The blogs I like don’t do link love

I love your blog!

I know it's a tag and I don't really do tags but Julie provided me with an opportunity to write about something I have wanted to for a long time. To be more precise, it was an unfamiliar blogger who provided the opportunity although it was Julie who gave me the "award."A day or so after Julie posted her I love your blog! entry, I received an e-mail from a blogger who … [Read more...]

Potato salad with toasted cashew nuts


When I saw Elise's macaroni salad, something ticked. Of course, macaroni salad and lettuce go together but I am used to having my macaroni salad served on a bed of lettuce rather than having the lettuce mixed with the salad. But I really liked Elise's idea -- so much that it inspired me to try mixing lettuce with potato salad. I didn't stop with the lettuce though. I added … [Read more...]