available in any wet market or supermarket. There are even specialty stores that cater to the tocino-tapa-longganisa buffs. As with any delicacy, there are various grades of tocino. The cheaper kinds commonly found in local wet markets contain too much water. You’d think they’re a lot cheaper but once in the frying pan, you will realize how little meat there is in the package that you bought. If you buy your tocino from the supermarket, choose the tocino with clear plastic packaging so you can see how much fat there is. There are brands that contain about 50% pork fat. Unless you eat pork fat, that’s half of your tocino down the garbage bag.

Probably the most popular brand of tocino in the Philippines is Pampanga’s Best. It’s reputedly some sort of pioneer in the mass production of local meat delicacies but that doesn’t necessarily make their products the best in the market. I find Pampanga’s Best products more hype than having any real extraordinary quality. We buy our fatless color-free tocino from Belcap, a small store along Xavierville Avenue in Quezon City. A little more expensive but the consistency in quality justifies the price.

If you want to try making your own tocino, there is a recipe online from the Industrial Technology Development Institute of the Department of Science and Technology of the Philippines. Or, you may want to try the version that uses annatto water to add a reddish tinge to your tocino. Both recipes seem simple enough.

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  1. Curious says:

    May I ask what tocino tastes like? I saw one definition saying it is sweet. Thanks!

  2. Connie says:

    Tocino is sweet. :)

  3. faith says:

    :smile: yummy!!! :wink:

  4. margie says:

    tocino is delicious & we really love to eat . i tried different mixtures or ingredients. can i try your tocino recipe.

  5. roma says:

    can i have a recipe to make tocino

  6. rosalie says:

    i’m pilipna and i miss pilipino food.
    please thank’s you…can you give the recipe the tocino.
    salamat again

  7. mandino says:

    hi roma,

    may ask you the recipes to a tocino? i love to eat tocino! :)

  8. Joey says:

    pagdating sa tosino, masasabi ko na yatang ako na ang number 1 fan!:lol:
    bata pa lang kasi ako tosino na hilig ko eh, tapos hanggang sa lumaki ako. kahit araw araw yatang ulam ko yan, hindi ako magsasawa.:oops:
    so ang nanay ko, pinagaralan ang pag gawa ng tosino. malakas daw kasi akong kumain nun kaya sabi nya sya na lang ang gagawa dahil ayaw nyang kumain ako ng sobrang vetsin, food coloring at preservatives.
    simple lang naman eh, basic ingredients yung brown sugar(wag yung mashadong dark ha?), asin, paminta at pineapple juice. shempre yung karne ng baboy or manok wag kalimutan.
    medyo kailangan lang talagang tikman nyo ang mixture ng dry ingredients nyo para makuha ang consistency ng alat at tamis. pero mas lamang ng konti ang tamis ng asukal, tosino kasi matamis eh.:mrgreen:
    balutan nyo lang ang meat nung dry ingredients at ilagay sa isang container. dun nyo sila ibababad sa pineapple juice — kailangan nakalubog ang karne ha.
    bigyan nyo ng time para sumipsip ng flavor at mag “cure” ang meat tapos pwede nyo ng iluto!:razz:
    tip lang sa pagluluto, para sakin, mas masarap syang iprito sa tubig instead of mantika. konting tubig para pakuluan sya at pag halos matuyo na yung tubig, maglalagkit na yung tosino nyo! :lol:
    nakakagutom kaya putulin ko na ang nobela ko dahil baka pag tumagal, maging blogger na rin ako hehe.

    • merly says:

      hi joey thanks for your tocino recipe info. i just hope you have a more detailed recipe like how many cups of brown sugar, pineapple juice, salt and pepper and then from there at saka na lang tantantyahin yong lasa. the way you explained it sounds so delicious ‘di lang ako mahusay magtantya-tantya ng mga ingredients sa umpisa.

    • daphne glanes says:

      hi can you tell me what is the exact mixture of your tocino recipe?it sound delicious..i am planning to make tocino kasi…please reply …

  9. Connie says:

    o, for those asking how to make tocino, we have to thank joey for the detailed instructions. :)

  10. marie says:

    ako din pasalamat kay joey regarding how to make a tocino. im a mom, who is really really interested to make tocino for a living purposes since i resigned from my work and care for my kids, but then, likas na sa akin talaga ang mag isip ng kung ano ang madali at murang pang bisnis at syempre hilig ko din ang tocino lalo pat masarap ang timpla. sayo joey salamat.i will try to make tomorrow, sana makuha ko ang timpla.

