I'm married to Brad Pitt

It isn’t unusual for a parent to bend over backwards to make a child’s dream come true. But to what lengths will a daughter go to make her father’s dream come true?

Speedy has a dream. He says he looks like Brad Pitt. Okay, maybe it’s more of an illusion or a delusion rather than a dream. Whatever. It’s his thing. Whenever Brad Pitt has a new film, he always asks if I have seen HIS latest film. When we’re watching a Brad Pitt movie at home and I sigh and say, “Ang guwapo talaga!”, Speedy would pose his face and say thank you. The girls and I would always exclaim “Ang kapaaaal!!!” and we’d laugh and make fun of him especially since the difference in physique is quite marked. He’d retaliate by saying it’s just the face, not the body.

Well. Sam finally did something about her father’s dream. She doesn’t have enough money yet to hand him a gift certificate for a cosmetic surgery so she did the next best thing.