Chicken a la king

Chicken a la king is not a common item in Filipino parties but it is a special occasion dish for my family. It is my husband's favorite dish in the whole wide world and his … [Read more...]


Lechon kawali with a new twist

When I posted a recipe for a dish that I called lechon kawali stew over three years ago, someone told me that its traditional name was lechon macau. Whether the name connotes … [Read more...]


Shopping for cookware

There will be another sale on November 12-15, 2009. Click here for details. What I really wanted was a Le Creuset but that can wait. Meanwhile, I spent an obscene amount of … [Read more...]

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Sandalwood in Vietnamese Pho

It might look picture perfect but no one wanted to eat this onion soup. An episode of Food Safari in the Travel & Living Channel showed how to make broth for the Vietnamese … [Read more...]


Adjustable roasting rack

Last December, I was obliged to buy a roasting pan after the mess I created with my roast duckling. Unfortunately, the roasting pan was not that durable. After a few months, … [Read more...]

Jay – J's chicken inasal

Along Mother Ignacia Avenue is a restaurant popular among the office crowd. The air-conditioned section is a common venue for casual lunch meetings while the open-air section … [Read more...]