Not a good day to see a movie

Sam sent me a text message asking if she could go with her classmates to the mall to see a movie. It’s the last day of their Trimestral Exams and I understand that they want to unwind.

But. BUT. I was just on the phone with Speedy. And a former classmate from the U.P. College of Law sent a text message too. Something’s going on in Makati and we might be facing a coup d’etat. It’s not a good day to go malling or to see a movie.

A group of soldiers facing charges for a 2003 coup plot called for President Arroyo’s removal Thursday after walking out of a court hearing at the Makati City Hall.

Sen. Antonio Trillanes and Army Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim marched out of a Makati courtroom and joined civilians and uniformed military personnel armed with M-16 and M-14 rifles. The soldiers, some of whom were carrying Magdalo flags, marched along Makati Avenue and entered the Manila Peninsula Hotel.

“This is a withdrawal of support. We are joining our people in calling for the removal of the President,” Lim announced over radio dzMM. He added that they made the call because the President continues to violate the Constitution with impunity by plundering the treasury.

Trillanes also called on the people to join them in Makati. “Magsama-sama tayo. Nanawagan po kami sa taongbayan na naniniwala sa pagbabago. Join us po,” he said.

Former vice president Teofisto Guingona, who was marching with the rebel soldiers, said the move echoes the call of various groups to reject Mrs. Arroyo’s “morally bankrupt” administration. Reports said a group of farmers have already joined the march. [ABS-CBN News]

I know I’ve been trying hard to keep this blog non-political but how can you separate what’s happening from the peace and order situation and the security of your child who wants to malling today of all days? I told her to get on the school bus and go straight home.

UPDATE @ 12.29 p.m.

Bishops join Trillanes, Lim meeting in Makati – reports

Sundalo (soldier), a site on Bravehost from which I have been receiving unsolicited newsletters and updates regularly for the past so many months (as a member of the media, I suppose, rather than as a blogger) has a call and statement.

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