  11. Danielle says:

    HI!!! I know some tocino and even longaniza store, Tita’s Special. Their located at Kamias Rd. QC. Their tocino and longaniza tastes better than any other leading brands. You guys should try it. Believe me.

  12. tocino_ni_joey says:



    ahmn, mr. joey…antsalapppppppp naman ng tocino moh…since i always have pineapple sa lata…tsaka lagi kong tinatapon ang katas niya i’d have a reason to keep em now…

    gosh, this modernized worlds talaga;it makes us waste food noh…

    thank u for ur ‘glutinous self’ Joey dear…

  13. mhy says:

    i like very much tocino,kahit araw-arawin nyammm

  14. mhy says:

    i like very much tocino,kahit araw-arawin nyammmmmmmmm

  15. Joan says:

    Thanks for the recipe Joey !!! I’m in the states at miss ko na ang filipino foods. Wala akong makitang tocino sa market. So really thanks for the recipe!

  16. natalie says:

    i know how to cook tocino. its very delicious and easy to make. anywhere u go, anywhere you are, u can make some. yummmm!

  17. sheila says:

    Excuse me pls…..

    May i know how to make TOCINONG BABOY???


  18. kc says:

    :razz:joey thanks for the recipe………..god bless

  19. Kurtz says:

    I miss having pork and chicken tocino.. my mom used to cook it for me back in philippines :cry:… i would love to cook tocino but i dont know the recipe… please help me out… email me here at lyquid@hotmail.com Thank you… :grin:

  20. joni heizen says:

    well!!! nagustuhan ko ung kulay ng pork tocino nyo!!!
    pwde ba akong makakuha ng recipe ng tocino pero dapat home made lang para sa school project lang!!!!!!!
    tenk you!!!!

  21. joni heizen says:

    gusto ko ring magatayo ng restaurant penge ng recipe hah!!! i think your pork tocino its delicious!!!!

  22. weng says:


    i miss the filipino food…:razz: pwede nyo bang mabigay sa akin kung ano ang recipe, kasi gustong-gusto ng mga anak ko at asawa,


  23. leandro says:

    magandang araw at salamat s site nyo.. bagong kasal lng ako at mahilig s pgkain.. pwede ko bang subukan ang recipe ng tocino mo.. favorite sya ng misis ko.. maraming salamat..

  24. glenda says:

    hay talaga joey boy, excited ako na mag try sa tocino recipe mong yan!!! miss na miss ko na filipino food, medyo pumayat ako dito sa Miami kasi di ko gusto food nila, para nasusuka ako… wala talagang katulad ang pagkaing pinoy!!!

  25. glenda says:

    hay naku try ko talaga yang tocino recipe ng nanay mo joey!!! Gusto ko talaga yan, lalo na ang taba, naku talaga namang ang sarap sarap!!! Sana makuha ko talaga ang timpla para di ako mapahiya sa sarili ko!!! hehehe

  26. ricky_boy says:

    Can you please translate in english on the recipe, please? – Thank You Much!

  27. :lol:Can you please give me a tocino recipe. I wanted to try. Thanks a lot.


  28. Whennie says:

    yumm! tocino is my favorite thanx sa recipe joey boy ur the best!! i never thought of pineapple juice as one of the ingredients hehehe now i know salamat >>>> and leandro ur wife is so lucky to have you as her husband :smile::lol: wish you both all the best :smile:

  29. girlie fin says:


    im girlie you know what i love tocino since i was in kindergarten. thats whta i want to know how to make a dilicios tocino. can you give me the tocino ingredients. pls and thank you very much.


  30. MYMY says:

    NICE TO MAKE A FOOD…………………………………………………………………..BUT THE THING U WANNAT IS THE MAKE UR OWN……………………………………………………………………SO IT ME MYMY AND MY FRIEND ROSE JEAN………………………………………………………………BUY BUY BUY……………………………………….SEE YAH….

  31. jared says:

    hayan tol joey.. ginawa ko yung tips mo.. sana aprub ang lasa pagtikim ko.. antayin ko na lang ng isang week tapos tosino na.. lols.. thanks again for the tip.. :D

  32. pchy says:

    what’s ascorbic acid here? is this same with the vitamin C powder other’s using? (dinikdik na vitamin C tablet)

  33. xera says:

    Where can I find a tocino recipe?

