Pork, sweet potatoes and peas with yogurt and honey sauce

Maybe I’ve cooked something like this before. Maybe I’ve posted a recipe for it and it’s in the archive although where and what exactly the title of the post is, I cannot recall at the moment. Maybe.

But meat and vegetables with a sauce made with a mixture of yogurt and honey is a formula worth repeating again and again. The meat and the vegetables don’t have to be the same each time. The meat component can be pork, beef, chicken or lamb; the vegetables can be anything in season. The important thing is to choose ingredients that go well together.

For today’s lunch, I chose pork, sweet potatoes and peas to douse with the yogurt and honey sauce. The pork had been pre-cooked, the last portion of the two large slabs of belly that I simmered together last week. The sweet potatoes are the bright yellow-orange variety. I used frozen sweet peas, the kind you grab from the grocery freezer, and I didn’t even bother thawing them before throwing them into the pan.

In short, this is a very easy dish to cook. If you can cut, measure and toss, you’ll have no problems replicating it. (more)


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