Marison’s in Antipolo

Because of its elevation, Antipolo offers a panoramic view of Metro Manila. The view is spectacular at night. It's not surprising that the restaurants that made Antipolo a … [Read more...]


Red velvet cheesecake

Baked at Sam's request. It took a day and a half to make this because the cheesecake layer had to be frozen overnight in order to assemble the layers. Other than the waiting … [Read more...]


Lunch for one: bacon cheeseburger

With everyone out of the house today, I thought I'd keep things simple and have leftovers for lunch. But I had a craving -- a bad craving for meat. Since there was a pack of … [Read more...]


Monte Café, Antipolo

That night we had a discussion about tricycles and jeepneys, we were at Monte Café in Antipolo. We were at the grocery earlier that day, we went home and had dinner, and then … [Read more...]


Pork, chicken and pineapple stew

A stew that has cubes of pork belly and chicken portions, the dish is a combination of two recipes in the archive. The chicken version is a favorite with my mother-in-law's so … [Read more...]


A ham and olives fried rice story

After enjoying the Chinese olives rice at Kanzhu, I started planning how I'd execute my home version. I had everything I need with two jars of olives in the fridge and lots of … [Read more...]