Hibiscus and coconut water in The Berry Tea Company’s Special Tea

A lot of people in my generation can't sit down to a meal without a glass of juice or soda. It's a habit I never acquired. I take water -- a minimum of two glasses with each meal. Even when dining in a Chinese or Japanese restaurant and there is house tea available, I will drink the tea but still consume the same amount of water. There's no health benefit in drinking soda and the nutrients in commercial juices are, at … (more)


Mushroom and parsley rice

We all know that the rice cooker is meant for cooking rice. Some brave souls have cooked food other than rice in a rice cooker -- from tofu to bread to fish -- but those things I haven't tried myself. What I have tried is cooking rice in the rice cooker with liquid other … (more)


Lentil chili omelet: all-day breakfast dish

The vegan chili recipe in the archive has white beans, oyster mushrooms, eggplants and bell peppers. It was good -- chunky, tasty and full of texture -- and, as with any good recipe, I wondered if I could declare it a "keeper" and stop tweaking. But I did. Tweak the … (more)


Pan de sal for merienda? Spread it with sardine pâté!

Back in January when we had dinner at Marison's, we passed by a tarp announcing that Rustan's was opening a branch here in Antipolo. It was just a tarp and Rustan's is just a grocery but the effect on me was tremendous. For someone who grew up in the city and got … (more)


Teriyaki meatballs

Season ground meat, form into balls and cook as usual. You can deep fry, pan fry, bake, grill or broil them. Then, heat teriyaki sauce in a shallow pan just until simmering, drop in the cooked meatballs and braise for about ten minutes until the meat soaks up most of the … (more)


Sam’s chocolate-drizzled rice crispies

April is rice month at About Southeast Asian Food. After posting my recipe for Vietnamese pandan sticky rice balls, I'm following it up with a non-Asian rice snack prepared by my daughter, Sam, who loves homemade granola bars but gets frustrated when we can't complete all … (more)