About ionized alkaline water

This is not a horror story. This is not even a warning about ionized alkaline water. This is simply an account of my family’s experience with ionized alkaline water.

As a background, we drink bottled water at home. We buy 5-gallon bottles, three at a time, and use an electric water dispenser with hot and cold functions (left photo, below). For months, we have been buying our bottled water from Forta Aqua whose water undergoes a 17-stage purification process.

Late last week, I was so swamped with work that I failed to notice that we were on our last bottle of water. Finally, on Sunday, I called up Forta Aqua — no one answered. Speedy went out late in the afternoon and came home with a 5-gallon bottle of ionized alkaline water (right photo, below). He said he had been hearing about the health benefits of ionized alkaline water and figured we could give it a try.

water dispenserionized alkaline water

Sam complained that the water was “hindi masarap.” Now, Sam has very sensitive taste buds. She’s the kind of person who can tell exactly what kind of herbs went into a dish even if everything had been chopped so finely that they are unrecognizable. She can tell if there’s lemon in the dressing even if I only used a few drops. She’s like that. So, I didn’t pay much attention.

We drank the ionized alkaline water for three days. The girls bring drinking water in Coleman jugs to school so, on Monday and Tuesday, they were drinking the same water even while in school.

On Tuesday afternoon, Sam came home feeling weak. She had some salad then fell asleep on the sofa. Alex said her sister was tired because they went trekking to the creek a few kilometers from the school as part of a class activity. Sam missed dinner, got up around midnight, took a shower and ate a little but said everything was “walang lasa”. The following morning, she was still too weak to go to school.

On Wednesday afternoon, Alex came home from school complaining of stomach ache. She said she felt tired and fell asleep on a chair in the classroom. Now, Alex has a history of hyperacidity. She gets these stomach trouble every once in a while though not as bad as when she was younger when she had to be hospitalized every few months. When she mentioned stomach ache, the first thing I said was no milk, no coffee, no potato chips. Those were the most obvious culprits.

By Wednesday, we had switched back to the Forta Aqua bottled water. The delivery service of the ionized alkaline water supplier was bad with directions and apparently got lost going to our house. I didn’t have the patience to wait for them to get wiser. Sad thing was, even at that point, I didn’t really see any reason to give up the ionized alkaline water.

By Wednesday evening, I felt sick. I thought it was indigestion because I had this heavy feeling in the lower part of my abdomen. Or, maybe, I was going to get my period. But I felt so tired that I actually laid down on the bed after preparing dinner.

Speedy said it must be the weather. The days have been very warm while the nights have remained relatively cool. It’s like there was no real transition from the cool weather to summer. In fact, it felt like we were still savoring the wonderful cool Christmas season one day, then, the next day, it was summer all of a sudden.

The thing is, Speedy didn’t feel sick. Whether or not it’s relevant, I must note that he’s out most days and only got to drink the ionized alkaline water on the evenings of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

So, is the ionized alkaline water the culprit? I don’t know for sure. But it isn’t wise to take chances. Ionized alkaline water may make some people feel healthy; I only know we got sick following the consumption of a 5-gallon bottle of ionized alkaline water.