Sam’s chocolate-drizzled rice crispies

April is rice month at About Southeast Asian Food. After posting my recipe for Vietnamese pandan sticky rice balls, I'm following it up with a non-Asian rice snack prepared by my daughter, Sam, who loves homemade granola bars … [Read more...]


Chinese steamed chicken and mushrooms

After so many attempts, I have finally found the right way to cook steamed chicken and mushrooms. It's not how much seasonings you add, it seems, but marinating the chicken long enough to absorb the flavors of the seasonings … [Read more...]


A cooking demo at Lotus Pod farm

Almost a year ago, I went to Laguna for the Lotus Pod Agri Tour. I'm going back. This time, not to join to tour but to conduct a cooking demo. It still feels weird. I've veered so far away from what I was educated and … [Read more...]


Ah, Pinterest, what will we do without you?

Sam, the vegetarian, has an amusing habit. My home office is adjacent to the kitchen and, when I am cooking and the iMac is on (which is the case most of the time), Sam takes over the computer, open Pinterest in a new tab and … [Read more...]


Crispy fried adobo flakes

UPDATE on April 12, 2015: I tried a different frying method for crispy adobo by cooking shredded chicken meat in about a quarter cup of very hot oil over medium-low heat. Despite the much longer contact of every shred of meat … [Read more...]


Nomama, I’ll miss you

For us who live in the suburb, eating out in the Metro has become more and more rare. Too many disappointing experiences have made us very wary and the less instances when we feel like mouthing invectives while paying the … [Read more...]


Tom yum soup: Thai flavors in a bowl

The Thai soup called tom yum is not so different from the Filipino sinigang. Tom yum is sour and spicy, but more aromatic and with fresher undertones than sinigang due to the lemongrass stalks and kaffir lime leaves that are … [Read more...]