Taisan from Edna’s Cakeland

I’m baking a strawberry cake today. But while I wait for the butter to soften and the eggs to warm to room temperature, let me share with you something absolutely delicious. It’s called taisan. But it isn’t just any taisan.

What is taisan? Think buttery chiffon cake, but small, and topped with butter, sugar and, sometimes, even grated cheese. I used to define taisan according to the Red Ribbon standard until I discovered Shoppersville’s (along Katipunan Road, across Ateneo) taisan years ago. It has been THE taisan for me since. Then, last Christmas, the mom of my older daughter’s best friend gave us a boxful of taisan. The label said it came from Edna’s Cakeland in Cabanatuan City, province of Nueva Ecija. I ate one and forgot about Shoppersville’s taisan.

taisan from Edna's Cakeland

What makes Edna’s Cakeland’s taisan different? They’re softer, the grain is finer and the taste is absolutely buttery. I don’t think the photo does them justice but there’s only so much that photos can show. Too bad Cabanatuan City is a long drive from Antipolo to make these luscious sweets a regular treat. Hmmm… what a good excuse to visit Cabanatuan City. 

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