    If anyone knows, feel free to let me know and I will be more than glad to assist you in something else :)

    Have a good one,

  34. arcy says:

    pwede bang malaman ilang portion ang asin at paminta compare sa brown sugar? tapos ilalagay sa tupperware na may takip, left anywhere or sa fridge?

  35. imelda aloba says:

    sikat kana ha! dahil sa favorite mong “TOCINO”. Fan din kami ng mister ko ng tocino kaya naisipan ko na maghanap ng recipe ng tocino. Nasubukan ko na en nagustuhan ng mister ko at ng mga pamangkin ko. at healthy pa.
    Thank you

    imelda of san francisco US

  36. rallen says:

    i’m rose sana mabigyan n’yo ako nang
    recipe sa tocino.gusto ko sanang mag karoon
    ng sariling recipe ng tocino.kasi love kong
    mag luto talaga promise…thanks a lot
    this rose from cebu,city.philippines

  37. Joanne says:

    Mr joey
    hello gud pm,can i ask you, if how long u can stay the meat for the mixture………thanks!
    i love tocino too, im xcited to do that but how long?

  38. Ma. Refe says:

    Hi! I’ve been making tocino for less that a year…and i’ve learned that the best way to cook it is with 1 part water and 1 part cooking oil at the same time to avoid it sticking to the frying pan…aside from the pineapple juice you can also use 7 up…and the shelf life is a lot longer.

    For Joanne: Since joey’s recipe has no preservatives and uses pineapple juice you have to put it in the freezer after the curing time…i’m not so sure if it can stay for more than a week.

  39. marlyn says:

    Mr. Joey
    Maraming salamat sa tocino recipe,sa wakas makakapag luto na rin ako ng tocino.

  40. jean says:

    Mr Joey at Ma. Refe, thank you talaga sa mga tips nyo… addik din kasi kami sa tocino eh. Namimiss ko na talaga pagkaing pinoy.

  41. Tocino lover says:

    Mr. Joey, I would like to try your tocino recipe if you may. Me and the kids are just agog over tocino.

  42. Alexa says:

    I’ll try your recipe pag uwi ko galing work.
    Dito sa Dubai, Pampanga’s best lang meron kaya try ko home-made recipe m.


  43. julie says:

    im julie fr jordan,i just want to know how to make tocino

  44. Anne says:

    Alam mo nag try ako bakit di malagkit at di jucy ewan ko kung ano ang kulang. gamit lang naman ko ng pineapple juice, garlic pepper, salt at vetsin. sugar ano pa ba ang kulang. can you give me some idea.

  45. concern lang says:

    Anne- Try mo iprito sya sa juice na iminarenate mo. Pero kaunti juice lang ha. Then hayaan mo sya mismo mag dry. Kasi ang pork ng lalabas sila ng mantika. kaya no need to use mantika. Pag nakita mo na unting-unting nag mamantika na ang tocino mo. Yan magkakaroon na sya ng lasa. Tama lahat ng ingredient mo, mukhang minadali mo lang ang pagluluto mo kaya nd malagkit. O baka kulang sa sugar.

  46. ed says:

    i like oork tocino and like to try chicken tocino. can you teach me how to make yummy chicken tocino ?

  47. rowena says:

    hi guyz…i’ve tried making pork tocino and its really yummy!!! i really really like the taste of it…its so delicious…u

  48. Ate LHUZ says:

    tOCINO? yummy!!

  49. gene says:

    wow….great food ang tocino talaga. lahat ng kids dito sa amin, love ang tocino. minsan try ako gumawa ng own timpla ko. pero sana…ung mas masarap. can i have your receipe?

  50. Rickey says:

    But I love pork fat! It’s delicious!

  51. Rudy says:

    Hi, Someone told me the ingedrients for Tocino Pork :
    Wjite Acoord, Salt, (Light)Brown Sugar, Monosodium Glutamate, Red Color, Cherry Juice.
    Can someone tell me what is ” White Acoord” ?

    Thank you on behalf of my ‘asawa ko’ in Belgium/Europe (want to make surprise to her with the real only original tocino); bye the way if someone has the recipe of piaya: also welcome . Salamat.

