Lechon con kangkong (roast pork with water spinach)

The day I cooked the lechon kawali with Pad Thai sauce, I cooked a second dish — lechon con kangkong. Although the literal translation in English is roast pork with water/swamp spinach, the translation does little justice to capture the essence of the dish. Lechon con kangkong is made with lechon kawali — pork belly that had been boiled in salted water then deep fried until the rind is crisp and puffed. But because I really hate frying, I cook my lechon kawali in the convection oven (see lechon sa hurno recipe) with pretty much the same result but minus the cooking oil, the mess and the pork fat. On a rack inside the oven, the pork fat drips off and that makes the roast pork less greasy.

Anyway, it was a rather large slab of pork belly that I roasted in the oven a few days ago and I had two bunches of kangkong so a second dish seemed like a great idea. I wasn’t planning on posting this recipe because I always thought I had a lechon con kangkong entry deep in the archive. Seems not. What I have in the archive is pork and kangkong in black bean sauce which does not make use of lechon kawali. Lucky me, I managed to cook two dishes that day that are both worth posting.