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In 2003, a time when I hadn’t heard of the term “blog”, I started a recipe website at using a now defunct content management system that ran on ASP. Ok, never mind the geek talk, I’m sure you’re not interested in that. The contents easily multiplied and, in 2004, I moved the food site to Always unhappy with the fact that the dot com versions of houseonahill and pinoycook weren’t mine, I moved the food site to and the rest of my blogs to (making sure, this time, that the dot net versions of both domains were also mine).

That was last year. Maintaining six blogs had become too much work. Besides, I figured that readers would benefit from, and appreciate, variety — related but still varied subjects. Most of everything I’ve written had always been related to my home and family — from parenting experiences to the meals we eat to our occasional travels to our hobbies and passions. And I just integrated everything together in one blog here at

This page is about the food section. I used to do all the cooking and photography around here but, recently, there has been a lot of contributions from my husband, Speedy, and our firstborn, Sam, who is taking up Photography in college. Speedy does the risotto, the cocktail drinks and very meaty dishes, I do the rest, although I dream of the day when he will cook just as often as I do. I commissioned Sam to take photos of the ingredients for the cocktail drinks. With pay, of course.

No, I am not a chef. I’m a mommy, wife, lawyer (retired) and writer (retired newspaper columnist and magazine writer) although the order varies depending on the occasion. Speedy is an engineer by profession. We have two girls, Sam and Alex, who are both in college and who are the our most brutal critics when it comes to the dishes that we cook. Speedy did not start cooking seriously until recently; I’ve been cooking most of my life.

I learned to cook by hanging out in the kitchen with my grandfather, grandmother and father. The Chinese influence is from my grandfather (no, he was not Chinese but he was really good with Chinese cooking). The Filipino influence I got from my grandmother. The adventurous spirit with the use of new combinations and techniques I got from my father. Growing up, I developed my own style and techniques with a lot of help from cookbooks and the television. Then, I started creating my own recipes.

Long before I was born, so I’ve been told, my grandfather and grandmother owned a grocery store along Echague Street in Quiapo, Manila. It was called Consuelo’s Grocery, named after my grandmother. Those were the postwar years and with that grocery store, they made good money. The grocery’s specialties were cold meat. They cured their own ham, made their own tocino, tapa and longganisa. My father, a young boy at the time, learned his first lessons on how to choose “good meat” at that grocery store.

All throughout my childhood, my grandparents’ house, which was next to ours, was the scene of countless family reunions. Both my grandparents came from large families. During preparations for Christmas and birthday parties (which were always major events), my younger brother and I would run all over the grounds watching everyone cook, picking and tasting meat and sweets even before the dishes were completed. I distinctly remember how they made Pancit Luglog during those days. No ready made sauces. The shrimp heads were pounded and squeezed. My grandfather had a heavy-duty meat grinder (from the grocery days) and they ground fresh tinapa (smoked fish) and chicharon (pork cracklings) for the pancit. Ox tail and tripe for Kare-kare were simmered overnight at the backyard over burning wood. Paella was cooked in a large carajay. Siomai (steamed Chinese dumplings) were cooked in large bamboo steamers, the size you find in restaurants these days.

It was also during those early years when I listened to my father explain which kind of meat went well with each dish, the correct way of cutting meat, why sauces as accompaniments made certain dishes special… When the mood hit him (which was often), we would go driving through provinces north or south of Manila in search of special ingredients, cooking supplies, fruits or delicacies. We would go to Laguna for lanzones, wooden chopping boards, fresh coconuts and buko (coconut) pie; to Bulacan for pastillas and puto (rice cakes); to Cavite for señorita (small bananas that are very sweet), watermelons and chayote; to Batangas for freshly-dug ube (purple yam) with the soil still clinging to the skin, and barako (native coffee beans); or to good old Chinatown in Binondo for freshly-slaughtered duck, herbal tea and those premature chicken eggs that had yet to form shells and which tasted so good with his arroz caldo. He was a real land rover, and the vehicle he drove suited him to a T. And he was especially fond of stalls along barrio roads, far from the towns and highways where prices were always higher. It was also from my father that I learned to roast duck and quail, and how to cook eel.

I cooked my first complete dish when I was in the 4th grade. It was spaghetti. I brought it to the class field trip. connie-veneracion-bakingAs a young adult, there were two major influences in my cooking: cookbooks and television. I bought whatever cookbooks and cooking magazines I could afford with my allowance, along with the inevitable James Clavell and James Michener paperbacks. The television influence came in three stages: Stephen Yan, Nora Daza and Biba (Biba’s Italian Kitchen on Discovery Channel), in that order.

Many other lessons and influences came after all that and I have reached a point when I can confidently whip up a good meal with whatever is available in the kitchen. I am now mom to two girls, aged 15 and 13 16 and 15 18 and 16 19 and 18 21 and 20, both in college but who still prefer to bring home-cooked meals to the rented condo near the university where they stay during weekdays. See, I am not the kind of cook who will refuse to do a dish because I lack one ingredient or another specified in the cookbook. I love substituting and I love even more to discover how dishes can be improved, or variations of it created, simply by substituting, omitting or adding one or more ingredients. My family loves that because, except for real favorites, I don’t often cook the same dishes over and over.

Cooking is an adventure, it’s been a wild ride so far and I know I’m still learning. This blog has been online since 2003, a spin-off newspaper column called Feast Asia has come and gone, and the blog is still here, stronger and better (I hope!) than ever.

*This article was last updated on February 9, 2014.

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Hello, my name is Connie Veneracion. I cook, I shoot, I write. But I don't do the laundry. I don't like housekeeping very much either... (more about me)

436 Responses

  1. Clark Gothong says:

    Dear Connie,

    Hi and Happy Holidays. My name is Clark Gothong and
    i’m from Cebu Philippines. I was on the internet
    searching for pictures or documents pertaining to a type
    of mint plant/tree, which is called the JAVA MINT. As i
    surfed google, i came upon your website regarding the Java Mint. Can
    you please help me with my problem? I’m looking for
    anything that would help me know about the Java Mint
    (Tree/plant). What ailment does it cure, how to plant it?
    where is it normally found?

    Thank you for your help.

    Clark Gothong
    Cebu, Philippines

    • Joel Olave says:

      I am inspired by your story. Not about the cooking part because I really don’t know how to cook but about how you relate your life story in general. You’re not a chef but you like to cook and you’re able to document your love of it in this blog. I hope I can do the same with the things I am passionate about. Thanks!

  2. Connie says:

    Hi Clark. I’m sorry that I have no answers to your questions. When I bought my potted Java mint, it was a choice between Java mint and ordinary mint and I chose the Java variety because it smelled better. Except on which dishes it goes well, I really haven’t done any info digging about it. Anyway, if I come across anything, I’ll e-mail you the info.

  3. Joy says:

    Hi Connie,

    I love your site.

    Do you have a recipe for java rice?



  4. Connie says:

    Hi Joy. Thanks. :)

    Re Java rice. Yes, I do. I’ll make some within the week for the kids’ packed lunch. :)

    • denis says:

      hi Connie,
      i really enjoy your recipe, i’m a Headchef here in U.K., but i still searching for any other filipino recipe for my Family.
      i find your website very helpfull specially to those filipino abroad like me. so keep up the good work and god bless to you and your family. merry X’mas

      Chef Denis San Pedro
      Isle Of Man, U.K.

  5. Hazel Latoza says:

    Dear Connie,

    Wow, thank goodness for your site. I’m so happy to have come across it on the net & thank you for sharing your knowledge. I was born in Cebu, now living in Australia. I have collected some recipes from my mum but your site just opens up a whole new world for me. I’m 32 and just now finding my rhythm with cooking, becoming more comfortable with it. I look forward to trying some of your recipes.

    I’m especially grateful to have found your site in english, considering I’m one of so many young filipinos who’ve grown up elsewhere & lost the native dialect, but not the deep connection to the Philippines.

    All the very best & again, thank you

  6. Connie says:

    Hello Hazel. You are welcome. Hope you enjoy cooking my recipes and, sometime soon, be confident enough to try inventing a few dishes of your own. Cooking is one big adventure. :)

  7. axel says:

    hi i m axel from cebu do you know, where i can buy java mint plant?

  8. Grace Manio says:

    I am really interested in becoming a regular “member or user” of this website. Do you have a homepage? I am sorry I am not very computer literate but I can learn. Do you have an e-mail list group? If you do, I am interested in becoming part of your list. Thank you for your wonderful site.

  9. Connie says:

    axel, here in metro manila, at Market! Market! in Global City.

    Grace, I’ll be putting up a mailing list in a month or two. I’ll just make an announcement in the blog. :)

  10. auee says:

    hi sassy

    sorry if my question doesn’t belong here, di ko makita kung meron kang email add / contact link… Anyway, the other I was going thru the comments on your food blog & i was looking at the food sites of those who “commented”.

    I found one with a meatloaf recipe & you even left a comment on it. But now I can’t find it. I thought it was sha’s but it’s not there… Do you know what I’m talking about? I wanted to try the recipe but didn’t have the chance to print it.

    btw feel free to delete this… thanks

  11. Connie says:

    Auee, the last food blogs I visited, I added to my blogroll. So, the link to the blog should be here.

  12. axel says:

    thanks connie, i m paharmacist an researching about this plant – was in the meantime able to get some.. appreciate

    • Niña Krishna says:

      h!ate Connie,we will have a cooking contest tom.hmmm,I dont know how to cook..hehehe I guess it is the time that I need your help!
      Our category is:about seafoods..”

  13. cris says:

    Hello Connie,

    as you know im new to your blog and been finding so much useful recipes and helpul tips in cooking. I teach children in NY and am looking for more simple managable pinoy recipes, snacks, rice dishes or desserts that i can share with my 6 year olds. Thanks!


  14. Connie says:

    No problem, Axel.

    You’re welcome, Cris. My daughters’ experiments might prove useful to you. :-P

  15. broadband voip phone service provider says:

    Nice website. I totally agree with the comments. Keep the site rocking.Keep on blogging.

  16. tina says:

    Wow! I never knew such a site existed, but I’m so happy it does. I’m abroad right now and SO craving for Pinoy food!!! Nakakalaway ang site mo. :razz: and I’m sure you make many people like me happy! :lol: hihihi tuwa ako!

  17. Connie says:

    Enjoy, Tina. And happy cooking! :smile:

  18. bennie says:

    My son love java rice do have recipe? thank you i enjoy your site.

  19. florence says:

    Hi connie,

    i’m a 28 yr old mom of 3 kids, that works full time and loves to cook. i loooove this website. i always visit your website every now and then. not only for your recipes, but also on updates, food, restaurants and places to go to there. this helped me a lot when we went there sa philippines in december. as i saw the places, restaurants and food that you have mentioned, nakakaexcite dahil i read about them here in your food blog and i actually looked for them just like the dampa sa libis. luckily the place where we stayed at was so close to it which was eastwood city which you have also mentioned here. thank you so much for having this site, it brightens out my day in a way everytime i go dito sa site mo i know it sounds petty but it does. i’ve learned a lot of things from here. thanks again for having this site it’s big help.

  20. Kevin Ashton says:

    Dear Connie,

    I liked you food blog and your coffee jelly recipe.



  21. Connie says:

    Hello, Kevin. I just saw your blog and I sincerely hope that you dream comes true someday. :)

  22. marc paul says:

    hi! connie

    can i have your sample recipe for java rice..
    java rice is one of may fevorite.

    thanks, MP

  23. Choy says:

    Hi Connie. This is probably the 4th or 5th time I’ve visited here. Just wondering. Are you the Connie that makes the bottled tuyo, pesto and other goodies? If you are, then my wife and I met you a few years back, I think at Rustan’s when you were just starting your product line. You asked us to taste some of your products. Happy to say we still buy them, and also bring/send them to relatives abroad. More power!

  24. Connie says:

    marc paul, you will find the recipe in the archives. :)

    Hello Choy, much as I wish I am the one behind “Connie’s Kitchen”, I am not. :) I discovered their tinapate in Greenhills a couple of years back. Maybe if I ever start a food business, I will meet you and your wife somewhere and we can laugh together about this comment. :) My warmest regards. :)

  25. Gina says:

    Hi Connie,

    Just discovered your website today (!!!!!).

    I am an -Filipina/Australian living in NSW, and have been missing pinoy foods A LOT!

    Your website is fantastic,excellent and how you present your recipes/photos are superb!!! Recipes are easy to follow.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

    Cheers, Gina Harnett

  26. Jim Buel says:

    Just found your site and enjoy it greatly. Left the Philippines in 1980 after 20 years. Worked for Dole, Far East Molases and was the first F&B Director/Executive Chef of the Terraces Plaza Hotel in Baguio. My wife and son (a chef) are great Pilipino cooks. We live in So California so are near good Pilipino restaurants. Looking for recipe of buko pie like we have in Los Banos and camote kahoy. Well the list gos on so another time. Jim

  27. Connie says:

    You’re welcome, Gina. :) And thank you.

    Jim, re buko pie…I’m not much of a baker. I’m learning though. :)

  28. pongki says:

    I always want to add salt in marinating meats, but the problem is it takes out the juices from the meat, it becomes dry. What will i do? Is adding oil helps keeping it moist? salamat po..

  29. Connie says:

    Hi Pongki. Re “the problem is it takes out the juices from the meat”.

    Hmmm, I don’t seem to have that problem. I fact, I like using salt on chicken and let the salted chicken sit in the fridge overnight before frying or grilling them the next day.

  30. Lornalie says:

    Hi, Connie! Can you also please give me a recipe for java rice? Will appreciate it very much. Thank you!!!

  31. regina g says:

    i find it hard to access your website. when i go to a particular site (ex. chicken recipes), it will list some menus in alphabetical order but the problem is i can only access that page. I cant continue anymore. I used to go to your site ( few years back and i dont have this kind of problem. Menus are on list a-z. This time i could only go from a-b?is it me or am i missing something?


  32. Connie says:

    Lornalie and regina g, link to java rice recipe.

    regina g, you have to click the titles in the list to go to the permalink page. Every entry is paginated (page 1, 2) and the page links are right below the title of the entry and below the text. Recipes are almost always on page 2 of every entry. I am using WordPress now and pages cannot be organized the way they were when I was using Expression Engine.

  33. magningning says:

    Hi Connie,

    I am trying to find a recipe that used to be on your site. It was a recipe for meatloaf that had hard boiled eggs in the top of it. I had printed the recipe out at one point, but I lost it, and I can’t seem to find it on your site anymore. Can you tell me where it is?


  34. Connie says:

    Oh, I took that down hoping to repost when I can get a better photo.

