Lasagne roll-ups with chunky meat sauce

Lasagne roll-ups with chunky meat sauce

In the Philippines, no party menu is complete without a noodle dish. And pasta is always a crowd pleaser. I’ve been alternating baked macaroni and lasagna with meat sauce for as long as I can remember — for the girls’ birthdays and school Christmas parties, for family gatherings, for potluck affairs, for unplanned get-togethers…

This time, something new. Instead of arranging the lasagna noodles in alternating layers with meat sauce and cheese sauce, I rolled them up. The filling consists of two layers — one with cheese and spinach, and the other with lots of meat. It’s not a new idea. There are so many versions that popped up on the web for the past year and many of them really look good. This is my version which integrates a copious amount of spinach in the dish.

Except for the far prettier look, what has lasagna roll-ups got over the usual layered kind? If served for a crowd, the roll-ups are less messy. One rolled lasagna per person and there’s no need to cut through the layers of pasta, meat, sauce and cheese. The serving dish doesn’t look like a typhoon had gone through it after two persons have cut through and taken their portions.

Is the preparation more involved? Not really. I have to admit though that it can messy. And lifting the rolled and filled noodles to arrange them in the baking dish without anything falling off can give you an adrenalin rush — from fear. I messed up once but, after that, it was smooth sailing. [Read More…]


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