Minty limoncello and grape cocktail

The first time I tasted limoncello, I was in love. I was so smitten I even invented a cocktail drink in its honor. This time, it’s Speedy’s turn to create something memorable with limoncello. It’s like an alcoholic lemonade without the tartness. Just sweet aromatic citrus cooled by fresh mint leaves. Then, the surprising contrast of whole sweet grapes. Serve cold and a hot summer afternoon becomes bearable.

Minty limoncello and grape cocktail

Inspired by a cocktail drink concocted by Giada De Laurentiis, the original recipe contained whole fresh blueberries, not grapes. Blueberries are expensive and hard to find in this country, Speedy wanted to substitute strawberries but strawberries have disappeared from the market. Rainy reason has commenced and strawberries are no longer as plentiful as they were a month or two ago. But no worries. Grapes work. Wonderfully. »

Is Apetina the same as feta cheese?


I'm such a sucker for "buy one, take one" items in the supermarket, especially when the item is cheese. A couple of days ago, it was Arla Food's apetina cheese. I've never had apetina cheese before because it's expensive. But, at fifty per cent off, … »

Chunky guacamole with sage, bacon and blue cheese

Chunky guacamole with sage, bacon and blue cheese

Guacamole is, of course, Mexican but adding blue cheese and bacon to this avocado-based salsa is something else. The combination sounds strange, I know -- even chef Michael Symon admitted as much. But, heck, this is one delicious guacamole. The … »

Baking pans: Going silicone all the way


When I bought my first silicone cake pan years ago, I swore I'd never buy another metal pan. But I couldn't stick to my word. At the time, silicone pans came in the usual round shapes and they were very expensive.Not anymore.These days, … »

Braised lamb with chilies, crushed pineapple, lemongrass and ginger


What would you do if you discovered that the lamb chops you bought weren't of good quality? Last weekend, I bought four packs (almost two kilos total) of lamb chops, we grilled almost three packs for a small party that we hosted and, to my dismay, … »

Cheesesteak sandwich


On a visit to a cousin's house where Speedy and I were wined (with great Brie cheese) and dined (risotto, grilled fish and grilled lamb chops) to our hearts' delight, there was a discussion about cheesesteak. Cheesesteak, of course, is steak and … »

The ultimate chicken salad sandwich


Chicken salad sandwich was one of my favorites as a child. Back then, however, I did not want chopped onions in my chicken salad filling. I don't remember anymore when the craving for more flavors, textures and contrasts began. By the time I was in … »

Avocados: how to tell when they are ripe and how to hasten ripening


Speedy loves avocados. He splits the fruit open, scoops out and mash the flesh, adds powdered milk and he eats it that way. I don't eat avocados unless they have been made into guacamole. Seriously. That's why you don't see recipes for avocado shake … »

Sweet-spicy red cabbage salad with quail eggs and cashew nuts


This salad contains two kinds of cabbage -- red and green. After adding the salad dressing, however, the red cabbage started to sort of "bleed" and everything turned pink including the hard-boiled quail eggs. Very pretty.What's this salad about … »