  35. magningning says:

    Hi again,

    Do you mind emailing me the recipe? I am doing a small dinner and wanted to pair the “upside down” meatloaf with a pineapple upside down cake, so they would have kind of a little matching theme.

    My email is

    Thanks so much!


  36. sheila says:


    I received an email from someone accusing me of copying recipes from this site and posting them in some sort of a forum. I wanted to verify first if its an authentic email from you (your admin) before I reply to it. Just email me directly.

    Sorry for using this venue… I know this is used for replying about receipes. I couldnt find any other way to reach you guys.

    – Sheila

  37. Connie says:

    Re #36. There are no “guys” here. I alone own and maintain this blog.

    I did not e-mail you.

    However, I did post several comments in a US based forum owned by a FIlipino where at least 30 of my recipes had been copied verbatim by at least 6 people including one who goes by the name “sheila”.

  38. sheila says:

    Hello Connie (one-man-team),

    Thanks for your reply. I wont answer the email then.

    – Sheila

  39. Dominic Andrada says:

    Hi Connie,

    Im so glad I bookmarked your site.
    I was just crusing through my favorites and clicked your site to check out whats happened
    since I first discovered your site last year.
    Your site is well kept, easy to navigate and the information is both useful for cooks and a reminder
    for filipino-americans how good filipino cooking is.
    Keep up the good work,
    Dominic Andrada

  40. Connie says:

    Thank you, Dominic. :)

  41. Jessica says:

    Dear Connie,
    Your site is most informative. I was so happy I discovered it while searching for Filipino recipes. I’ve got kids of my own as well, and being a working mom, your ideas for lunches and quick casseroles are most helpful. I cook as well – and your shortcuts are most appropriate. This site is ten times better than those Filipino cookbooks you get as your recipes have all been tested by the best judges in the world – the kids.

    Maraming salamat.

  42. Connie says:

    Maraming salamat din, Jessica, for such encouraging words. :)

  43. wilson says:

    Hi Connie,

    I was wondering if you can give your coment as to the difference between different culinary schools in the Phils? Such as CCA; Ischam: AHA; and ENDERUN?
    Im confuse and dont know which to consider.

    Thanks in advance.


  44. Connie says:

    wilson, sorry, i have no idea.

  45. gosh says:

    :grin: nice site! very informative! keep it up po!

  46. DrummerBoy says:

    Dear Connie,
    October 11th, 2006

    Hi And Hello, Hello I’m New On Your Site I Accidentally Found It While I Was Surfing The Internet Looking For A Diabetes Recipes For My Mom. Well, Anyway I Just Want To Ask You If You Have Any Recipes For Diabetes. If You Do Kindly Please E-Mail Me Or Let Me Know Where To Go Please. I Was Reading Some Of The Comments And They Said A Lot Of Nice Thing About Your Site. Well, I Agree With All Them. This Is Really An Excellent, Wonderful, And Lovely Website. Okaysaalright ‘Tong Website Mo At Alrightsaokay Pa No Doubt About It. Thank You Very Much Connie Keep Up The Good Work. Ingat Always, Take
    Care And God Bless You And Your Whole Family Circles. Sige, Maraming Salamat Ulit Later Bye!!!!! DrummerBoy!!!!!

  47. dennis y. says:

    hi connie,

    This is a super long shot, but i will try anyway – for the longest time, my wife has been trying to look for a GOOD cook, with no success. We define “good” as someone who can think on her own as to what to cook for breakfast, lunch (occasionally) and dinner and execute her plans flawlessly. Am willing to pay going rates. Would you know anyone? I would deeply appreciate whatever help you can give. I love my wife deeply and would like to be able to surprise her by fulfilling her long time wish.
    Thanks so much!

  48. Connie says:

    i only know one, dennis, and she works in Europe, gets paid in Euros. But I’ll keep my ears open. :)

  49. Aysha says:

    Dear Connie,

    I am one of the many who finds inspiration here kasi hindi intimidating ang mga procedures and ingredients mo. I have visited yung BAKING 101 mo and I didnt find what im looking for. Actually being abroad makes me miss our food back home specially yung mga baked goods natin. Maybe you can help me get an idea how to make these filipino delicasies: broas, ensemada, eggnog, apas, camachille, brazo de mercedes, galletas, pinagong or paputok and the likes. I tried searching them out pero ang hirap makakita ng mapagkakatiwalaan. Atleast dito sa site mo you make what you post. Tsaka baka meron kang alam na cookbook about filipino breads and pastries.


    God Bless

  50. Connie says:

    Hi Aysha, sorry, am not good at baking. Those things under baking 101 are really achievements for me hahahaha

  51. MrsJ says:

    Hi, I like your blog’s lay-out and contents. How can I link my comment to the blog about the Mango wine? I’m based in Canada and we make our own wine (pick our own fruits too). Apart from grapes, we’ve tried making wine out of apples, strawberries and plums. I just wanted to say that the quality of wine relies on so many factors – in this case, the mangoes, water used, amount of sugar, and amount of sugar allowed to ferment into alcohol, type of yeast used, fermenting vessel (is it clean and odour-free)?
    As other wines, it could just be a bad bottle or a bad year. Would you have a recipe for ensaymada, crinkles, lengua de gateau, silvanas and mamon? I miss eating these treats! Thanks and I look forward to more articles on your blog!

  52. Connie says:

    Hi MrsJ. The mango wine entry is posted in Pinoy Food Talk. The permalink.

    Re “ensaymada, crinkles, lengua de gateau, silvanas and mamon”: when I learn to make them, I’ll post them here. :)

  53. Nostalgia Manila says:

    Hello Connie!

    I am a Filipino that lives in New York City and I run a blog called Nostalgia Manila, a new blog site that’s gaining a bit of popularity online:

    This is far one of the BEST Filipino Cooking blogs I’ve seen! Would love to do a link exchange with you. A link back will be provided if you are interested.

    Many thanks, and more power to your amazing blog!

    –Nostalgia Manila

  54. Press Inc says:

    Krispy Kreme , America ‘s favorite doughnut, is finally opening in the Philippines on Nov. 30, with its first store at the City Center , Fort Bonifacio , Taguig City

    Before the opening, we would like to give Pinoy Food Talk the ‘’first bite” into this much-talked about doughnut. We would like to ask your permission to send you Krisy Kreme doughnuts.

    Please let us know where we can send you the Krispy Kremes. You may email us at this address ( or contact 729-4013 or 0917-8152645 and look for Blooey.

    Thank you so much and we hope to hear from you.
    More power to your blog!

    PRESS Inc.
    PR Consultant for Krispy Kreme

  55. Connie says:

    I don’t have a blogroll, Nostalgia Manila.

  56. Vernon Lun says:

    Hi Connie,

    I wanted to let you know that we selected you as one of the great blogs to include in our food category. We built TheGoodBlogs so that bloggers could promote each other to increase their brand, readership and reputation.

    Please take a moment visit us at Signing up and adding the widget to your blog will mean many more promotions of your blog by your peers and vice versa.

    I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about our Food blogs and TheGoodBlogs in general.

    Keep up the terrific blogging!

    Best regards
    Vernon Lun

  57. Michelle says:

    Hi Connie!

    You have great recipes that I can use for my special child. He’s currently on a gluten/casein/corn/soy free diet that his doctor prescribed. I loved the Pininyahang Manok recipe. I hope you have more recipes that I can use.

    Keep up the great work!

  58. Connie says:

    I’m glad you find some useful recipes, Michelle. And thanks.

  59. Anna says:

    Hi Connie,

    Been to your site several times, and so happy I have found this cooking treasure. The fotos give me an idea of how a successful outcome must look like :smile:(my cooking talents are still on the developing stage …)

    I love seeing your children too, and of course your entire family. Many thanks for putting up this blog, if before I have to do several searches of a pinoy food, now all I have to do is to visit your blog and presto! a new dish will come out.

    Many thanks ms. sassy and hope to meet you in person someday.

    God bless!

  60. Nick says:

    Thank you Connie, for such wonderful recipes..

    I share your passion for cooking…

  61. Connie says:

    You’re welcome, Anna and Nick. And thank you too. :smile:

  62. Nora says:

    Hello Connie, went into your site by accident and truly enjoyed what I found. Congratulations. I look forward to learning some great chinese recipes, we live in a town where there is no good chinese restaurants and my family and I love to eat chinese food.

  63. Connie says:

    Nora, I understand what you mean. When we moved to the suburb, there’s no decent Chinese resto within an hour from our house. So there’s homecooked Chinese food. :) Cheers!

  64. mattie says:

    I like your menus very nice and looks easy
    but i missed my BINATOG its been 20 yrs now.
    I remembered this every afternoon in my kalye the guy carry his basket with hot corn shouting BINA….TOG..2X.
    I am looking for recipe on the web cannot find it. Anybody PLEASE?

  65. Kelly says:

    Hello, I love your web page. I hope I do not overstep by posting this. This is a project that I have been trying to get rolling for some time now, and I hope that I have found an audience that might be able and willing to help a good casue by lending a bit of something they love to a worthy cause. Thank you!

    Requesting your contribution to the World Culture Holiday Peace Cookbook:

    Please join us in a symbolic “Breaking of bread” around the world as we celebrate each other’s cultures by sharing recipes and holiday traditions.

    I am assembling a cookbook of recipes from folks all over the globe in an effort to raise cultural awareness and friendship, as well as offer some monetary assistance to a prenatal and children’s charity.

    I ask for you to think of a favorite Holiday meal that is representative of your culture and offer it for publication. Perhaps one of your Grandmother’s best recipes. Add a little text about the holiday you are celebrating, and a picture, if you wish, of something representative.

    No holiday is too small or insignificant. We would like to document as much diversity as possible in the face of the tragic trends away from cultural individuality.

    This is a not for profit endeavor, therefore all contributions are charitable. Credit will be given to all contributors in the work.

    Thank You

  66. Yvette Fernandez Ferreol says:

    Hi Connie…
    I was reading the New York Times today and saw your blog mentioned in the piece “Food for the People, Whipped Up By the People” by Julia Moskin.
    Hope it introduces more Times readers to Filipino cooking!Congratulations! Yvette

  67. Connie says:

    Kelly, does your project have a web site?

    Thanks for the info, Yvette. Nice New Year’s gift for Filipinos and Filipino cooking. :)

  68. Jan Gridley says:

    Had a wonderful time at your website Connie, salamat po. I wonder if anyone has a recipe for a childhood favorite. It was shaped like a diamond, purple in color(translucent) and latik or toasted shredded coconut as a garnish. I miss it so much and would like to make it. Salamat, Jan

  69. Nur Judy Abdullah says:

    Hi Connie,

    It’s great to see your website. I find the recipes easy to cook. Thanks for taking the time to share. It is most appreciated.


  70. Connie says:

    Thanks, Jan. I’m sorry I can’t help you with your childhood favorite. Perhaps, if you manage to remember what it’s called…

    You’re welcome, Judy. :)

  71. Jan Gridley says:

    I have heard that it is called Sapin Sapin?

  72. Connie says:

    Ah, Jan, sapin sapin has three colors and only the bottom layer is purple. Haven’t tried my hand at making these intricate rice cakes. Very labor intensive and requires special utensils. Maybe, someday…

  73. Jan Gridley says:

    Do you know of anyone that would have the recipe. I am willing to put the work into it. Thanks

  74. Connie says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone who has a recipe for it, Jan.

  75. Hi Connie,

    This is the nicest website on food dedicated to the Philippines. Congratulations!!!

    If you are interested i gladly share some of my Swiss recipes. Let me know.

    Best regards,

  76. Connie says:

    Hi Felix, I’d love to learn new recipes. And Swiss sounds great. :)

  77. Jan Gridley says:

    Hi Connie, I found out that “galapong” is necessary for making sapin-sapin. Do you know how to make this?

  78. Connie says:

    galapong: ground rice mixed with water to form a dough. perhaps you can use rice flour and water.

  79. Jan Gridley says:

    Thanks Connie, I will let you know how successful I am in making this dessert. You know how we Filipinas are. Determined!:)

  80. Connie says:

    Good luck, Jan. :)

  81. pia rieza says:

    hi connie: i’m a graduate assistant with the UP Law Center Internet & Society Program. iBlog3 is slated for the month of april and as a complement to it, UP-ISP is coming out with a special edition of it;s magazine, digit@l, on blogging. we are asking for bloggers to describe there blogs in five or so words and we’re hoping you can give us a description so we could feature you and your blog. you may write to me at for your description. thanks :lol:

  82. jocelyn gobaco says:

    hi tita connie, I really love your site, it really helped me a lot. Hindi kasi ako marunong magluto pero kailangan magluto :neutral: But with your website I can prepar some dishes na hindi naman pala mahirap. Actually ikaw na nga ata ang cookbook ko hehehe. thanks a lot talaga.

  83. Cindy says:

    Hello Connie! You have such a very interesting foodblog.
    You are an inspiration for wanna-be-great-cooks like me.

  84. aileen says:

    Hello Connie,

    I am a filipina who now lives with my polish husband here in Poland. We just got married last year and now that I am away from home I am craving for filipino cooking. Eversince I was a child I this passion in cooking, but neeeds enhancement and practice. Now, that I am no longer working and has all the time in the world I am going back to my cooking passion. Since, I am still not an expert cook I usually search for recipes on the net and there I found your site. It was so helpful for me esp. now that we are just starting with our family. Thanks for your site ..hope I could get more recipes from you.
    Take care and God bless!

  85. Aloha says:

    Hi Tita Con, I wasn’t sure how else to get in contact with you so here I am. I registered @ your forum but now I’m not able to log in. I’m not sure what else I should try and do? This is the message the appears after I try to log in, “You have specified an incorrect or inactive username, or an invalid password.” Don’t know if you can help me or should I just re-register? Thanks in advance.

  86. Connie says:

    Aloha, check your e-mail.

  87. Linnea says:

    I see that you sometimes post about cooking tools and thought you might be interested in my dad’s new invention, the One Click Butter Cutter. If you are interested in reviewing it we can send you a free one for you to test out. Normally I would send this to you via email but I wasn’t able to find a “contact me” page or an email address. Hopefully this way of contacting you is alright. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks! Linnea

  88. Judith says:

    Dear Connie,
    Thank you for creating a very nice foodblog.
    I’ve visited your site like almost everyday because i find it very interesting and informative. I am from Cebu and just moved to Switzerland last year. I’ve tried making some of your recipes and it really tastes fantastic! My husband and my in laws really like them. Thanks a lot for sharing your passion and ability for cooking. You really are a great help and i do hope you won’t get tired of doing such. More Power to You and Good Health to You and Your Family.