  52. jaime says:

    thanks joey im jaime from madrid spain
    since child its my favorite food and i try your recipe
    very delicious thank you


    what part of pork po do i have to use for tocino.

    Sorry beginner po ako.

    thanks a lot for helping.

  54. is a tocino a silent killer?

  55. Connie says:

    no more than ham or bacon, maricon.

  56. Joey says:

    hey dami pala nag comment sa post ko about tosino. kakatuwa naman.
    sa ngayon, misis kong si Lorena gumagawa nun at walang pinagbago sa timpla ng nanay ko!
    sa mga nabasa kong nagtatanong tungkol sa pagluluto, mas okay kung iluto mo sa tubig yung tocino. konting tubig lang para maluto sya. wag sobrang dami at baka mawala ang flavour. ganyan ang ginagawa sa bahay kung ang tipo kong tocino yung talagang naglalagkit.
    pag gusto ko naman yung enough lagkit lang at parang pinirito ang dating, ang ginagawa ng misis ko, nilalagyan nya ng konting vegetable oil pag natuyo na ang tubig. that way, di masyadong masusunog ang sugar sa tocino mo.
    yung ibang posts ng dry ingredients, suggest ko lang to lay off the MSG. stick with the brown sugar, salt, pepper combination. pinaka-base yung brown sugar. para bang 5 parts sugar at tig isang parts ng salt at pepper. yung pepper, depende na lang sa inyo kung trip nyo yung may spicy flavour. hindi maanghang pero tama lang.
    pagka-pour ng pineapple juice, stick it in the fridge.
    pwede nyo rin ilagay sa freezer in individual bags para sa ibang araw. kumuha lang ng meat at lagyan nyo ng enough marinade para sipsipin ng karne.
    at least meron na kayong madudukot na tocino in the future.
    kulang na lang itlog at fried rice with achara sa tabi.

  57. Delaney says:

    Hi Joey! Thanks, I had fun reading your post as well as the recipe suggestions from other people who posted and believe me kala ko dati ako lang ang hindi mabubuhay ng walang tocino after migrating here in the Netherlands, ngayon me rival na ako mister kong Dutch as tocino lover! Before i left pinas last 2006 me baon akong 50pcs. mamasita tocino mix as in 3 months lang ubos na, last independence day here nakabili ulit ako ng 20 pcs. after maubos ulit ng stock ko, i started experimenting kaso no luck… buti na lang naghanap ako ng other suggestion of cooking it and i read yours. I did tried it first with little water and now hindi na nognog ang luto ko, sabi ng mister ko saan daw ako kumuha ng mix? Sabi ko sa internet, mabuhay and thanks!

  58. princess says:

    paano po gumawa ng chicken tocino

  59. princess says:

    pls po…paki post…assignment po namin kasi eh….12 yrs old palang po ako…1st year palang po…

  60. charie says:

    joey, i will try this tocino recipe today, since ive been dying to eat tocino and here in Florida where i live now the nearest pinoy store is two hours drive :( i miss eating tocino soooooooooo much!!! Thanks foryour recipe :)

  61. maria says:

    hi joey,i would like to try your tocino recipe,now,is it the pure pineapple juice in a galloon w/c is so pure or the juice of pineapple in a can?your tocino really looks good,thanks..

  62. Fe marie says:

    Hello Joey,
    Andito na sa Ireland,Europe ang recipe ng nanay mo ng tocino.Pakisabi sa nanay mo maraming salamat sa kanya. Sinunod ko ung payo mo na salt,pepper,brown sugar at pineapple juice.nilagay ko sa container at tapos ni ref…grabe ang sarap!!!tender,juicy and sweet….konting tubig lang ang nilagay ko sa pagluluto sa mahinang apoy…gagawin ko syang christmas gift sa mga kapwa ko nurses d2 para makatikim sila ng masarap at healthy tocino without preservatives…ginto kc presyo ng tocino na mabibili sa mga pinoy store….by the way….gustung gusto ng husband ko…malapit na kami magbakasyon sa pinas at so sorpresahin ko ang family namin ng tocino recipe….

  63. melisa says:

    Hello po! Gumagawa po kami ng tocino, kasi po we used to have a store sa palengke. With our tocino po we don’t add pineapple juice, my nanay adds a little gin po, which is a good tenderizer at nakakabango daw po sabi ng nanay ko. Also in addition, mas maganda daw po na i mix sya by hand before refrigeration para masipsip nya yung marinade.

