Lechon con tokwa

An updated recipe for a long-time favorite. Lechon con tokwa was a favorite at Boy Ching Woo Chinese Restaurant when we lived in Caloocan City. That was a decade and a half ago but we have never forgotten the wonderful dish that was always on top of the list whenever we ordered take-out. The two photos accompanying this updated recipe were taken in the garden just before we had lunch. It is cloudy today but there was enough light to take decent ... »


Pizza-style open-faced sardine omelet

Ah, sardines... How unfairly Filipinos often treat you by giving you labels like "pang-mahirap" (for the poor) and "pagkain ng walang pera" (food for those with no money). ... »


Spicy cold ox (beef) tongue sandwiches

If you've ordered a platter of cold meat in a Chinese restaurant, you might have noticed that one of the items on the platter is cold pork tongue. Pork tongue is wonderful ... »