Mini leche flan


I didn't make leche flan over the Holiday season. I made them earlier today. And I only did so because I didn't know what to do with the four egg yolks after I used the egg whites to make puto (steamed rice cakes). After I decided that leche flan was the best solution, I figured why not experiment and try to find an ideal egg-milk proportion for making creamy but not soggy … [Read more...]

Ground pork and vegetables frittata


It's the first school day of 2007 and we're back to waking up at dawn and preparing the kids' packed school lunches. My husband had some kind of amnesia and woke everybody up an hour earlier. He thought that the school bus would be coming at 6.00 a.m. when, in fact, it arrives at 7.00 a.m. That's the way it's been since the school year started in June until the kids went … [Read more...]