    Dun po sa mga prefer na bumili ng tocino instead of making their own, mas maganda po bumili from those from “small-scale” tocino maker. Kasi po yung sa mga mass produced tocino, they use a mixer na kelangan may ice para magwork, therefore yung lahat nung ice na yun eh na-a-absorb na nung meat at kapag fried na sya halos kalahati na lang nung binili mo yung makakain mo.
    Tama nga po sabi ni Miss Connie “A little more expensive but the consistency in quality justifies the price.”

    More power po sa pinoycook…

  64. henry says:


    I am a father of 1. i would like to have a tocino recipe eversince i ve kept on searching but sad to say i dont have tocino recipe. Can you help me for getting delicious tocino recipe? I would really appreciate if i can have one at least for these holiday season i can cook….


  65. Apple says:

    Hi guys, bakit ang ibang tocino medyo maasim? Gusto ko ang lasa na medyo maasim at syempre matamis para lasap na lasap ang lasa….well salamat Joey sa recipe mo….

  66. Melisa says:

    Hi Apple! Mama ko gusto rin ng ganun, yung medyo maasim. Kapag bumili ka ng tocino hwag mo muna lutuin agad at hwag mo na i-ref. 1-2 days after saka mo lutuin, that way medyo maasim siya. : )

  67. christy says:

    hello kababayan puwede bang makahingi nang

    empanada recipe (pork empanada) ple.

    thank you,
    christy v

  68. Connie says:

    Hi Christy, there is a turkey empanada recipe in the archive. No pork, sorry. Not yet, anyway.

  69. mylene says:

    hello po, i’m researching about the best way of making Tocino… it’s because I am doing a Business plan and my product is Tocino. I used to make tocino already and my Professor told me that its really taste good. i just wanted to learn some hints on how can I make the tocino much easy to cook.

  70. weng says:

    ask q lng po exact recipe ng tocino…gusto q mgtry gumawa para sakali pde rn i biznez?

  71. evelyn says:

    hi , i red all he comments of Joey’s tocino recipe. pwede bang makuha nag recipe coz im a tocino lover. please……………thanks

  72. christy says:

    hi joey just wanna ask kung pwedeng makuha ang recipe mo ng tocino kase gustong gusto ng mga anak ko ng tocino eh tanong ko lang kung nilalagyan ba yun ng garlic powder thank you po

  73. nonoycont says:

    Hi joey pwede rin b akong maka hingi ng recipe mo ng tocino?.. gusto ko rin matutunan kung paano gumawa ng tocino, marunong din akong magluto pero di ako marunong gumawa ng tocino, siguro matutuwa mga anak ko kung matitikman nila ang gagawin kong tocino. salamat and more power sau joey.

  74. Joey Tosino says:

    buhay pa pala tosino topic dito. napadpad lang ako dito sa TOSINO POST dahil kakakain ko lang kasi na gawa ng misis ko. isang banyera din yun for the whole week, hehe.
    sa mga naghahanap pa rin nung “recipe” ng tosino, nasa mga naunang post ko kung paano. walang exact measurements pero i’m sure makukuha nyo yun, depende na kasi sa flavor na gusto nyo.
    ang importante, mag stick lang sa basic ingredients ng brown sugar, pepper, salt at pineapple juice. wala ng iba pang hinahalo talaga. bukod sa simple lang ingredients, madali sila hanapin at shempre, natural lang talaga sangkap.
    sa mga nakasunod at nakagawa na ng mga tosino according sa recipe ng nanay ko, enjoy the tosino as much as i do.
    thanks kay Connie at nakatulong ako sa iba kahit sa maliit lang na bagay.

  75. Connie says:

    Salamat sa iyo, Joey, see ang dami mo nang followers. :)

  76. Fan ni j0ey says:

    Sayang my aswa n pla c j0ey!…

  77. JOEY TOSINO says:

    naks, may FAN na pala ako!

  78. Ebba Myra says:

    My sister used to own a meat stall in Guadalupe and they make tocino ang longganisa. I had my hands on mixing and packing these two, but did not get involved in the making the ingredients. I remember though that my sister puts “salitre” on both, and she said its for preservative purposes. On the chicken tocino (which are special order), she adds beef fat (cut in strips) to the mix, kasi wala daw masyadong taba yung chicken. Laging ubos yung tinda nya, marami pang nag-special order. She two flavors, yung matamis-anghang, at yung medio maasim type.

