Alfred Hitchcock’s “The 39 Steps”

I’m a serious Alfred Hitchcock fan so when I recently discovered that his movies had been released on DVD format, I started buying up.

One night last week when things weren’t so hectic, I turned off my Macbook rather early, set up the DVD player, curled up in bed under the comforter and started watching “The 39 Steps” (1935). Since Speedy fell asleep about five minutes into the movie, I couldn’t turn up the audio. After 10 minutes, I turned off the TV and the player and went to sleep. The next morning, Speedy asked how the movie was. Well, I said, I didn’t get to finish it because I couldn’t understand the dialogue very clearly.

That night, I decided to give “The 39 Steps” another try. As it was the previous night, Speedy fell asleep after a few minutes. And although I did manage to see more of the movie on my second attempt, just like the previous night, I couldn’t understand the dialogue too well and I lost my focus so I turned off the DVD player and the TV before the movie was through and I went to sleep.

Who sleeps through a Hitchcock movie, right? Really out of character for me but it’s not like I had much of a choice.

The following morning, Speedy asked again how the movie was. Again, I said that I couldn’t understand what was being said. Then, he uttered the ultimate sacrilege — he criticized Hitchcock’s movie.

“The film’s no good — it’s too old.”

Well, the 1978 version starring Robert Powell was certainly easier to follow but the antiquity of the movie was not really the reason why I couldn’t understand the dialogue.

“I couldn’t make out the dialogue too well because your SNORING was LOUDER than the TV’s audio. That’s not Hitchcock’s fault.”

And that’s the reason too why I haven’t seen more than half of the DVDs we have bought during the past three months.