A green cocktail drink called marijuana milkshake

casaveneracion.com marijuana milkshake

Despite the name, there is no marijuana in this drink. It is green because it contains a green-colored ingredient — Midori, a Mexican melon-flavored cordial, in the original recipe. Speedy had to substitute though after getting a shock at the price of Midori — P1,200 a bottle. So, he bought and used Orchid melon liqueur instead. We don’t know how much difference that makes since we’ve never mixed marijuana milkshake using Midori. But I can tell you this much — this cocktail drink is super delicious!

Oh, and one more thing. We didn’t have white creme de cacao either so Speedy used what we had — brown creme de cacao. Except for the color, there seems to be no real difference between dark and white creme de cacao.

There is more than one recipe for marijuana milkshake that you’ll find on the web. In one version, no creme de cacao is used. Instead, lime juice is added. I can’t really imagine how that would taste — something like a combination of sour milk and melon? Another version includes Bailey’s and Blue Curacao among the ingredients. Anyway, the formula given below, from Alex’s Cocktail Recipes, is the only version I can vouch for because it is the only one we’ve tried — so far.

You’ll need:

1 part milk
1 part creme de cacao
2 parts melon liqueur

To make your marijuana milkshake, just pour all the ingredients together with some ice into a shaker, shake, pour into a shot glass and serve.


  1. aml says

    i LOOOOVE midori.
    try. pineapple juice, midori (or melon liquor), with a splash of blue curacao. YUM

  2. Sonia Vinluan says

    Marijuana Milkshake, oh did the original recipe has the real marijuana in it like hash brownies (creation of Alice B. Toklas) or cocaine cupcake(that is really addictive..)

  3. Jeany says

    hi! thanks for sharing this recipe! i’m gonna try making this. i don’t know where to buy melon liqueur and creme de cacao. any recommendations?