Butter – fried fish and corn

I have an older version of this recipe. The fish fillets are seasoned, dredged in flour and deep fried until golden. The sauce, thickened with a little starch, is cooked separately. Then, the sauce is poured over the crisp fish. It’s a dish that’s best served right after cooking.

school lunch - butter-fried fish and corn

But for a packed school lunch, it might not taste so great after hours in a sealed lunch box. The fish, with its coating, would be soggy and the sauce would be runny. So, I did a simpler version for the kids’ school lunch today. No sauce — just pan fry the fish, corn and some chopped onions in butter.

You don’t really need to cook the fish for so long to achieve that light brown coloring. As the chopped onions cook, the sugar content of the onion will caramelize and make the fish a little more brown than pan frying will allow.

This recipe is good for two persons. »