Turkey empanada

Empanada is a mini pie. Actually, it's more like the Italian calzone but the crust is flaky and sweet just like those of pastries. Based on the name itself, empanadas must … [Read more...]


Spanish tortilla

This recipe is a modification of the Spanish Tortilla recipe from 'Cooking on a Budget: Quick and Easy' (Parragon, 2005) This is soooo easy to make. And the cooked dish … [Read more...]

Mani (peanuts)

You can boil or steam, shell and eat them while hot. You can enjoy them as candies or as a jam. Or you can enjoy them fried and salted like the ones in the photo. I am, of … [Read more...]


Sam’s butterscotch brownies

I meant to post two entries last Saturday but some things got in my way. First, my broadband (sic) internet slowed to a crawl which made uploading photos tedious. Then, on … [Read more...]

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Mean iguana

Iguana at the Zoobic Safari. Is that a mean look or a dirty look? Good thing there was glass between us. … [Read more...]