Egg-topped sweet potatoes braised in tomato sauce

Egg-topped sweet potatoes braised in tomato sauce

Sam found the inspiration for this dish on Pinterest. The original recipe is a baked dish. Our oven is large and pre-heating it takes forever so I decided to make a stovetop version. The sweet potatoes were cooked in chunky tomato sauce and, when they were done, I cracked two eggs on top, covered the pan and waited until the eggs were set.

I am writing this recipe while waiting for the girls to finish their bath so that we can go on a Terminator marathon. Sam’s idea. I love the first Terminator, the second is okay, the third is already too much of a stretch and the fourth I don’t think I ever bothered to watch. We’re doing the first, second and third tonight.

Speedy is already upstairs in the family room and I haven’t heard any violent exclamations so I am presuming that it’s not so messy up there. Sam and Alex spent most of the afternoon and early evening there making Christmas decors. Pendant lamps and hanging lanterns made of lace fabric and origami ornaments. And a Christmas tree (an Alex Veneracion project). Speedy braved the holiday crowds yesterday to buy the materials that the girls need. He went to the hardware store, the bookstore, the grocery…

It’ll probably be Christmas Eve by the time the girls finish but that’s fine. I told them it is the process they should enjoy more than anything else. Alex, however, is adamant that the tree should be up by the 22nd. I’m trying to finish as much work as fast as I can so I can join them in the coming days. Christmas decorating has always been a family affair, after all.

Meanwhile, the kitchen is still my domain. Mostly. The girls and Speedy do some of the cooking too. [Read More…]


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