  89. jhen says:

    :smile: ei paemail naman po ng java rice recipe…pls. fave kc un ng hubby ko..tnx po.

  90. Olive Montecillo says:

    Mango jelly.
    Hi Connie, can you please send me the recipe of mango jelly. The link didn’t work. thanks. Please don’t publish this comment. Olive M. [email address deleted]

  91. Connie says:

    what link didn’t work, olive? i don’t email recipes, sorry.

  92. msquare says:

    HI Connie. My mouth waters whenever I run across your blog!

    Would you be interested in getting listed on Its a new Filipino blog aggregation site. Please check it out and let me know if you want in.



  93. toncabrido says:

    elo po meron po kasing maliit na tapsilugan ang kapatid ko
    balak po sana namin mag dagdag ng java rice
    meron po ba kayo na alternative para sa mas matipid at mas mdali lutuin na java rice.
    yun pong katulad na nabibili lng po na java rice sa mga fast food chain sa landmark.
    thanx and more power po ate

  94. rose marie says:

    dear connie,
    have been constantly trying out new recipes for our restaurants here in northern mindanao.
    most of our clients are muslims. 3 things we have to consider when developing new recipes- no pork, low food cost, taste is something familiar. you gave a new twist to menudo by using chicken. taste good too.will experiment with the bulalo next time.
    re: halang-halang. halang means spicy (anghang) in cebuano.
    is the puto-bumbong steamer available in tabora, divisoria?
    your blog is loaded with new ideas. thanks for sharing them.
    best regards,

  95. Connie says:

    rose marie, i don’t know about the availability of the steamer in divisoria, sorry. am glad though that my recipes help you out with your business. :)

  96. Lyn says:

    Hi Connie,
    I just want to say thank you for such a wonderful site with all these recipes. I hope you will keep updating it as I am a Malaysian who married a Filipino who loves to eat. So I’ve been trying some of your recipes and my husband and kids loves it. We lives in US where there’s no Filipino restaurant / bakery but with your blog and recipe, I have been cooking and baking Filipino dishes everyday. Please post more tried and true recipe as the ones that comes out of the cook book don’t alway come out right like yours always did. Again Thanks!

  97. Craving says:

    Hey, i love your site!!
    Thanks for posting tonnes of great recipes..
    We have a filipino bakery near us and they sell this sugary roll called a “bitcho” and it is to die for ..
    i was wondering if you could post a recipe for it please?
    I would appreciate it greatly if its possible!
    much thanks,
    addicted reader

  98. farrah says:

    hi, connie. i have discovered your website last year and i found my cooking mother in you. not that my own mother can’t cook. she actually can but has limited recipes that all my four siblings and i learned how to cook early so we can eat what we craved for. hehe. on the other hand, i personally wouldnt allow my late father to cook for us, who was a very good cook btw, because he loved too much oil and i hate too much oil. but i learned to cook from him as i was his kitchen assistant when i was younger, because im the eldest so i should learn how to cook daw. anyway, im thanking you for keeping up this site. i always check on what recipes you have, and its too helpful for a young mom like me, who always run out of ideas what to cook for the family. please keep it going.
    btw, read your feature about lety’s buko pie. do they still have the kiosk at sm megamall? my toddler and i have been craving for espasol e.

  99. Connie says:

    thanks, farrah. :)

    re lety’s at megamall, no it isn’t there anymore, much to our dismay. :sad:

  100. Carlos says:

    HI Connie,

    I’m a 20 year old student. I really enjoy browsing through cooking websites that are Filipino. *snaps to you* Anyway, I just wanted to give credit where credit is due. I also enjoy cooking and I know not all males at my age especially at my school (the one with the big blue eagle *wink*) know or even have a clue on how to cook, but cooking for me is really a de-stressing agent. I forget everything else in the world. I live in the moment. One of my favorite things to do is jump on the net and look for a recipe, try it and watch my mom’s reaction. Again thanks for the awesome website.

  101. lojet says:

    If you goggle Ensaladang talong you’d be surprised how many times your recipe is quoted without the proper credits.

  102. nats says:

    hi connie,
    i saw in one of the pictures you posted a bamboo steamer with metal at the background. May I know where I can buy one? Thanks! Your site is great!

  103. mom of 4 1/2 says:

    hi! great site! i read in one of your responses that you were going to cook java rice for your kids’ lunch box….i hope you can share with us recipes for the kids’ baon, it’s such a struggle to decide on what to send my kids for lunch. most of what they end up eating us fried and/or processed.


  104. Connie says:

    hi mom of 4 1/2. Try this link. :)

  105. mel says:

    hi, connie,

    your website is an inspiration…..i find here everything i wanted about pinoy food…..great ideas about cooking…..

    thanks and more power!!!!

  106. echua from California says:

    Hi Connie! Wonderful site! I was searching online for a picture of Estrel’s Caramel Cake. Alas! I found it on your website. I sent the link of your website to my two sisters (one, in New York and the other, in Manila) who share the same happy childhood memories eating this cake.
    Thank you so much!

  107. kay says:

    Wow! this such a great site…It is my first time here.. though
    Looking forward to cook with your recipes.. I’m college freshman here in mom always tell me to search for recipes online since..I always give her tantrums kc there’s nothing to eat in the fridge.. hopefully I get inspired with your cooking.. ..

  108. kay says:

    not to mention that Canadian food is horrible…. and here in my area there’s not much good place to dine in..

    • Mary says:

      Kay, You have to learn that great food does not entail overcooked, overfried and/or over spiced. What you might consider “good tasting food” to your pallet does not necessariy mean “good” or good for you. Most Canadian foods allow you to taste the main ingredient and not whatever junk you put in it. Stay away from fast food restaurants and dine at the fine ones, hopefully you might learn something. Get our of your comfort level and think before you put anything on print!

  109. Lizette says:

    Hi Connie!

    good afternoon!
    i have been referring to this site of yours from the day i was looking for a calamares recipe..that was more than a month ago already…subscribed just last week. this is to add to the numerous compliments you received already, name it, this site has helped different kinds of people.
    as a working mother (3 kids) and wife, i must admit that planning for “food” to serve to my family is indeed a draining task for me.
    having finicky kids and limited recipes i can cook, this site has provided me loads of recipes to choose from…plus helpful tips and substantial information. thank you so much!
    unfortunately, i was diagnosed with gouty arthritis 3 weeks ago and have been problematic with my diet since then. i would appreciate it so much if you can spare me some suggestions on this.
    anyways, God Bless!!!

  110. zee says:

    hi ms. connie, i’d like to request to interview you for my thesis research re: Philippine Cuisine. i emailed you, but i think the address i got was wrong. may i please get your email address so i can send you my request letter?

    i tried looking for an address in the site, but found none.

    thank you very much! i will super appreciate it ifever.

  111. malel says:

    hi ms. connie,

    what camera do you use? i’m so impressed with the foodie pics…

    delish. =)

  112. Connie says:

    malel, it’s a Canon EOS 350D. :)

  113. mOnsi says:

    gee…i just wondered, ateh do you have your own resto??

  114. cristy says:

    hi po, im only 16 and i live in the u.s. and i came about your website and I’m so jealous=[ my parents are separated and I live with my dad, let me tell you, i miss filipino food so much !! my dad isn’t the best cook .. and i on the other hand is not good when it comes to cooking….
    what are your advices for me? I really want to learn but im scared i’ll only waste food.

    I want to try your yema recipe so bad!!!

  115. Connie says:

    m0nsi, no, I don’t. I’m not good with cooking for many. My limit is about 20-25 people. :)

    cristy, best advice i can give is NOT to be scared about wasting food. just start with simple recipes — even frying fish or chicken can be an art. as you build confidence, try the more complex dishes. BUT always, when experimenting, use small amounts of ingredients so that if the experiment goes wrong, wastage is minimal.

    good luck. my mom wasn’t very encouraging when i was learning to cook (she was always worried about wastage) but i went ahead anyway with my father’s encouragement. :)

  116. SunJin says:

    I’m Korean. I visited yout website by accident.
    I had to find great blog for my class presentation.
    I was so irritated before I visited this blog, because there are no blogs which I want to choose. And I take your blog for presentation.
    Thank you for your wonderful website and I will introduce your blog to my class students.
    They will also be happy.
    Someday I wll try your recipes.
    Thank you

  117. mel says:

    hi, i thought of sending you a brief comment as i see myself in you. I am a writer and artist by profession yet here im on training as cook/chef in a five star hotel in makati. pls add me in your contacts and send me emails if you have something to share for me. thanks.

  118. You bought it! I’ve been thinking so hard about Revolution (not Revolution News). I love what you did with it! Looks great, Connie.


  119. Connie says:

    It’s such a great theme, Lisa. I had to change the colors though (the original were too masculine for me), worked on it for an entire day and it’s been a lot of fun. :)

  120. gel says:

    hello miss connie

    Im new here, i really love ur site.after i check my emails, i open your site for new recipes and food reviews.Its very informative. Eversince I found, i dont buy Food magazine anymore, I get to save my money :D Do you have a recipe for steamed pampano and white chicken the ones they serve in chinese restaurants? More power and Godbless!!!


  121. Connie says:

    I have recipes for both, gel. You can use the relevant keywords and the search box on top of the page. :)

  122. lara says:

    when i clicked the button of this website, i never thought that there are a lot in store for someone like me (not a chef but a food lover) here.
    ms.connie did a great job in keeping the contents of this site uncomplicated for starters (in the kitchen).ehem
    i will definitely try your recipes. it’s very very practical. it made me feel that the dishes are very simple to prepare unlike the others which seem complicated.
    kudos to you, ms connie!
    thank you

  123. mackenzie says:

    hi ms connie,
    do you also have recipe’s for our beloved toddlers?
    having plain mashed veggies taste very bland.
    thanks in advance!

  124. Hi miss connie,

    do you someone who needs mozzarella cheese? where making homemade mozzarella cheese.

  125. Connie says:

    You sell retail, Marlon?

  126. pinky says:

    hi connie, kaw b ung nakita ko ngsisimba sa megamall? i thought i saw u on tv.

  127. Connie says:

    pinky, we were in megamall on October 21st pero di kami nagsimba. I did pass by the area where the mass was because I was going to Henckel’s. So, I don’t know if it was me that you saw on TV. I didn’t notice any TV crews. :)

  128. ROD SACRAMENTO says:

    Dear Connie,

    Please help me get the perfect recipe for minudong Pinoy, not the mexican type. I’ve been searching the Internet for Menudo recipe and all I get is the Mexican version.

    Just bumped into your Website today and I love it already.
    Best Regards…..Rod

  129. Abby says:

    the best cooking website. made my hubby and son think that im a star in the kitchen, especially when i made them the special minatamis na saging. kudos to you. hope to meet you one of these days…

  130. Vi says:

    Hi Connie
    Do you have any recipe of silvanas? I’m really dying to try to bake this as i haven’t found this pastry any where in my vicinity.

    I hope you can help me or i’ll die…

    All the best

  131. mich says:

    hi tita connie, it’s me again. i was wondering if you had a recipe for yema lying around… the triangle kind that is a bit crunchy on the outside but still soft and chewy borderline sticky on the inside? the manangs in my high school used to sell these (patago pa kasi it was bawal ata) and they were so yummy. ive tried to find a good recipe but i’m not sure which recipe will produce this particular yema. it almost looks like the pili nut one you ahve on your site… only if you had one… if not, well, i will take a deep breath, try a recipe and hope for the best hehehe… will let you know how it turns out. thanks for your great website!

  132. mich says:

    ok tita, i tried making yema… failed. miserably. it was not at all the texture i wanted. it was just sticky… it kept its shape but it didn’t form that crust i was looking for. i used two cans of condensed and 6 egg yolks, double boiler for about 2 hours, got impatient and transfered to a non-stick pan for another 20-30 mins… would you have any suggestions? flour? sugar? thank you!

  133. Connie says:

    mich, so which yema recipe did you use? because if you useed my yema balls recipe, i can tell you straight that you expected a result that could have been achieved by using an altogether different recipe.

  134. mich says:

    i didn’t use the yema balls recipe because i could tell it wasn’t the kind of yema i was looking for… i kind of used a variation of “sabi-sabi” and recipes online. i used two can of condensed milk and 6 yolks. it wasn’t the right kind so i asked around and a lot of the pinoys here at work told me, dapat walang itlog, milk lang daw. so i used jsut condenseed milk, still not it! sigh… i just want those triangle ones that become crunchy on the outside, like the yema itself forms its own natural crust then its still soft on the onside…

  135. Connie says:

    mich, aaaahhh I see. I can’t help you with a recipe that isn’t mine. sorry. I can assure you though that flour is not an ingredient of good quality yema. some add flour as an extender but it ruins the taste and the texture.

  136. Cosmo Gal says:

    Hi Connie, thank you for sharing your satiating recipes. I can’t wait to cook your version of baked macaroni. I am sure it will come out as good as it looks on the picture. I am sure to visit your site more frequently for helpful tips.

  137. ten says:

    hello mrs. connie!
    good day po sa inyo. i find your site really interesting. dami po ko natutunan na tips on cooking.can you help me po to look for a contact numbers of dan erics ica cream? im planning to sell po kasi on our place kaya lang po i dont know where i could find it. please help me mam. thanks a lot po.. Godbless.

  138. mj says:

    hi connie,
    came across your site because i was looking for easy french toast recipe for my hubby. And “poof” out comes your site in the browser. i read some of your recipes, really great to have read it. im not much of a “cooker” especially now out of the country, but with your easy recipes, i think i can start cooking a bit. Ãœ
    good day to you all …
    thanks and best regards,

  139. miya says:

    hello, connie

    Congratulations! :)

    Galing talaga ang website mo! This is very helpful sa mga taong hindi pa magaling magluto! Like me, lately lang din ako nag luluto at hindi na ako pa cham (pa cham ba-chamba) ang luto. Lagi masarap na. Before kasi pag first time kung inuluto yung food tapos iluto ko ulit next time iba na ang lasa, kaya ms. pa chamba chamba lang ako. Pero ngayon, kahit ilang beses ko ng lution ang food, kuha ko pa rin ang lasa.

    Do you still have more recipe sa slow cooker?

    Thank you so much!
    God Bless you! and more power!

  140. Nene Cruz says:

    I love your website and enjoy reading and trying your recipes, you are a wonderful cook. may i know if you have a recipe book i can buy and where to purchase it.

