Boracay food trip, part 3: Dos Mestizos

It was Dos Mestizos’ mojito that came highly recommended and the original plan was to go there one night after dinner. But, when on vacation, plans are never set in stone and, after discovering that a new Chinese restaurant had no chef and was closed for lunch, we went to Dos Mestizos for lunch instead.

Thinking that lunch at Dos Mestizos would be more of a “happy hour” affair than a regular meal, I was quite prepared to crawl on all fours back to the hotel. Figuratively speaking, of course. But, surprise! I had only two mojitos and two glasses of sangria because I was more focused on the food than the drinks. The food was that good.

Dos Mestizos serves full meals but we agreed to order tapas with our drinks. We chose the tapas and, while waiting, we enjoyed the most refreshing sangria I have ever tasted.

For those unfamiliar with the terms, tapas are appetizers or snacks in Spanish cuisine typically accompaniments for drinks. Sangria is a drink made with wine (red, usually, hence the name) and fruits and, sometimes, brandy.

The mojito did not disappoint. Made with fresh limes and mint leaves, it was every inch as good as our friend who recommended it had promised.

But it was the tapas that really made my day. (more)