Fish fillets with pepper and thyme

The idea came from a fish dish that Jamie Oliver did in one of his cooking shows. He pressed the herbs and spices into the fish fillets and then fried them. I did it the way he did some months ago and the herbs burned before the fish was cooked through. Perhaps, the temperature of the cooking oil was wrong… I really don’t know.

I decided to try the recipe again tonight but I used less herbs. I also coated with fish fillets with flour after pressing the herbs into the flesh to create a shield between the herbs and the cooking oil. Oh, it worked beautifully. The pepper and thyme did not burn, I could smell the wonderful spicy-herby aroma as the the fish cooked and, after about ten minutes, the cooked fish fillets were wonderfully crisp on the outside and bursting with flavors inside.

To complete the dish, I served them with a spicy mayo-milk sauce.

fish fillets with pepper and thyme

Jamie Oliver used chopped fresh tarragon with his fish; I used dried thyme because I had run out of dried tarragon. And I didn’t use all that much either because I still wanted to be able to distinguish the flavor of the fish from the herb.

This recipe is goof for four persons. »

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