    Thank very much !

    also i need a recipe for tofu with minced pork, please

  141. prince says:

    hi connie,

    Paano po ba ang technique sa pag luto ng Kutchenta, kase po gumawa ako, based on the internet but it did not taste like one… although completo na ung ingredients pero tataka ako kung bakt hinde sya SMOOTH d gaya sa iba smooth ung texture nya tapos parang lasang puto hinde kutchenta …^_^… nakaka discourage talaga kase nmn po yan sana e bbnta ko sa pasko…

    hope u reply sa mail kow. thanks po

  142. jocelyn says:

    Hi Connie

    This is Jocelyn from NJ. I’m really enjoying your blog. Very informative and great tips! I tried some of your recipes like the kare kare and have found it to be the best i’ve made.

  143. Connie says:

    prince, i’m making kuchinta today but the recipe will be in the blog only. I DON’T EMAIL RECIPES.

    Hi Jocelyn, that’s really heartwarming to know. :)

  144. eliza says:

    Dear Connie,

    I would like to inquire if you have a list of the Filipino equivalent of a variety of fish with English names. I am eager to try seafood dishes found in recipe books published abroad but they have names I am unfamiliar with in terms of what their Filipino equivalent would be.

    Hoping for a speedy response.

    Warm Regards,

    Eliza Romuladez-Valtos

  145. Connie says:

    Eliza, I don’t, but there is a fish database online (name escapes me at the moment) that has quite a comprehensive list.

  146. eliza says:

    Dear Connie,

    Thank you for your response. I will “surf the net” some more.

    Warm Regards,


  147. Afnan says:

    Dear Ate Connie,

    I’d really like to learn how to cook but I’m out so often for school (I’m a college freshman and my campus is an hour away from home so I stay in the dorm for a week at a time.) that I can’t join my grandmother.

    Come to think of it though, even if I do, I don’t think she’d let me because I’ll just be a bother. And I think even if I could, I still wouldn’t join her because she’ll just give me another lecture about learning how to cook and be responsible and all that before going out of the country. And I hate it when she gets that way.

    How do I learn to cook then?

    I took cooking classes in high school but those aren’t enough. I really want to learn how to cook Filipino dishes myself without being “teased” by my grandmother or any of my relatives.

    Thank you,
    Afnan :)

  148. Connie says:

    Afnan, cooking is a hands-on thing. The only way to learn, and get better, is to cook regularly. :)

  149. Randy Miravalles says:

    Hi Connie,

    you are not only cute but very creative din!
    ang galing ng site mo, Im a pilipino chef in london well verse in baking and European/meditirean cusine. Anything to assist you with recipe’s just ask me I’ll be very delighted to help.

    Thank You! I realy injoy your site.

    culinary regards,


  150. Hans says:

    Hi Connie,

    I found your page while searching Google for Philippino Food. It’s great you’re doing that terrific effort to provide us with that page. I haven’t had time to read it completely ( it’s been getting too big since you’ve started it ), but what I have read so far is just great. Philippino food doesn’t have a very good reputation ( in comparison to Thai food or Chinese ) and when you travel the PI ( I have been there only once about 12 years ago ) the American influence on the food seems to be too big and right in your face with all these fast food joints etc.. In 2 weeks I’ll fly to Manila for the second time and I’m looking forward to explore some of the great food which I’ve found your homepage.
    Thanks and keep it up,

  151. jing says:

    hello connie,

    where do i buy lye water?…thnx

  152. Connie says:

    Hi Hans, I hope you have a nice stay in the Philippines. :)

    jing, you asked that already in another comment thread. You used a different e-mail address though. I answered you the first time. :)

  153. ashley says:

    hi connie,

    i find your website very useful coz i’m running out of ideas to serve for my toddler and husband. Thanks for the cool ideas and use of homemade ingredients and avoiding the unhealthy chemicals.
    Just have a quick question though regarding your skinless longanisa recipe. I’m not sure what a soy paste is andd where can i find it? If it’s not available, are there any alternatives?
    Thanks. – ashley

  154. jun says:

    I like your web site, i´m a chef here in Madrid. If you think i could help you for some recipe´s or material of cooking just send me email. If you want to know something about me,
    Jun or Yun Agunday

  155. Jhun Ranario says:

    Hello Connie,

    Magandang araw po sa inyo…been here in your site and every now and then nakakatangap din po ako ng mga new putahi…through email or news letter from your site and to be honest it really helps a lot ..pwedeng makahingi ng favor ,, baka pweding makahingi ng recipe ng LA PAZ BATCHOY , meron i-entoduce ko lang sa mga kids ko at the same time sa mga puti ko ring kasama sa trabaho , i’m sure they will like this , lalo na ngayong winter na sa lugar namin.

    have a nice day po sa inyo
    jhun ranario

  156. Maya says:

    Hi Connie,

    When I was abroad, I always check out your website for recipes for our everyday ulam. Your recipe for menudo was a hit with my hubby! Today I made embotido using your recipe. As a twist, I placed cheese before folding the pork log. Everybody loved it!! ;)

    More power to your website!


  157. jay says:

    hi ma’m connie

    i want to know the importance of souce in food preperation as perceived by selected chef in metro manila

    thank you somuch

  158. les says:

    Hi Mrs V!
    Thanks to your site I’ve been able to re-discover the joys of cooking! I’m a father of 2 youngies and hubby to my sweetheart, and I loooove cooking for them! I started cooking very much the same way and age as you did, but I kinda got stuck to the usual Filipino dishes… I like the twists you put in the ordinary ulam, to make them simply extraordinary! More power and I hope you will not tire updating this site!
    Mabuhay po kayo!

  159. AVELINO says:

    hi connie..

    My son recently came up with a website entitled philippine regional cuisine. Unfortunately, the web site’s contract expired. His web site won in their college’s best research,I am an IT professor in our university and sometimes my son asks me for some suggestions on his web site and I stumbled upon your web site today, can we possibly have link it with your website?


    Avelino L. Reyes

  160. Connie says:

    Avelino, if it’s worth linking to. :)

  161. ana says:

    hi! i wanted to know the different attitudes of filipina mothers in choosing or preparing foods for their family. what are the things they consider and blah blah. hope you can help me.
    thanks connie! =p

  162. Connie says:

    ana, you have to conduct a real study for that.

  163. Manuel Monsale says:


    Dear Connie,

    I am a senior student at the University of Asia and the Pacific, taking up Integrated Marketing Communications. In partial fulfillment of a requirement in our Communication Ethics class, my group is studying blog advertising and the practices involved. We need to interview professional and non-professional bloggers, companies who advertise in blogs and those that do not. I hope you can help us with this through an interview, as it would be of great value to our study.
    Please tell us how you would like us to ask the questions. We can (1) send the questionnaire through e-mail, (2) call using landline, or (3) conduct the interview through Yahoo messenger, The interview will only take a few minutes of your time.
    We will wait for your reply. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

    Sincerely yours,
    Manuel F. Monsale Jr.

  164. Hi Connie:

    Do you know the recipe for the “butterfly ice tea” which was so popular in the 1970’s? If so I would love to hear from you.



  165. Connie says:

    Manuel, I can talk to you about food blogging but not about advertising. Sorry.

    Terry, sorry, my mom used to make that but not me.

  166. Era says:

    hi connie,

    phew it is so nice to put a face on a name. I really enjoy faffin in you website it is so interesting. i have learned so many things about cooking and most of the dish i served with my english husband comes from this site, and i thank you for that. our most favorite recipe specially my husband is the pork chop with onion rings.luv it. God bless you and your family. Very good site keep it up and keep that gorgeous recipe coming.

  167. Srivalli says:

    you have a great blog going. I am amazed at the resource you have here. Great job!

  168. Jen says:

    This site is really awesome! please keep it up!
    This is like my bible for cooking


  169. chiptalk says:

    awesome site!
    i’m happy to join your wild food adventure!
    have a wonderful day ma’m!

  170. beng says:

    hi connie! just wanna say thanks. ang dami ko kya natutunan syo! i know my way around the kitchen pero minsan talaga nauubusan na ko ng idea. kya kaw ang tagapgligtas ko madalas. and also, i wanna mention na enjoy ako mgbasa ng mga comments. bakit? kasi sobrang kulit nung iba lalo na pg maganda recipe mo e sunod sunod na ang ngpapaemail ng recipe e me advisory ka na nga’t lahat. hahaha…

  171. kat says:

    Hello Connie

    I’m a Pinoy in the US. I never really learned to cook until I found I had to while living here. Your postings have made this task tremendously easy and enjoyable for me.

    Thansks for all your work.

  172. Mommy Lala says:

    Your website is fantastic!!! Thank you for all the effort you put in, it’s wonderful to browse through a site rich in genuinely homemade recipes.

    I practically grew up in the kitchen, baking since I was seven! But my inner chef was completely blown away when I started cooking for my husband. I needed more “everyday” food as the trips to santis were getting too expensive. Tinola and adobo only got me through a couple of months of newlywed bliss. So I’m super-duper thankful for you website. Its truly a treasure trove!!!

  173. Mahlen says:

    Mrs. Connie V,

    CONGRATS to your GREAT blogsite!!! I’m here in Switzerland with my Swiss hubby and your recipes really are great help for me, and am sure also to other Pinays & Pinoys living outside our country. My hubby and in-laws (especially my mom-in-law) are always excited everytime I cook Pinoy dishes. So I usually cook the recipes from you because they are REALLY GREAT!!. Thanks for the site!!! God Bless!!!

  174. Robert says:

    Hi Connie, magandang araw sa iyo at sa iyong pamilya. I was wondering if you have a recipe for Chicken Sandwich Spread. I miss its taste sorely, and tried asking friends if they know the recipe. Unfortunately, aside from uncertain ideas regarding its supposed ingredients (such as the very obvious mayonnaise and chicken shred,) none of us can say for sure how the spread should be done, PROPERLY. One of my friends suggested putting minced celery into the mix, while another said onions, and not celery. Still another said that he’s sure pineapples are added. I reminded him that I plan to make Chicken Sandwich Spread and not Chicken Salad. He retorted that I should go get Lady’s Choice instead and save myself the trouble. As you can see, we’re a clueless bunch. Please kindly share the recipe if you have it. I’m sure your other readers will also appreciate it as I have a feeling that not many people know how it’s done. Thanks, and more power to you.

    Robert in Taiwan

  175. Robert says:

    Hi Connie, thank you for the very quick reply. It is now no wonder that you have a successful thing going on here at Pinoycook owing to your dedication (near midnight at that!!) Apologies for being unaware that the recipe was already in the Archive. I did use the Search Box with “Chicken Sandwich Spread” inside the field, but the only relevant results that came up were Tuna Spread and Chicken Salad. (^_^) I must have omitted a criteria in my search, most probably the word “salad.” Thank you, thank you once again. Your recipe looks easy to do, so I should have no trouble following it.

  176. Connie says:

    I’m a night owl, Robert. No problem. The basic difference between the salad and the spread is how finely you chop the chicken meat. :)

  177. Bryan says:

    Hi Connie,

    Nice site, and the nicest is that you actually reply. I found your site when I was looking for a recipe of sourcream and onion. I didn’t expect to find yours which contains easy to find ingredients. Most that I found required cultured bacteria and as you’ll expect, I am not one to know where to find those.

    I’m really fond of dishes with fruit based sauces or broths, for example Pininyahan, Hamonado or Thai Mango Chicken (btw, these are all I know. heheh) I wonder if you have these type of dishes.


  178. Connie says:

    Bryan, pininyahan and hamonado are both in the archive. There is a mango stir fry dish as well but am not sure if it’s Thai. Certainly Asian though.

  179. ces says:

    Hi Connie,
    I discovered your site when I was looking for a quickfix recipe for fish and found your fish fillet with coconut milk and potatoes recipe and everyone in my household loved it. I am from Toronto, Canada and I love cooking and experimenting just like you do. Your blogsite has been my “cookbook” since then and I look forward to more experiments from you…I come from Pampanga which would tell you that my family are food-lovers. Just wanted to thank you and hope you keep those delicious recipes coming!

  180. sherille says:

    hi! i love your site. i discovered it when i was looking for mango cookie recipes. i was not able to find one but i enjoyed reading your articles and the tips on how you cook the recipes. since then, i always visit your site. i am fond of baking and i really enjoyed reading the articles and recipes on the amateur baker. i also found useful tips on baking and how to substitute the ingredients. i am interested on the ‘cheesecake and self-frosting cupcakes’. were you able to find the recipe? I hope you could send me the recipe when you find it. thanks in advance and more power!!


  181. sid says:

    this is the best cooking site i’ve found so far.
    i love to cook and appreciate your inventiveness and use of local products.
    you rock po.

  182. Antonio Alfonso says:

    Ms. Connie,

    i wish to contribute photos of food if possible po?

  183. susan says:

    hi connie!
    i live in New York but my daughter is fr Merville, Paranaque and she wants to have some training with regards to cooking..Do you happen to have a school where she could enroll even for a a week? If you do could you pls e-mail me of the details. I would appreciate it very much if you could send it to me as soon as you can. Thanks!
    More success to your endeavor.

  184. james says:

    hi connie,

    where do you buy your lamb? thanks

  185. Ann says:

    hi ma’am connie! i’ve been lurking (hee-hee) in your site for about a month now, and i want to say “thank you very much” for taking the time to post your kitchen adventures! i just got married and i’ve been wanting to be a perfect little cook for my husband. you have no idea how many times your recipes have saved me… thank you!!!
    looking forward to many more adventures.

  186. Susan E. Cruz says:

    Hi Connie,

    Thank you for your site. I was looking for a recipe for pulvoron and cassava cake. My daughter told me to search in the net and found your site. I am amazed on how you can do this things, they are simple to understand and prepare. We prepared pulvoron and cassava cake just this afternoon for our snack. Panalo ang lasa, we are happy we were able to do it. I will be a regular visitor of your site because mahirap magisip ng ulam everyday.

  187. Hi Connie!

    I am a Filipino living in Bangkok (my husband was assigned to their regional office here) and I discovered your site when I was searching for fresh lumpia recipes. Yesterday I tried your steamed tilapia recipe. My husband and my five-year-old daughter loved it! I hope you don’t mind if I post your site on our family blog. We put up one so that we can update family and friends back home about our new life abroad. I hope you can share more steamed recipes — not just fish, but just about anything that you can steam. I’d really love it if you have steamed dessert recipes. More power to you and keep those recipes coming!

  188. Lyle says:

    Hi Connie,

    This is the 1st time I came across your blog from the other blog sites that feature food reviews (and finally having the time to surf the net not work-related!). I admire your passion for food and cooking! I can say that I was a late bloomer in discovering that passion since I only started when I got pregnant, stayed home and had nothing else to do but to watch the Food Network. I now enjoy cooking, such a stress reliever!