  79. joy says:

    hi ask lng ho ako ng recipe ng tocino for my presentation sa april 18.. maraming salamat po…

  80. ara says:

    hehehe…srap nman ng tocino,im tocino lover too.joey thanks for the ingredients,,,sna mg lgay k p ng mga alm mong lutong pinoy ung mga easy lng…thanks^^

  81. JOEY TOSINO says:

    re #80 comment ni ara, youre welcome pero yung mga iba pang lutong pinoy, covered na ni Connie yun. hehe.

  82. caryl says:

    ,,kahit araw araw kong ulam ang tocino na baon ko sa skul di aqoh nagsasawa/…

  83. babes says:

    ,,he he ung anak ko rn kahit oras oras tocino ang ulam ok na sa knya.

  84. Marcosa says:

    hay love korin ang tocino kya nag hanap din ako ng recipe at d2 ako napad2 tnx 2 u joey, dko pa na try gawin, punta pa ako bukas sa walmart to buy those ingredients nakzz hehe e try ko rin pakain sa hubby ko at sa baby ko..ay nakaka gutom sa pag babasa bout 2cino. save ko pa ang mga message mo joey kung paano gawin ang 2cno hehehe…
    tnxx joey and GOD bless 2 ur family..

    miss ko narin ang pinasssssss…

  85. gilbert mors says:

    I’ve been living in the US for almost 20 years and believe me If there’s one recipe that I would like my wife to cook is a home made tocino. Is there anyway you can share with me the all the ingredients of a good tocino? Hoping for your kind consideration and thanks a lot.

  86. terence barrera says:

    Hi, if you’re still active on your website, as you can see I am very much interested in tocino business and I have a little knowledge about the preservatives aspect, about the the concocting aspect I am much sharper into it on how to mix things up, maybe you can suggest a little hint about the preservative stuff, where can i avail ingredients?, thanks and more power.

  87. Mica says:

    Hi. I was excited to come across your website, and talks of tocino already made my mouth water….I seriously can eat it everyday. However, I cannot find the recipe anywhere on your site…I did not have any problems seeing the others I searched for (longganisa, pancit molo, etc…)…

    Please, can you send it to me or let me know where I can find it? Thank you and all the best!

  88. nelene says:

    hi gusto ko sanang makuha recipe ng tocino chicken thx

  89. jd says:

    Hello! Can anybody pls give me the recipe of TOCINO kc i really like this recipe soooo much. My step-son & hubby likes this too! Now i want to make a homemade one but i just don’t know what’s the ingredients in preparing this tocino. Pls do help me. Thanks soooo much & GOD BLESS!!!

  90. mariz says:

    i learn so much for bieng read in this site,i learn on how to make tocino,then im planning to make own bussines with tocino specialty

  91. shiemarie says:

    hi kabayan! can i ask a favor kung pwede bigyan nu naman ako ng recipe how to make chicken tocino??mahal kasi d2 sa kuwait kaya mas magan da yung sariling gawa.salamat po..

  92. ann says:

    hi po,ask ko lang po kung pwede tubig or sprite instead of pine apple juice ang ihalo sa paggawa ng chicken tocino.thank u po.

    • Connie says:

      Bakit hindi mo subukan para malaman mo kung ano ang pwede at hindi. :)

      • JDC says:

        Hi Connie. Been a follower since i got married until today! I’m just wondering what part or portion of the pork would be best for making tocino. I’ll try joey’s recipe for my kids. Thanks.

  93. Jojo says:

    Thanks. :-)

  94. rochelle says:

    hay pagdating sa tocino masarap talaga dahil

  95. a.c says:

    kuye joey,,thank you sa mga post mo po,

  96. Michael Chambers says:

    I´ve read all the notes above, but have not found one with all the ingredients for Tocino Tea, my future wife has asked me to try and locate it, but it is not available in Vienna, Austria.
    Can anyone help in supplying me with the recipe?

  97. Jenn says:

    Prang msrap may pj hamonado ang dating!

  98. Jenn says:

    Skinless longganisa vigan yummy din po!!! Mraming garlic at di gaanong mtamis.ground pork na may fat, cane vinegar, salt and pepper, corn starch, soy sauce, sugar(optional).combine all ings.

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