Chickpea, potato and chayote soup with Himalayan black salt

I am not so sure if we’re going out to dinner tonight to celebrate Sam’s birthday. If we are, we really shouldn’t stuff ourselves too much so late in the afternoon. So, I made this soup instead of a full (late) lunch. Served with buttered bread, it is filling enough for a mid-afternoon meal but light enough to be fully digested by dinner time. It’s also vegetarian. Today is a holiday, the girls are home and vegetarian Sam, the soup lover, will like this.

What is in the soup? Chickpeas, potatoes and chayote, as the title says. The broth is seasoned with Himalayan black salt and pepper. To garnish, slices of lime, mint leaves and crisp fried onion slices.

How is the broth vegetarian? You can use vegetable broth made by simmering a medley of vegetables (carrots, celery, onions and leeks are my favorites) then straining. Or, if your vegetarian requirements do not preclude broth made from animals, I recommend dashi. Sam is okay with dashi; technically, she’s more on a meatless diet than on a strict vegetarian regime.

Does it have to be Himalayan black salt? For this recipe, yes. I started seasoning the soup with sea salt but it tasted flat. It was only after adding a generous amount of Himalayan black salt that the flavor and the aroma came alive. (more)


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