    I had nostalgia when you mentioned your TV influences because I used to enjoy watching them as a kid! Before Mario Batali there was Biba! Anyway, just sharing…

    I will definitely try the recipes posted here, and looking forward to more! More power!

  189. Françoise says:

    Hello a tutti!
    Sto cercando la ricetta delle “Pastillas di leche”…. qualcuno mi può aiutare ?

  190. ms_jinggay says:

    so glad i found ur site… meal planning is soooo challenging 4 me.. have 2 kids and a full-time job and get so sawa with the recipes my manang cooks… thanks soo much… fyi – trying out the beef stew.. smells sooo good na… ;)

  191. Niegel says:


    Hi there! I’ve been a big fan of you and your site for almost 3 years now. I’ve tried a lot of your dishes and it’s simply delicioso!

    I just have a question about your site. For some reason, the drop down picklist for the different food categories does not work well — at least for me. Whenever I click something, it just brings me back to the home page. Any thoughts?


  192. Connie says:

    Niegel, there were technical problems a couple of weeks ago but they’ve been fixed. The drop-down list works well with Firefox and Safari. If you’re using IE, I suggest getting the latest version.

  193. jen romano says:

    hi ms. connie,

    i’m jealous of your website. i hope one day soon, i’ll have one just like this. it’s a perfect combination for my favorite hobbies – cooking, taking pictures, and writing blogs. well, i’m a far cry amateur as compared from what you are and still need to hone my skills. but let me tell you, i get inspired every time i have the chance to visit your site. it’s my fave de-stress activity.

    currently i’m in my second year law proper so i don’t have much personal time in my hands. but it’s very rewarding when i’m able to prepare and cook for my family. one thing i love about your site is that the recipes are so pinoy. i mean, the ingredients are readily available in the market and i don’t need to go out of my way just to buy a foreign and expensive ingredient just to complete the recipe.

    thank you so much for providing photos and recipe ingredients. i have yet to try your recipes so i’m really excited! i”?m still smooth talking my mum into buying me a mini-oven so i can improve on my baking skills. hee!

    cheers! :P


  194. Marycor Manago says:

    Hi Connie,

    Do you have a cookbook? If so, where canI buy it? I’m in Northern CA. Thanks.

  195. Connie says:

    It’s coming out on October 20, Marycor. And you can order it online.

  196. Lara says:

    Hi Ms Connie,

    I have been an avid fan of your site since last year and it brought out the “mom”in me.

    My query is, after the modification of your site, I cannot open the archive of the search button anymore. It always revert back to the homepage.
    Is there a problem with my PC or is it just that the dropdown list is not working anymore?
    If so, is there a way I can revisit your recipes for the different food classifications?

    Thanks in advance for shedding light.


  197. Connie says:

    It’s probably a browser issue. Are you using an Internet Explorer older than version 6?

  198. Lara says:


    Thanks for your quick response. I’m using internet explorer ver 7.

    Hope it did not interfere with my search…=(

    Warm regards,

  199. eds says:

    hello ms.connie…

    do you have any recipes for diabetics?



  200. lara says:

    hi ms connie,

    i was able to access the archive once again!!! =)I missed those pages!

    …thought you ought to know that it was indeed a browser problem..

    Thanks again for sparing time in answering my queries.

    More power!

    Be well.


  201. bluestars says:

    hello ms. connie! i just wanted to say thank you so much again for sharing your recipes.. learning to cook has been made much easier since i have your site to turn to =) thanks again and more power! =) God bless to you and your family.

  202. jessica says:

    hi connie!

    i live in the u.s. right now and i have a culture day in school this wed. i’m assigned to make some sapin-sapin and it’s kind of hard to fing purple yam here…do you know any substitute for that? please let me know…

  203. Connie says:

    Jessica, naku sorry, kakanin and kalamay are not among my strong points. :neutral:

  204. teri says:

    Hi Connie!

    I tried making your Nasi Goreng and it was hit with my friends!.. I’m cooking it again now as we speak1 =) Thanks and more power.. more delicious recipes..

  205. Dalisay says:

    Hi Connie,


    I would like to know the cooking procedures of “Binatog”.

    I would be very grateful to know. Please send the reply to my email address.

    Thank you and GOD bless you always.

    Best regards,


  206. CHAD says:

    Hi! Im chad from cebu ( but celestial-prince in the blogosphere. The dishes that you were and will be cooking looks really delicious and I even copied one (it’s our secret) in my HRM 4 subject – experimental cooking exam (Yes, I’ am an HRM student). Now, here’s the best part..Hmmm…Can you be my second mother???? hahahahaha… your children are so lucky coz they got to taste your cooking every now and then…Merry Christmas BTW!

    p.s. I visit here again coz I was looking for recipes fitted for this season and I want it to be healthy, tasty and cheap but I couldnt decide which one. any suggestions….Mom??? hahahahahaha

  207. Connie says:

    LOL Chad. If you go to the Christmas & New Year section, most of the dishes there are special, dressy but inexpensive.

  208. Peony says:

    Sorry to hear that Connie, but i have to be honest with you. Due to family dispute, Dolor’s Kakanin is manufactured by two of Aling Dolor’s relatives.

    The products that are sold in the original factory, beside Concepcion Church in Malabon, maintains the same, quality as the original.

    The branch in Gov. Pascual is owned by both relatives that’s why there are two different boxes, the white and red (now green for the holidays) and the red box.

    Mommy’s Malabon Pride, the store in front of the Dolor’s Kakanin Extension Outlet, sells the original red boxed kakanin.

    You can enjoy the original recipe kakanin at these branches – Congressional Ave. near Mindanao Ave., QC, Km. 18 West Service Road, Sucat, Landmark Food Center Makati & Trinoma, SM Supermarket Weekend Bazaar – Makati, Megamall, Fairview, Sta. Mesa, Southmall and Manila.

    The red box is the original high quality version of kakanin. The label is “The Original Dolor’s Kakanin by Mommy’s Malabon Pride.” And we can proudly live up to our name, the Pride of Malabon!

  209. queenie says:

    I’m a Creative Writing undergrad from UP Diliman and I’m currently working on a thesis on food writing. I was wondering if I could have an email interview about what is written online about food in general, and how you write for this site in particular, e.g. why you decided to work on it, what the readers of this site ask for most of the time, etc.

    I hope you can grant this request. It would be a really, really big help to my thesis.

    -Queenie Santos

  210. Connie says:

    Send the email, Queenie. :)

  211. April King says:

    I am very thankful that I found your site. I am so excited and had been telling everyone I know about it. I have been out of the Philippines for a long time and have lost most of the recipes that my lola used to cook for all of her apo’s. My children are so used to eating Canadian food, and it annoys me that I have to cook different kinds of ULAM for everyone. At times I feel like a short order cook. But because I have been cooking your recipes my picky eaters are not so picky anymore. In fact my eldest are interested to bake and cook. She’s always browsing for recipes on your site. Thanks Connie! Oh btw, my mother in law will be joining us here very soon and I had asked her to buy me a copy of your book, where can she buy it?

  212. Connie,

    Do you know the difference between the chestnuts that we used to eat in the Philippines and the chestnuts that we are eating here in the U.S.? I remembered it very well that on the sidewalks of Quiapo or Santa Cruz, vendors were cooking it in an old “kawale” with sand or peebles. And why they don’t cut the skin of chestnuts. I dont see why we cannot cook it here the same way they do it in the Philippines.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Osmond De Leon
    Caldwell, New Jersey

  213. yuri montesclaros says:

    Dear Connie,

    Thank you for the easy Maha Blanca recipe.

  214. Connie says:

    April, it can be ordered online. The link is on the sidebar.

    Osmond, I’ve never been to the US so it’s hard to compare.

    Yuri, you’re very much welcome.

  215. lara says:

    Hi Ms Connie,

    Your recipe’s made me capable to incorporate herbs in the dishes that I cook. I used to ignore these aromatic plants in the groceries before until I found out that they make a lot of difference in creating a tinge of interesting taste on the usual plain menu. Pardon me for the ignorance”¦=)
    Having stated such, is there a possibility that you may squeeze in- maybe in your next succeeding entries the different types of herbs best used for cooking, their partnered dishes or some nutritional values, if they have? I hope it”?s not too much. I just got engrossed with the herbs and I felt proud to myself that I was able to infuse it in some of our everyday dishes (thanks to your site) with matching “wows and hmmmms!” from my family. I would want to personally see it po sana kasi on this site kasi its unbiased—not commercially-directed or influenced.

    Thank you in advance!

    Best Regards,

  216. Connie says:

    Lara, oh, you read my mind. I’d been planning on taking photos of the herbs I grow in my garden and write about them. :)

  217. lara says:

    That’s great news! I’ll look forward to it. I’m super excited!

    Thanks again.

  218. Margie Arda says:

    Hi Ms. Connie

    I was just surfing the net looking for recipes on balut shake, if ever there’s something like that. But then I found none. Fortunately, I happen to come by your article on adobong balut. I thought it was amazingly exotic. I’m a high school campus journalist and I’m writing an article about balut. This year we decided on making a magazine instead. I’m a page editor on a section about lifestyle. The shift from newspaper to magazine has some private reasons though. I was just hoping I could insert your Adobong Balut recipe on my article, if you would allow me. I won’t be forgetting your copyright on the recipe. But, if you won’t agree to this, it’s okay, i won’t bother to put up your recipe.

    I hope you would be very kind to consider this request.

    -Margie Arda
    Iligan City, Lanao del Norte

  219. Connie says:

    Margie, what school? If you can give me the contact info of the school so I can double check, I’ll e-mail you afterward and let you know whether I agree to the inclusion or not.

  220. Ima says:

    Hello Ms Connie.
    I have been visiting your website for a little while now and I just want to say that I think you are doing a grand job sharing your recipes to anyone who’s interested in cooking (and eating too!). Maraming salamat po and looking forward to trying out more of your recipes.

  221. lisa says:

    Hi Connie, i am your regular reader here in your blog, but since i transferred office location, i missed some of your articles. Recently, i tried surfing again and I am surprised to see your photo. Now I know how you looked like. You are a cutie! I love your website, I learned a lot just by reading your articles. Just like you, i love foods. My mom was a Home Economics teacher way back 1980’s. She is my inspiration when it comes to cooking. the most i remember was the Chiffon cake that she used to bake during those days. I learned from her the very basics (during my early years -12yrs old)i.e., polvoron, yema,doughnot,cookies,maruya,ginatan, goto,sponge cake,almost allkakanins, etc. Watching her do all the cooking really made me happy during those years.

    Sige Connie, till here na lang muna.

  222. Connie says:

    Hi Lisa. Oh, the photo’s been in the “about pinoy cook” page for years! In fact, I should change it soon because it’s about two years old already. :) And I wish my mother could have inspired me to cook but she couldn’t cook LOL so the inspiration came from my father and his parents.

  223. isi says:

    hi miss connie! i really adore your blog!!! very very very informative and really inspire me, as a stay at home mom…

    hope to meet you soon!

    thanks thanks for your very adorable yummy blog!

  224. rhea says:

    hi miss connie! i am an avid fan of your blog and i agree with your cooking philosophy. lack of a certain ingredient should spark some sort of innovation on our part. i’m a novice blogger and since i’m constantly following your blog, i hope it’s okay if i’ve included it in my blog list. thanks for being a constant cooking inspiration.

  225. Connie says:

    You’re welcome, Isi. :)

    Rhea, of course you can add my blog to your list. Thanks!

  226. slp says:

    Hi….I love your blog and tried some of your recipe and which becomes our favorite. Since i love to cook but cooking doesn’t love me back, but with your easy to follow recipes and foods….everything just fall into places…
    I decided to asked for a recipe that maybe you can help me with…
    1). Gindara Steak or any fish steak… My daughter loves the gindara steak when we dined at Tanabe….But its such a expensive restaurant. i wanted to be able to cook it for her since she loves fish and veggie…And i also promised myself that I will try me best to good and healthy food for my family….
    And that’s why i love your blog thing..
    More power…

  227. caren says:

    Hi Clark and Connie!

    Clark, java mint is available at the edsa garden house (mla seedling bank) and they will provide some leaflets about the herb as well. Good Day to you and Connie!


  228. inday says:

    hello ms. connie,

    i’ve surfed your site in the past (with the old template)…now i see that it has transformed so much. Glad to see a photo of you too.

    Just got curious why you “retired” from being a lawyer. I can see that you really love being a foodie. I’m a foodie too(my niche is Ilonggo cooking)and how I wish I could give it my all.

    More power.

  229. Pauline J. Nubla says:

    Hello Connie,

    I am from Ottawa, Canada and I was looking for an info about nilagang baka on Goggle and got your website. For that, I am so grateful. I was hailed from Manila and migrated to Canada in 1993 and it does throw you off, so to speak, in terms of using only available ingredients at hand. Bongga ka day for coming up with this excellent website. Consider this website bookmarked. GOD bless you and the people you hold dear in your heart. BTW, I have a cousin named Connie too…nee Reyes =)

  230. Connie says:

    Lawyering is a dirty business. It’s not for me. :)

  231. Lisa N. says:

    Hi Connie!
    Love your website. Great layouts, and the pictures always draw me in. I especially enjoy the diversity of the dishes you feature.

    Thanks for having this website!

  232. Baby says:

    Hi Connie,

    I’m from Dubai, United Arab Emirates and while searching for some Pinoy foods, I came across this site. I’m very much interested in cooking and do a lot of experimenting at home. This is a nice site since it can connect so many Pinoy all over the world. Thanks.

  233. dexter says:

    ….i happen to stumble on your website while i was looking for the tagalog word for shallots…and wow, what a nice surprise, the filipino recipes that i love were right here, presented so appetizingly, i can feel myself getting hungry.
    ….from now on i’ll bookmark your website.
    ….keep it up. more power!

  234. Jenny says:

    Hi Connie,

    I stumbled upon your site one day while looking for some Filipino food recipes. Today I’m surfing the net again and stumbled upon “Frozen Brazo de Mercedes” It sounds really yummy and I wish I could eat some. I would buy it right away if I could but I’m here in Vancouver, Canada and I don’t think it’s available here. I was wondering if you know how to make that. I was looking at some pics of this dessert from various blogs and it looks really good. Anyway, that’s all for now and have a great day.

