Lechon kawali with a new twist

When I posted a recipe for a dish that I called lechon kawali stew over three years ago, someone told me that its traditional name was lechon macau. Whether the name connotes the geographic origin of a similar dish, I really do not know. The dish I cooked was just something to make use of leftover lechon kawali. I was planning on cooking the same dish for lunch today when the bottle of Pad Thai sauce in the fridge caught my eye. What do you know? It went perfectly with the lechon kawali.

Of course, Pad Thai sauce is basically a sweet and sour sauce which should explain why, when mixed with lechon kawali, the dish that resulted was very similar to my lechon kawali stew. But there were marked differences though. Because the souring agent in the Pad Thai sauce is tamarind and not vinegar, the sauce was smoother — none of the throat irritating quality that raw vinegar often gives. »

Why I want a flatbed scanner


We have so many photo albums because we've always been a camera family. And you know how parents are especially when the kids are very young -- films and processing were a necessary part of our monthly budget.Well, photos fade. Even the negatives don't last that long. For the past so many years -- I think as early as the … »