Chicken and mushrooms stir fry

Until I was introduced to Wok with Yan about twenty years ago, Chinese cooking was a mystery to me. Of course, I had been a fan of Chinese cuisine since childhood but my acquaintance with Chinese food had been limited to my role as a diner. Then, Wok with Yan came along and it demystified Chinese cooking for me. I learned that wonderful cooking technique called stir frying and it added a new dimension to my life as a home cook. The wok and the cleaver became my best friends in the kitchen and the experiments have not stopped to this day.

For decades, I could never cook a stir fry without the inevitable sauce thickened with starch. Then, I learned to differentiate between corn and tapioca starch and, during those times when I ran out of tapioca starch, I just couldn’t bring myself to use corn starch anymore. So, I learned to cook stir fries without the thickened sauce.

chicken and straw mushrooms in oyster sauce

There are two steps in cooking this chicken and straw mushrooms in oyster sauce. The strips of chicken fillets are deep fried before they are stir fried with the rest of the ingredients (see stir frying basics). »

The bra connection


People are strange. Life is strange. My kids are strange.My 12-year-old daughter came home with a few classmates to finish a project. I cooked their dinner, washed the dishes and, as I was finishing up in the kitchen, my daughter came in, touched … »