    • Connie says:

      Hi Jenny. Brazo de mercedes is my husband’s second favorite cake (the first being sans rival) and he has been waiting forever for me to bake one. So, you see, it’s on the agenda. :)

  235. anna says:

    hi.. good day! i really like ur website. everything that i tried cooking here, it turns out to be a hit… thanks for this site. just wanna ask where do you think i can buy the anise wine or anisado wine? thanks.

  236. eilene says:

    hi ms connie
    do u have a recipe for chocolate crinckles and tarts (cashew)?? i hope u could help.. its my husbands fav. and i wanted to surprise him.
    thank you in advance…

  237. Gerry says:

    Hi Ms. Connie.
    Love it that you maintain this blog for us out there. Thanks… Would you know where one can buy pure vanilla extract here in Manila? and the price? Thanks again.

  238. tuesday says:

    a simple thank you for creating this site
    it is really very helpful for working moms
    like me! my kids are always delightful
    everytime I cook something special from
    your recipe.. you are such a Blessing !

    keep it up po ^^

  239. Jen says:


    Thank you for creating this website. It’s one of my favorite food blogs for authentic, delicious and creative recipes.

    (Pinay living in Boston)

  240. cindy says:

    Hi,Connie! Great website! I’m looking for info on the Filipino rice wine made at home. A co-worker got me started, but can’t answer more technical questions. This is the primitive-type wine made with cooked rice and a rice yeast disc. I’ve made 4 batches and they all came out different. Yummy and powerful, though. I finally found the discs at the impulse area (cash register) at my local asian store, but they look different from the ones she gave me. Help! Of all the things you can learn online, I haven’t found anything on this. Thanks! Cindy

  241. gao says:

    hi connie, just to let you know i am enjoying your recipes. see ya. hope all is well. gao

  242. keanu jacob says:

    hi. nice and helpful website … i wonder if you can help me with the fishball sauce recipe. my kids love to eat fishballs and i want them just to eat it at home where its is more hygienic, however i would love to copy the taste of the sauce in the streetS because my version is towards the sweet and sour side and not the DELICIOUS brownish one in the street carts. THANKS AND MORE POWER !

  243. Angeli Lim says:

    Nice blog and website. Are you a chinese? Just wondering.
    I just read your article about President’s restaurant.

  244. emmie says:

    gud day!

    sis can you help me in doing chocolate moulding and pastillas…i’m a full time housewife and as of now i have no extra income.can you teach me the step by step procedure in chocolate moulding, the tolls and ingredients that i’ll be using and also in pastillas

  245. SONIA NP says:

    Connie, do you have a cookbook?

    • SONIA NP says:

      I like your insite cause you’re like me that has experienced and have tasted the authentic filipino cooking…. like for example, the recipe you have for Sinigang sa Miso. I can not find a recipe for that anywhere else but from your site.
      I am now 49 yrs old and at times i have craving for filipino food that i had when i was young that I remember enjoyed but now having a hardtime finding the recipes from the cookbooks as well as my memory.
      I had this gelatin dessert that I had when I was a young girl in the Phils. It has fruits in it and I can not remember its name.

      • Connie says:

        It’s really just gelatin with drained fruit cocktail mixed in. I don’t think it has a name but my mother used to prepare it for Christmas.

    • Connie says:

      A print on demand kind with But I’m coming up with a new one.

  246. Zai Roncal says:

    Hi ms. connie!

    Thank you so much for coming up with this website! I came across to your website few months ago and told my mom about your unique filipino cuisines.. My mom’s cooking improved drastically. THANKS TO YOU! She’s coming up with different foods in every occasions and gatherings.. Dati laging Kare-Kare, BBQ, Spagghetti, pansit, and fruit salad lang po ang dishes na alam nyang ihanda. we use to order foods for birthday parties if we want to have something different.. Salamat po talaga! *.* She have your website bookmarked and saved in her desktop. That’s how much she loves your recipes. . She wants to know if you have a recipe book po? Kasi gustong-gusto niya po bumili. Ako kinukulit nya na tanungin po kayo. Thank you for this wonderful website po talaga! sana wag po kayo magsawa mang-share ng a lot of new recipes and ideas. thank you po!

    Zai, San Diego CA.

  247. Natz San Mateo says:

    Hello Ms. Connie,

    Knowing that you are from Antipolo and that the Rizal province has been one of the hardest hit provinces of ONDOY, I pray that you and your family remain safe and out of harms way.

    My prayers for all those affected by this unfortunate tradgedy!

  248. Gean Carlo R. Borja says:

    Hello po! Gusto ko po sana humingi ng payo kung alin po magandang oven para sa gaya naming magsisimula ng maliit na bakery? Dati po kasi un tito ko Gas Convection Oven gamit nya eh luma na po un. Sa school po kasi gamit namin infrared eh halatang sooobrang mahal. Ano po kaya hindi masyadong mahal pero kaya makagawa ng cake? Sakto kasi magpapasko para makapagpractice ako dito sa bahay. :D

    • Connie says:

      Gean, for a bakery you need an commercial scale oven and I don’t know anything about them. Sorry. Home cook ako. Never ventured on a commercial scale.

  249. Karo says:

    Hi! Just want to let you know that i love your site! The first recipe i tried was your Callos and it was a big hit! Since then i’ve been getting all my food recipes here. Thank you for sharing your talent :-)

  250. joyce says:

    hello connie,

    i was browsing the net and i was looking for a recipe on pininyahang manok, because i want another way of cooking it, you are right fresh fruit is really better…. and i was directed to your site, hmmm its a nice site…
    i was hoping if i can also share some simple home cooking recipes …. :)
    thanks and regards.


  251. Cha says:

    Ms. Connie thank you so much for posting such sumptuous recipes! I am a college student who’s totally novice to cooking and being away from home makes me miss my mom’s home-cooked meals. I eventually got tired of to-go meals and decided to finally learn how to cook. And this website of yours is really a great find! I especially loved your chicken, peas and mushrooms in sour cream recipe. =)

    More power to you and your website! Cheers!

  252. Arch. daniel baluyut says:

    Hi Connie,

    Thanks for having this site for free, I love this , im an architect who loves to cook. As i surf the internet looking for buffalo wings recipe to serve to my family and barkada’s on my coming b’day this all saints day. I just luckily landeed on this amazing site and enjoy reading and looking for more sumptious meal. im craving hard to taste it all when the time i will be cooking all of these items. I also came to be a fan of you on facebook. Do you have a Special authentic java rice recipe to match the roast duck and Spicy buffalo wings..Thanks and God bless,

    More power to your chosen hobby and transformed career….

    Hope in the future , I can see your own resto..
    and be a part of the team who delegate my design ideas..

    Nice regards,
    Arch daniel baluyut
    from Makati City

  253. jick says:

    Hi connie!
    howdy? I would just want to know who manufactures omor pimiento. Most restaurants in the province is using it. And they say, its tasty and affordable.


  254. Tess says:

    Hi Connie,

    Have you published your cookbook yet? I hope it has lots of pix:). I tried looking it up on today but didn’t find it.

    I don’t cook often but when I do I follow your recipes, hubby approves.

    Thanks for sharing your talent with the world!

  255. Adlyn Gamboa says:

    Hello Connie,
    I just want to say how important this website is to me. I was sent to the US for college, and homesickness was mostly about food my mother or maids would make. And I can only go home during the holidays due to school. I now can re-create my favorite dishes with your help.

    Thank you very very much!

  256. lei says:

    hi connie,
    i just want to say that your blog/website is awesome and i hope that you will continue posting amazing recipes here,and pictures as well. it feels like im home (im from vancouver canada) just by reading your recipes and stories about the dish. i was wondering if you have a recipe for dinakdakan, i love that dish and i would love to try to make it, only if i’ll get the recipe from you ! :) i hope to hear from you soon. have a good day …thanks

    • Connie says:

      I’m not familiar with dinakdakan. I searched Google, found some photos, and dinakdakan appears to be similar to sisig except for the mayo part. Interesting. I might try it one of these days.

  257. Chris Stanton says:

    Dear Connie, I will be visiting soon and would enjoy meeting you for a special tasting event.

    Please email me so that we might have a chance to discuss such a thing.

    I will be bringing lots of gourmet goodies and am seeking to arrange a cheese tasting of specialty California products at the Dinelli Gourmet main office.

    Again, if this is of interest to you, please email me right away.

    (We exchanged a few emails some years ago but did not have a chance to meet during my trip to visit your wonderful country last year.)

    Finally, congratulations upon helping to advance Philippine cuisine.

    Best Wishes,


  258. clarisse says:

    hi!i was looking for a recipe of baked mac and came across your website..based on the comments of people who already tried your recipe, i think it will be great!hoping to try out the dish soon..thanks for these infos you’re giving is really helpful!keep it up po!i’m a fan already..everything looks good..wanna try all of them especially the pastries,i love sweets!:)

  259. Malyn says:

    Hi Connie! I have been a reader of your wonderful site and I have to say thanks for all the wonderful recipes you selflessly share with us. First time I read this page though, and I just had to put in a comment. I love Wok with Yan, Cooking it up with Nora (Daza) and Biba’s Kitchen. Those three, along with my late Mama’s cooking inspired me to explore the kitchen– I now have the waistline to show for it too! hehe.

    I wish you the very best. Thanks again and God bless.

  260. eilene says:

    hi ms connie.. such a wonderful site! have easy and great ideas posted. its my 2nd testimonial and i wanted to ask you if you have a recipe of the pinoy cashey tarts?

  261. Hello, Ms. Connie,

    My son, who works in Dubai, first discovered your blogsite and since we both shared a love for cooking, sent me this link. I had to ask myself why it took me so long to discover you and the wonders you are doing in your kitchen.

    Anyway, i’ll be trying one of your recipes ( bread with sausage and cheese) for the new year. My son sent me three kinds of cheeses from Dubai, so i guess i’ll be having a grand time in my kitchen. will let you know how my family will rate it.
    With my best wishes for the new year!

    Mrs. RF Inocencio

  262. Leslie Ocampo Reese says:

    hi there, happy new year by the way. the first time i went in this site i was so surprise cause most of the recipe were really easy to follow. and sometimes there were picture of the intructions. and i recommend this site to my sister, i love to cook and i like going to the grocery with my dad. good thing theres a site like this.

  263. Jane says:


    Im Jane currently base in Sri Lanka. Im a mother of 3. Thank you so much for having a site like this very helpful sa akin. Kahit malayo kami sa pinas i was able to learn to cook pinoy dishes with the help of your site. Kasi gusto ko kahit nandito kami gsuto ko lutuin pinoy food. Para alam pa rin ng mga bagets ko.I was able to learn aso the diffrerent usage of spices kasi ang dami dito. Hindi ko naman alam noon para saan yung iba.

    April this year uwi na kami ng pinas for good. After 8 years in SL. Gusto ko kayong dalhan ng iba’t ibang spices as my way of saying thank you sa mga recipes mo. Ano po ba yung home address nyo. At mga spices na gusto nyo. At least alam ko na yung madadala ko magagamit nyo.

    Gusto ko lang mag tanong kong may cook book po kayo. Ano po ang name?

    Best Regards,

    Jane Vargas

  264. Cathy says:

    Hi Connie,

    Greetings from Canada!

    I just wanted to thank you for sharing your recipes. Ever since I got married last year, I’ve been trying your recipes every week (sometimes tweaking it esp. if I don’t have the ingredients). I’m glad to say that my husband loves the variety of meals that I’ve prepared for him. And I’m proud to tell my friends that I now know how to cook!

    I like that you update your website with a new write-up everyday as I check it everyday too!

    All the best and keep those great tasty recipes, tips, and reviews coming!

  265. Kenny says:

    Good day, ma’am! I just want to ask, being a lawyer, how do you balance family, work, friends and alone time/hobbies? Thank you!

  266. maria says:

    Hi Connie,

    Your blog is incredibly motivating. I’ve been referring to it when I need to get ideas for our family meals. However, tell us why you decided you needed to set up a blog?

  267. nikka says:

    Connie I really really like your site… I really love to cook also….

  268. Maria B. says:

    Hi Ms. Connie,
    I love your site that I have to visit it everyday for no reason. It completes my day. I love to cook but I actually would rather love to eat more. I am planning to start a blog and record our family’s food trips. I even plan to invest on a high-end camera so the pictures will be awesome. My husband was telling me that I also can make $$$ on the side. Is that true? That will be awesome as I would be able to do what I love and get paid as a perk. I would like to know more on this. Would you be able to provide more info on how you started up to how your blog is extremely so successful presently. Thanks so much in advance!

  269. kristine says:

    hi connie! i was pleasantly surprised to find out that you’re a lawyer. i’m also a lawyer and i hope to retire (by choice also, like you!) soon! maybe i’ll do that when i have a family of my own. hehe like you, i love the kitchen, i love to cook. i even considered taking up culinary to professionalize my skills but for practical reasons, i have to postpone that and just stick to my lawyering in the meantime.

    i found your putanesca recipe and i’m so excited to try it out this friday. i’ve been cooking different pasta recipes for my boyfriend for 2 fridays now (1st is carbonara, last week pesto) and he loved them. putanesca is his favorite and i hope to give justice to this pasta when i cook it. your recipe will be my bestfriend this friday. hehehhe

    by the way, the capers i found in groceries are only those soaked in vinegar. where can i get those in salt?

    thanks and my warmest regards!

    • Connie says:

      Retiring isn’t that far off when you really put your mind to it. I retired when I was 29. LOL I did go back to work some 8 years later but only for about a year and a half. After that, it’s work from home just writing. :)

      Re capers: I don’t know, really. I always use the sour kind of capers.

  270. kristine says:

    hi ms. connie!
    it’s me again.
    just wanted you to know that my friend loved the putanesca i cooked! it’s perfect daw and it tasted exactly like his mom’s. i’m just so happy because i was able to cook perfectly his favorite pasta.
    thank you very much for sharing the putanesca recipe.
    i’m so excited to try the other recipes posted on your website.

    thanks again and my warmest regards!

    :-) kristine

  271. Luis says:

    Hi Connie,
    Just a while ago, I am thinking what to cook for tonight and I have this chopped beef in the fridge. While searching the net, I stumble upon your site about Pinoy Bistek and so I tried it and it was great! Thanks a lot! God bless!

  272. Leah says:

    Hi Ms. Connie,

    Good Day! Thanks for sharing your most-sought-after recipes online. I’m just wondering ma’am if you happen to have the recipe for asian noodles (world chicken) style or similar to it. I have been looking for it all over the net but could not find it. Thank you in advance and Godbless.

    • Connie says:

      I don’t know what you mean by “asian noodles (world chicken) style.”

