Pancakes, burger, egg and chili breakfast

Two nights ago, for the first time since she got sick, Alex felt well enough to go to the grocery with us. We bought what we needed then passed by The French Baker on the way home. Unfortunately, they were out of sour dough bread (Alex mumbled, "Daddy will be so sad.") but we managed to buy a pack of English muffins. Alex ... »


Filio Bistro’s 1st anniversary dinner

The invitation to the 1st anniversary dinner of Filio Bistro came about a month ago. The affair was primarily to thank bloggers who have written about the place. As a rule, I don't accept invitations to blogger events but I said yes to Filio owner, Diana Lee. Two reasons. Diana and I have been e-mailing after I wrote the ... »



Pronounced roo, roux is a thickened mixture that consists of fat and flour. Although the most well-known version consists of equal parts of butter and flour, the fat component can also be animal fat (bacon or duck fat, for example) or vegetable oil. While the word roux is French, the mixture is found and known by ... »



The Aztecs have been making an avocado sauce that came to be known as guacamole in North America. Unlike the modern-day guacamole, however, the Aztecs made a much simpler sauce by mashing ripe avocado with salt. And, yes, it was a sauce rather than a dip or condiment. When the Spaniards explored the New World in the 1500s, ... »


Cooking congee with brown rice

And so the brown rice versus white rice continues in the house. With Speedy still declaring war against the not-so-smooth-and-creamy texture and mouthfeel of brown rice, the girls are just as insistent that it is healthier and they like it better. I'm the referee -- when the girls aren't home, I cook white rice; when they ... »