Father-daughter conversation

A few years ago, I posted an entry about how my husband got upset when he heard me discussing sex and rape with our daughter Sam, then 12, while watching an episode of C.S.I.Last year, when we watched Memoirs of a Geisha and he heard me discussing the virginity-for-sale part with Sam, he said nothing although, when Sam left the room, he told me how uncomfortable it … [Read more...]

Packed school lunches


Let's just say I'm making up for my delinquence so I'm lumping three school lunches in one entry. When I started Sassyfoodie.com, there were two goals -- learn to bake and document the packed school lunches that I prepare for my two daughters. The baking half is fine but documenting the school lunches is easier said than done.Mornings in our house are toxic. The rush is … [Read more...]