Taisan from Edna’s Cakeland

I’m baking a strawberry cake today. But while I wait for the butter to soften and the eggs to warm to room temperature, let me share with you something absolutely delicious. It’s called taisan. But it isn’t just any taisan.What is taisan? Think buttery chiffon cake, but small, and topped with butter, sugar and, sometimes, even grated cheese. I used to … [Read more...]

A birthday

Alex turned 13 last Friday, the 26th. Part of me is regretful that Alex-the-child will soon be a thing of the past. Another part of me is excited over our evolving relationship now that she is no longer a baby... It is fun to have a friendly mother-daughter relationship. Not the ruler-subject kind but the kind that allows us to treat each other as friends and confidantes. … [Read more...]