      • Leah says:

        oh, there is a world chicken restaurant in Glorietta 4 and as side dish , they have this asian noodles, as they call it. My husband likes it so much but since we’re based abroad, i’m hoping that i can have a recipe for that and make it here. thanks ms. connie :)

        • Connie says:

          I’ve never been to world chicken restaurant. In fact, I haven’t heard of it until now. :)

          • Leah says:

            it’s ok ms.connie. in case u have the chance to pass by and try, let me know your version of it.. :) thanks a ton again.. God bless :)

  273. mei kwe says:

    hi connie, am new in your site. good thing for food lovers like you. now i can enjoy food reading. love your blog.

  274. Ladychelle says:

    Hello po Ms.Connie!
    Good day to you and to your family as well.I really love your site i also follow your updates fb.I lived here in Iceland with my husband and my only daughter.In every day i always browse the net kung anong masarap na iluto.Icelandic po kc ang asawa ko ky i don´t know kung anong food ang i se served ko.First i try our Filipino dishes and he likes it,and then i found your site in fb honesly,i try to cook some of your recipe and my family loves it and even my inlaws.Kaya po kapag may handaan nag hahanap nalng po ako sa site nyo.Thank you so much Ms.Connie for sharing! God Bless!!

  275. Jackie Rillera says:

    Hi Connie,
    I am so loving your site. Since I moved to Canada in 2001, I have never visited the Philippines. Your site has given me so much wonderful memories of Filipino food and new information. Keep up your great work.

  276. Audrey Balili says:

    I really appreciate your site! You have such passion with what you do. I love how I can just visit this site whenever I’m craving filipino food. I used to live in California where you can get filipino food around the corner but I’ve been stationed in Missouri, where just to get ingredients I’d have to drive an hour away. I just wanted to say thank you, I’ve learned a lot.

  277. jimi says:

    hello connie,

    just read your article regarding japanese sweet corn (way back 2006). Let me share some information regarding that delicious corn. They were planted by URBAN FOOD FOUNDATION inside the Ateneo compound as a project in Urban Farming. It was first known as Ateneo Corn. After some time a new company, Pentagon Agribusiness Company , planted the same corn and called it Japanese Sweet Corn, for the reason that the supplier is Japan based. But the seeds are planted here in the Philippines. The name caught fire and eventually everyone planting supersweet corn is calling it Japanese Sweet Corn. The genuine one, are relatively smaller in length and diameter with softer and sweeter kernels. And you can use the corn not only in nilagang baka, but also in nilagang baboy and manok. The corn will give the broth a different flavor. Sabaw pa lang, ulam na.

    • Connie says:

      Wow, thanks for all that info. I should post a new entry about it (we use the sweet corn so often and in so many ways!) and top calling it “Japanese.” :)

  278. lenilenlen says:

    Super, superlove your site! My brother introduced it to me last year. Cooking (and you site,too) helped me get through tough times last year (well, until now.) Ginawa kong therapy. Hehe.

    Well, I searched your site and found a recipe for rambutan, do you have other recipes for fresh (as in straight from the tree and not the canned type) rambutan? Rambutan season is coming and from the looks of the trees in our yard, there would be a lot for this year. I hate to see them not maximized at all.

    Anyway, keep up the good work! Love you and your site! Im also following you in facebook but have not tried the community yet since I don’t have anything to share yet. Echoz.

  279. vicf says:

    I was looking for ‘sinigang sa miso’ recipe and found it in your website. I have just finished cooking it. I know I’ll be coming back often to check out your other recipes. I’ll be interested in Pinoy desserts which I would like to introduce to my 5- and 10-year old kids (we live in NYC). Thank you very much for such a very informative site.

  280. elizabeth allego says:

    wow ang sarap lahat…hmmm what can i really catched my attention sa sobrang sarap ng recipe nato..naghahanap ako talaga ng cook on line..sana makahanap ako katulad mo..pinoy and korean type of cooking.. have a nice day

  281. anna f. says:

    dear connie,
    i frequently browse on your site and get ideas. i learned to cook since i migrated to us, i miss eating our dishes. thank you for sharing your ideas and comments. when i go home to visit, i try to eat on those places you recommend.
    keep going……is your cookbook out already ?

    yours anna v.

  282. Esther says:

    hi conie, i love cooking and discovering your site is like a dream come true. i tried your shawarma recipe hey it was awesome.thanks a great deal for sharing your awesome recipes with the world

  283. Doris says:

    Hi Connie,
    I was surfing and making a reseach about cakes and I came upon your website. I find it interestting not only for my hobby baking but also cooking, although my husband does the cooking ;-P. He is very fond of Filipino foods and just like you, he also like to visit all kinds of restaurant in the Philippines to do some tasting and then when we go back to the Netherlands he tries it and invites friends and family for dinner. As i do the dessert(im good at it ;-P).
    Thanks for sharing and keep up. hope you can visit Netherland in the future and try the typical food here. ;-)

    groetjes uit Netherland

  284. Robpierce says:

    Hi Connie,

    Now I understand where you get your food experience or shall I say expertise? Ang galing, I enjoy reading about you. Sorry, I will be one of your stalker now on food and follow all your blogs and experiences about it… Hope it’s ok!

    God bless and more power.

  285. MARY says:


  286. Pauline says:

    Hi Connie! I just love your site! Im a graduate of HRIM at Saint Benilde for 10 years now but landed a job as a secretary in an accounting firm. Really, cooking is not my forte! But after seeing your site and tried some of your recipes, I think this is the only time that I learned how to cook, hehe. Oh, and this is the only time that I can say that I have great taste and great style in cooking, wooohooo! Thanks so much for being an inspiration. Keep up the good work! Again, thanks!

  287. lhiz reyes says:

    hi ms. Connie! I am also a mom who loves to cook and bake and i also did not attend cooking schools because its pricey,so my knowledge in cooking is based on reading and watching cooking shows and well recently through internet.I have seen so many sites looking for recipes and just picked 1 or 2 recipes on those sites but your site is so amazing so many recipes i’d like to try, and it’s really a big help for us moms who have no formal training in cooking..thanks and pls continue searching,testing and posting recipes,,YOU are a really big help….

  288. jEM Buno says:

    hi,ms connie. I just wanna know if you have a chocolate cake recipe ideal for kids birthday party. I would love to try your recipe.thanks.

  289. jEM Buno says:

    Ok thank you. I have been using cake mixes with all the cakes i’ve made. Im just sick of it and would love to try filipino chocolate cake recipes since my husband’s celebrating his birthday next week…i would wait for your recipe soon..thank you, Ms connie!

  290. KathyO_NorthCarolina says:

    Hi Ms. Connie,

    Two dairy questions for you:

    a) For desserts like fresh pastillas de leche, I’ve read that carabao milk makes the creamiest treats. However, carabao milk is hard to come by in NC. What are good substitutes?

    b) When making bibinka, recipes often call for kesong puti. What would be good examples of white cheeses I can use in such a dessert?

    Please advise.

    Much thanks, in advance,


  291. claire says:


    I adore this site, simply because of the wonderful dishes posted here. Thanks for sharing your great recipes and hopefully you’ll add some more! cheers!

  292. RheaMB says:

    Thanks for sharing the info about yourself. You are a big help to me who is recently married and who is not used to cooking. I also moved from the Philippines to California and miss the Filipino food. Even though there are a number of Filipino restaurants nearby, home cooked food is still appreciated. As the saying goes – the way through some people’s heart is through the stomach. I also think you are living the principle that cooking skills are to be shared – not supposed to be kept a secret; otherwise, the secrets die with you. By sharing your cooking skills, you bring joy in people’s lives, kinda spreading love. Your life is probably so blessed and fulfilled because you give so much.
    Happy blogging!

  293. Maria says:

    Hi Ms. Connie. I enjoy visiting your site once in a while to get some recipes and learn from your kitchen tips. I noticed you made some changes on your menu bar. I’ve been looking for your kitchen tips portion (i forgot the exact title on the menu bar) as I used to read. Are you not going to keep them in your menu options? they are so useful. Hope to hear from you soon. tnx!

  294. Lillian says:

    Thanks for sharing your recipes and the nostagia that goes with it. So heartwarming. God Bless.

  295. juana says:

    I just came across your website… and I’m so excited to try some of the recipes. But I have to wait til tom coz its after 12mid here in NJ. lol. I never learned to cook til I lived with my inlaws. From then on, its a whole new world of cooking for me. I too love to make the dishes my own. But I still have so much to learn. I want you to know that your recipes has inspired me so much, that in my mind, I’m saying” why didn’t I think of that before” lol Anyway, thank you for bringing me closer to home.

  296. harrycole says:

    Hi Ms. Connie,
    Thanks for this wonderful site.
    I’m 25, full time employee, soon to give birth, have hyperthyroidism. I didn’t grow in the kitchen and now that I’m starting to build my family, i have a hard time in cooking. I’ve tried simple dishes like tinola, sinigang, fried rice, but still i have this feeling of doubt. I don’t know if mt husband really likes it or pretend to be like it. Please teach me how to start loving the kitchen and learning to accept whatever the result of my food… Thanks and more power…
    PS: I’m excited to be see every dishes you have… I found some species you are using here and take time to browse them and look for more… But still part of me is still afraid to cook and the outcome…

  297. Arnessa says:

    Thank you thank you for this site. I have been looking through your recipes for guidance on home cooked Pinoy food since I left the Philippines in 2005 to go to the US. I have a toddler girl who I want to grow up in the food culture of our country. She goes to day care and I make her rice meals that she eats with her classmates who bring boring deli sandwiches day in and day out. She will learn what it is to be Filipino first through her stomach, and thanks to you, I have some guidance. Thanks and please, please, don’t stop blogging!

  298. Barbiegirl says:

    Hello I just thought you would like to know that someone is ripping your cooking images and claiming them as their own work.

    • Connie says:

      Thank you for the info. I deleted the URL you provided as I’d rather not send traffic to that ugly site. :)

  299. mai says:

    hi ms. connie
    you have a very nice blog in here
    you’re kids are soooooo lucky they get to eat your creations.
    more power to you :)

  300. Gladys says:

    Hi Connie! I love your website! :) I have been an active lurker since last year and I would like to thank you — for your recipes and practical advise in the kitchen. My husband also extends his thanks. It would seem that he noticed the “improvement” and variety in my cooking since I discovered your website. :) More power to you!

  301. Terri Moskowitz says:

    Hi Connie,

    A friend of mine discovered your food blog last night and emailed the link to me. As we were talking on the phone while browsing your site and suggesting one recipe after another to each other, I declared I’m gonna your recipes everyday, one at a time.

    For lunch today, I made your version of beef curry on a budget and boy, was my husband glad for my friend’s discovery of your blog :0 I posted a photo of it on my facebook page and tagged your website’s link as my source.

    Tomorrow, I’m going to make camaron rebosado and lemony spinach and mushrooms with garlic bits for dinner.

    Thank you so much for sharing your ideas with your readers.

    Stay well,


  302. Lenn says:

    I was looking for some vegetarian recipes when I stumbled in to your website. I’m a pesco-vegetarian (i still eat fish). I like your website for variety of recipes and step-by-step photos of how to make them. I love seeing what the dish looks like when it’s done. I’m going to do my version of the tofu, mushroom and spinach dish one of these nights–
    I can’t wait! Thanks and I appreciate what you do!

  303. Ray says:

    Hi Connie,

    This is the first time I visited your site. Your blog site looks great and I’m amazed with your collection recipes and food photography. I am a Filipino food caterer here in Los Angeles and always looking for good recipes to add to my menu. Hmm, I love what I am seeing Connie. Thank you and more success to you. God bless…

    • Connie says:

      Thank you and good luck with your catering business too. :)

      • happy joy says:

        Hmmnn, this made me think.. Ms. Connie, a caterer thinks that your recipes are good. Bakit ayaw nyo pumasok sa food industry? Set-up your own business?

        • Connie says:

          Knowing how took and write is one thing; business is a different world. Sabi nga ni Bourdain sa Kitchen Confidential — just because you can cook doesn’t mean you can run a restaurant. :)

          • Ray says:

            Hi Connie,
            What they say is true – “great minds think alike” hahaha. I agree with you Connie and you totally hit that nail on the head front and center. One can be a total genius in cooking but a big failure when it comes to running the front end of a restaurant including marketing, PR, and Accounting. It takes dedication and personal sacrifices to run a restaurant. It is a 12 to 14 hour on-your-feet operation. That is why my hat’s off to those running a restaurant successfully. I know I can’t run one that is why I chose catering instead; I don’t fire up my stove unless I get an order. :)
            BTW Connie, I truly admire your recipes and the way you write your blogs. I wish I could write as good as you but that’s ok, I will just enjoy reading your blogs and trying out your recipes. :)

          • Connie says:

            Yep. I’m bad in math so I don’t do accounting. I’m not very patient so I don’t do PR. hehehe

  304. adora says:

    Hi Ms.Connie,
    I’m a 54 yr.old nurse.Like you I have to retire from my profession (company nurse) to raise my 3 girls,now ages 28,24 and 21 all graduated from college. Most PTA people I meet then would ask why I didn’t practice my profession abroad where I can earn well. I always tell them that I want to raise the girls myself even if that means living on a budget.It was the best decision I’ve ever made.
    After my 30-yr.old collection of cookbooks and recipe compilations were destroyed by Ondoy,I lost interest in cooking and baking. Then my hubby and the girls started requesting our old favorites, so I turned to the internet to rebuild my collection of recipes. I’m so happy to stumble upon your blog site..and doubly happy to know that you are also into herb gardening.
    Now, I frequent your site…so I hope you don’t mind if I write you a thing or two once in a while.
    Good bless you and please continue sharing us your beautiful mind.

  305. Raymund says:

    Hi Connie, thanks for all your post and inspiring me to have my own cooking blog -> I love your food and tried a lot of it, was following you since 2005 if I remember correctly. Again thank you!

  306. Raine says:

    Your recipes are simply wonderful. I have your website on my favorites and I think this is one of the sites I will frequently visit.


  307. leah gonda says:

    love your blog!

  308. jinky says:

    Hi Ms. Connie,
    I usually visit your sites (pinoycook and House on a Hill) from time to time, noticed and admired the changes you always make in your lay out. Pero ngayon, I cant resist posting a comment of your new profile pic. You and Sir Speedy look so nice and happy together. And your kids are both talented. An ideal family for me.

    I’m sad to hear that Feast Asia did not stay long, I used to visit that site also, but its pinoycook I usually go when I needed a recipe.

    Goodluck and wishing for more years of pinoycook!!

