Food for the Gods and the accidental Christmas cake

UPDATE on December 15, 2008: Click here for a much better recipe for food for the gods.

As early as 2004, I have been talking about baking an all-Filipino fruit cake. I remember mentioning it to Jet David during a pre-Christmas EB at their Antipolo house. I wasn’t able to bake one that year. Nor the next. Nor the year after that. Glazed fruits always go out of stock before Christmas and the dream stayed as a dream. Until yesterday. I overbaked my all-Filipino version of Food for the Gods (caught up in my reading) and I was wondering how to salvage it. The solution consisted of a bamboo skewer, a pastry brush, cinnamon-flavored pancake syrup, Bacardi rum, a lot of guts and even more patience.

food for the gods

That’s how the baked Food for the Gods looked. Dry. Obviously.

Christmas cake

This is how The Accidental Christmas Cake looks today, less than 24 hours after I overbaked my Food for the Gods. I’ll give you the recipe for the Food for the Gods first then explain the miracle that happened after the accident. »