Jay – J’s chicken inasal

Along Mother Ignacia Avenue is a restaurant popular among the office crowd. The air-conditioned section is a common venue for casual lunch meetings while the open-air section fills up after office hours when tired and stressed out employees unwind over beer and pulutan. The place is called Jay-J’s. The menu is Filipino and the specialty is chicken inasal — grilled chicken associated with Bacolod City. We were there a couple of weeks ago and we ordered a lot more aside from the house specialty.

molo soup

The meal started with molo soup which is also known as pancit molo. Molo soup is the Filipino version of the Chinese wonton soup. Why it is called pancit when there are no noodles in the soup is interesting. Apparently, the dumpling wrapper is categorized as noodle because it is made from the very same ingredients used for making noodles — flour and water.

chicken inasal

Of course we ordered chicken inasal. My husband and kids all ordered thighs which turned out to be drumstick, thigh and part of the back. I ordered my favorite part of the chicken — the tail.

garlic rice

We enjoyed our chicken inasal with garlic fried rice.

But grilled chicken was not all we had.