Sauteing basics, part 2

When I posted "sauteing basics" in 2008, I thought I had it all covered. Seems not. A reader emailed me a couple of days ago asking why, in some recipes, the onions and … [Read more...]


Sam’s picadillo

In 2003, I posted a recipe for picadillo that was such a far cry from the traditional. Instead of ground beef, I hand cut stewing beef into small cubes. And, instead of adding … [Read more...]


Pork and sausage chili

When one hears the word "chili", the thing that comes to mind is the stew called chili con carne. It's almost as though "chili" were the nickname of chili con carne, a spicy … [Read more...]



Because of the popularity of the Harry Potter books and movies, a lot of products are being named after the characters and places in the story. I'm not exempt from the mindset … [Read more...]


A la Singapore Sling

This is a delicious drink -- sweet and smooth and you won't feel it kicking until you've almost finished a glass. It looks like Singapore Sling, it sneaks on you like a real … [Read more...]


Gringott’s money bags

I'm an unabashed Harry Potter fan. I have all the books, I have DVD copies of all the movies, I've watched the DVDs (with or without my daughters) so many times and (worse or … [Read more...]


Creamy spinach and onion dip

We like flat breads. Quite a surprise, really, growing up with soft, airy loaf breads that were the staple of every neighborhood bakery along with the ubiquitous pan de sal. … [Read more...]