  309. maruh says:

    nice photo ms connie! :)

  310. Abby says:

    Hi Connie,
    I love the recipes on your website and that your grown kids help you in the kitchen. When did they start cooking with you? I have been cooking in the kitchen since i was 3 and have the cutest pictures!

    I work for the Monday Campaigns, a non profit in association with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, which leads health initiatives. My favorite campaign is The Kids Cook Monday which encourage kids to cook and eat with their families. I am sure you realize the importance of family dinners while the kids grow up.

    We would love if you would write a weekly blog every Monday about kid friendly recipes. Please visit our website and email me if you are interested!

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

  311. Alpha says:

    Hi Connie!!!

    Being raised in the mountains (Baguio City, Benguet), I am only familiar with our native (Igorot) simple dishes which is simply boiling and broiling. Being married to a unico hijo of chefs (who eats dishes with lots of spices), I am on my way of learning the real art of cooking. I have been scanning the net for recipes and have downloaded lots of recipe books.
    We usually stay outside Philippines so asking help from my in-laws doesn’t come handy.
    Coming across your site is a real blessing. Mostly Filipino dish with international touch and vice versa, yet totally Pinoy taste. Simple to follow and the ingredients are just around the corner whichever part of the world I am.

    Thanks a lot for being a part of my cooking journey.

    May you continue being a blessing to others…

  312. shasha says:

    love your site!

  313. lalaine says:

    Ms. Connie, are you Kapampangan?

  314. Lissa says:

    Hi Ma’am,

    Just want to thank you for putting up home cooking rocks. Amazingly, at my age, ngayon lang po ako natuto mag bake. When i came across of your banana cake, for 4 straight days, we always have banana cake in the table, after that, i tried your butterscotch brownie, was so surprised how easy to bake the butterscotch. 2 days na po na luto ako ng luto ng butterscotch, :)

    Thanks again ma’am :) Merry Christmas! God Bless you

  315. dienette says:

    So happy to find this site. Very helpful and informative. Keep it up ms. Connie. More power to you!

  316. isha says:

    hello Connie,
    Wishing your good health in your family,
    Salamat,i found the exactly that im looking for long time,13yrs in korea searching filipino food that simple instruction and Very happy that i found the honestly your site Very helpful and all the ingredient here easy to find everywhere in korea,i hope i will meet you here in korea,Korean people mahilig sila sa ibat-ibang pagkain.Since 2002 until now still working pa rin sa restaurant,and at last inside US base serving w/military/family/civilian at the restaurant.Thank you so much,And pls…how to make shomai.GOD BLESS…..

    Thank you,

  317. Grace says:

    Hi there! So pleased to have arrived at your blog. I’ve bookmarked it, hoping that your kitchen creations may inspire me to try more Filipino dishes at home. Thank you!

  318. khrizttine says:

    Hi Connie,

    i too love cooking so much.. aside from the kitchen, my fave place is the grocery or supermarket. :) loving your site ever! thanks for sharing your passion for food.. helped me a lot! God Bless you and your family! :)

  319. joan says:

    Hi Connie, I’ve been reading following your blog and cooking your recipes for a while now. I really appreciate it. As a second generation Filipino-American (and college student) I don’t have a lot of opportunities to eat Filipino and Asian food over here unless I make it myself, and that’s why I’m grateful for your writing. I wouldn’t know what I would do if you stop, unless I religiously download everything in your site, which would be quite an undertaking, haha.

    The short version of this is: love your site! Hope you keep writing and good luck to you and your family!

  320. Glen says:

    Hello again Connie!
    I am now going to try your tuna lumpia. I haven’t done groceries for the coming week’s dining fare – busy with the kids’ extra-curriculars from swimming to ice skating to the hockey play-offs and the list only goes on. Anyway, needless to say, I’m short on ideas, short on time and short on groceries. i found 2 cans of chunk light tuna in my pantry, half a cabbage head, a few baby carrots, a couple stalks of scallions and broccoli in my fridge. then there’s eggs, milk, butter, juice, strawberries and blueberries. Then I was stumped, so here I am once again looking through your recipe collection and what a treasure box you have! I have all the ingrdients for tuna lumpia including the wrapper. What a coinkidink! Just so you know, I didn’t waste time googling recipes, I went straight to your blogsight. You don’t know how thankful I am that you’re not one of those selfish Filipinos who only keep their recipes to themselves. (trust me, I know of a few who don’t want to share – it’s not like I’m in it to make a money out of it – I yet have to understand that mentality). You’re heaven sent! Maraming salamat!;D

    • Connie says:

      Some Filipinos keep recipes within the family as a kind of source of pride. You know, like an exclusivity. Like being able to serve a good dish while others can’t. Sounds silly but that’s how it goes.

      • Glen says:

        Thanks for clarifying that for me. You’re right, it’s silly but be it as it may, I respect that. After all, there are a lot of silly things we Filipinos believe in and may even abide by them. Guess it’s a Filipino thing. Anyway, the tuna lumpia was, like the longganisa, anther palate tickler. Once again, thank you! Here’s another big hug ;> ! Keep rockin’!!!

        • Connie says:

          “there are a lot of silly things we Filipinos believe in and may even abide by them”

          Oh, I know! Culture thing maybe? :D

  321. Tina says:

    Hello Connie, been coming back to your site very often and I figured it wasn’t right to enjoy and be grateful for someone elses’s hardwork and not make that known. I not only enjoy your recipes but immensely enjoy your writing as well. I am now most definitely a fan. Btw, today we are trying out your eggplant bok choy and mushroom in oyster sauce.

  322. hi connie!

    you totally rock! your recipes are easy to follow and yummy when cooked. ever since i discovered your website, i’ve been coming back whenever i’ve run out of ideas what to cook for lunch or dinner. my favorite is java rice. living abroad, i do not think asian restaurants “get” what our (Filipinos, that is) java rice is all about.

    keep on posting, and keep up the good work!
    (p.s. i always credit your blog whenever i post something that i cooked from your recipes)


  323. Dexter says:

    I havent yet tried your recipes, but it seems like mouth watering..

  324. Alfredo IV Alpasa says:

    I was just looking for a particular Filipino dish once and 5 years later, here I am always trying out something new. Your passion for cooking always inspires me.

  325. lei cerv says:

    hi ms. connie,

    I visit your blog on a daily basis for recipes (and more).
    Since you changed houseonahill to casaveneracion, every time i access your homecookingrocks blog i get the savory confetti cupcakes post as default page and not your latest entry. For a while i thought you took a break from posting but i then i always get updates naman on facebook. Would you have any idea why this happens?

    Love your posts! Thank you so much for sharing :)


    • Connie says:

      What URL does your browser point to?

      • lei cerv says:

        ms. connie,

        it is

        • Connie says:

          There’s really no connection between the change of domain names — has a totally different database.

          • lei cerv says:

            whether i directly type ,or access it from casaveneracion, the same thing happens, the page date is april 6 and your latest post is still the savory confetti muffins for april 5.

            oh well, whatever the error is i still am updated ..i just skip pages until i get to the latest date or access the latest entry from facebook


          • Connie says:

            Can you try deleting your browser’s cache / settings?

  326. lei cerv says:

    :) it worked ms. connie, cleared the cache/settings
    thanks a bunch!

  327. Liz says:

    Hi Connie! I’m a writer for a local food magazine. I’m doing an article on food blogs and one of the websites we’re featuring is yours. :) I’d like to do a short Q&A with you for the feature, but I’m not quite sure how to get in touch with you. Hoping you could e-mail me so I can send you the questions. Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you!

  328. Marissa says:

    I’ve been following your blog for about a year now, and I love how you fuse your own cultural influences with those foreign to you. Your recipes are a great inspiration to an American born Mestiza who is married to a Korean Irish and can only cook Filipino food. Ha! Thank you for sharing your beautiful art with all of us.

    • Connie says:

      “an American born Mestiza who is married to a Korean Irish and can only cook Filipino food.”

      That’s a mouthful. I had to read it twice to get it right. :)

  329. kat says:

    Hi Ms. Connie! I am accessing your site from my office. I was shocked when it displayed “Forbidden site” yesterday! thank God na-access ko na ulit today, I thought na-block na just like IT did with social networking sites, FB, twitter, etc.

    But I thought, this could not be possible!? wala naman foul sa food blog ah! and the thought of not seeing your recipes again after I receive the mail alert, oh my golly goose! haha..

    Good thing I was able to view your site again… what a relief talaga!
    Thank you for all the recipes! and for sharing them to avid readers and followers like myself!

    Happy eating! ;) More power and God bless! :)

    • Connie says:

      It was a server problem. Overload. Traffic has tripled, so I need more resources for the blog. :)

  330. kat says:

    It’s a good thing that traffic tripled right? :)

    Glad that everything’s fixed now.

    P.S. I think not REALLY fixed pala.. hehe.. posting of comments is taking forever.. ;) baka magflood na ako ng comments kaka-click and I would not even know. sorry naman po.. :)

  331. m-e-n-g says:

    hi ms connie,

    im a subscriber for over a year now and yes, i can also say (if i may), Family meals have never been this tasty :)
    you’re Heaven sent ms connie v.
    im only 29, mother of 4(yeah, i know) and a wife to an engr who loves to eat.
    it feels like you’re a mother to me :) a great teacher, an inspiration…
    every recipe is from your heart and we love them all.
    Thanks for all the tips and tricks and most of all, thank you for the recipes..
    I would love to meet you one day ms connie


    • Connie says:

      Wish I could meet all of you readers. Wouldn’t that be quite a party. :)

      • FayeP says:

        Hi Ms. Connie!!!

        ngaun lang ulit ako nakalog in dito, at mejo naconfuse ako at first akala ko ibang site un napasukan ko (un mga tipong kinukuha un content ng site mo tapos ipopost sa ibang site, ano nga ba tawag dun?)

        un pala bago na hehehhe anyway, narereceive ko naman po lagi un mga newsletters ng site mo.

        Thanks very much po for giving us inspiration to cook at home

  332. ruby de leon says:

    Hi Ms, Connie. Just like you, I’m a mom of 2…My youngest son is in gr.6 and my eldest is freshman in college..I accidentally saw your site one time when looking for a recipe and since then bookmarked this site. I find it very informative and easy to follow..Thanks

  333. Chevs says:

    thanks for sharing a lot of recipes here. i learn a lot from you.

    may i ask your opinion on something. my mother bought and cooked crabs on the same day. when i opened one crab to eat, i was surprised to see it’s greenish inside (well, some parts of it.) Was it just overcooked? or was it because the crabs were no longer fresh?


  334. Janice says:

    hi ms. connie! i have been an avid follower of your blogsite. i actually came to discover ur site thru a friend and in search of some recipes, since then i would always check if you posted a new recipe, i then discover ur wonderful and interesting stories. i really admire you and your family, having the same passion for food, coffee and photography. like you i also enjoyed cooking and baking, but since we dont have oven at home i was unable to do baking. i am working here in dubai and our accomodation was fully furnished including a gas range and since last year i have been doing a lot of cooking and baking, i am also taking pictures of the dishes and desserts that i make and post them on my facebook account. i love reading all ur stories, and have tried some of ur recipe and it was truly a hit among my friends. more power to and i will be looking forward to more of ur stories and recipes….

  335. Jelle says:

    Dear Connie,

    I have been a fan of yours for 2 years now. I saw your siopao recipe. I would like to make it, but can you tell me where I can buy yeast? I went to SM hypermart, and I only found this hard pack of yeast, I dont know if its the right one. Please help.


    • Connie says:

      I don’t know what you mean by “hard pack of yeast.” The yeast might be compressed in its packaging but it will still look like sand when opened.

  336. Bless says:

    Hello Connie!

    I came across this when I was looking for a recipe for arroz ala cubana. I’m usually a weekend cook and I refer to the internet looking for recipe’s. I have to say this is an excellent website. The cream cheese with milk and parsley topping is inspired! Can’t wait to try it out myself.

    Keep it up!


  337. Chall says:

    Been wondering for the longesttime ba’t nag reredirect sa casa ang homecookingrocks… finally found the answer :)

    the chicken relleno looks really good i will be sure to include it in our christmas menu.

    thanks for inspiring the cook in me

  338. trisha says:

    natakot ako nung di ko na makita yung homecookingrocks! gosh! wala na akong tulong sa pagluluto…whew! found out everything’s on this blog…

    thanks for all the help!! if i’m trying to cook something, i go to your site first! I’m a newbie and your detailed instructions help me a lot. You inspire me to experiment with cooking too!

  339. Patte says:

    ooo, I got a little confused. I thought I posted a comment about herb infused oil. I don’t know where it went. And now I’m here. haha. Anyway, I was asking about using dried minced garlic and dried herbs to eliminate the danger of botulism, increase the shelf life of the oil and storing it unrefrigerated. I had no idea there would be a problem. I was just going to make some for Christmas gifts. Thank you (and others I’ve read the last 2 days) for the warning and some great information.

  340. CJ at Food Stories says:

    I found your site on and thought I’d stop by and check it out. Just subscribed to your feed and can’t wait to see what your next post will be!

    • Yeah, right. I copy/pasted the text of your comment and used the string to search Google. You post exactly the same comment on every blog you visit. Your URL has been deleted and you’ve been marked a spammer.

  341. Marilou Gonzales says:

    Hello Im, Maja… I need the application form of Mr. Quickly…. Because my boss want to franchise this product as her business. Thank You. This is her email address.

    Thank you and advance

  342. Loida Grace Aquino says:

    Hi ms. Connie.. I love your website. It is so complete. And i appreciate your warmth, your (and the family’s) genuine love for food and generosity for sharing discoveries and about your life. I especially love the way you deal with those who post eyebrow-raising comments (like those who implicitly ask you to do their homework/research for them or those goody-two shoes conservatives). I actually emailed you about pots and cookware but then after reading your posts and comments i realized that i should do my own research which i did and now I know what NOT to get for my kitchen…hehehe..

    I plan my meals for the week so that I can stick to my weekly marketing budget… New to cooking that I am, i am very happy to have your website as a go to for everything in my kitchen. This week, i will get all recipes from your website. And i am sooooooo excited..! Now, our family meals will have variety. Thank you for just sharing your love for food and cooking so that us like minded souls can enjoy good food with our families as well.

    More power and God bless. Off to search for recipes now…

  343. lalaine manalo says:

    Oh, wow! Sam and Alex are 20 and 21 now? I’ve been reading your blog for so long (since 2007!!!) , it’s like I watched them grow up.

  344. lalaine` says:

    When I scrolled up, I actually found a comment I made on this thread in 2010, asking if you were Kapampangan LOL

    Hay, bilis nang panahon

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