A birthday

Alex turned 13 last Friday, the 26th. Part of me is regretful that Alex-the-child will soon be a thing of the past. Another part of me is excited over our evolving relationship now that she is no longer a baby… It is fun to have a friendly mother-daughter relationship. Not the ruler-subject kind but the kind that allows us to treat each other as friends and confidantes. I’ve already started to taste it and I know I’ll savor more if I can maintain the openness that I have trying to nurture all these years.

Still, you know, sometimes I miss Alex-the-baby. When both girls went on a three-day trip to Bataan recently… the night they left, she was sitting on my bed playing her PSP. I laid down beside her and asked for an embrace. She said, without looking up from her game, “Mommy, it’s just three days, I’m not gonna die.” In those exact words.

I replied, “But I’m going to miss you.”

“Mommy, you shouldn’t emote like that,” she told me. My goodness, I didn’t know whether to laugh or feel embarassed. Duh, I don’t say that to her or her sister when it’s them who snuggle close for an embrace. Anyway, I did get my embrace from both girls before they left.

Alex has reached that age when she has her own ideas about how to celebrate her birthday. On the eve of her birthday, we had a quiet family dinner at Vieux Chalet, in accordance with her wish. As always, the view was breathtaking.

a view of metro manila from Vieux Chalet
a view of Eastwood City from Vieux Chalet

On her birthday, she brought two large containers of home-baked brownies to school to share with her classmates and teachers.

brownies with M&M toppings

Later that day, she and some close friends from school went to see a movie (chaperoned by a classmate’s mom) and she treated them to burgers and fries. Then, on Saturday evening, we had some friends and their kids over for dinner.

Truly special occasions do not require lavish celebrations. :)